Announcing The Milelion’s Monthly Miles Meetup

A monthly miles meetup to mingle and muse about miles.

In the two and a half years since The Milelion began, it’s been heartening to see how the miles community in Singapore has grown. From the comments, emails, and occasional pair of soiled boxer shorts I get in the mail, it’s clear that (1) there’s a real passion for the hobby in Singapore, and (2) that I’m not the only one who holds up the queue by asking the cashier to break my Paywave transaction into $100 increments.

And now I think it’s time we start meeting.


I want to introduce the Milelion’s Monthly Miles Meetup (I wanted to call it the Milelion’s Monthly Macho Miles Meetup but was told this would alienate female readers. “What female readers?” I said. Prove me wrong ladies, prove me wrong)

Here’s the details of the first event:

Date: Friday 17 November 2017
Venue: TBD (bar in the Raffles Place area)
Time: 7.30pm till everyone gets bored

Register here for The Milelion’s Monthly Miles Meetup


We’re planning to start small and intimate, so the first event will have 8 tickets only. Depending on response, future events might get scaled up, but I think this type of thing generally works best if it’s kept cozy. If the event sells out, a waitlist will open where you can leave your name in case someone cancels.

Just so we’re clear- there isn’t going to be like a presentation or anything. This is really a time for fellow miles hobbyists to gather and talk about anything under the sun. Trip planning, credit card strategies, award booking woes, hotel mattress runs, mileage runs, manufactured spending (yeah, right), the weather…anything at all (if you’re looking for a more formal seminar-style experience, stay tuned for something we’re hoping to hold in early February).

Look forward to meeting you guys and girls at one of these!

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion with the intention of helping people travel better for less and impressing chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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I’m so gonna come if only I’m Singaporean or live in Singapore! Where’s the love your Indonesian readers?? Come here! You shall pick up your new pair of soiled boxer shorts ???


ahh finally. It’s about time we have a meet for the “like minded” miles enthusiasts…
have so many questions but not enough people around to answer..
this will be fantastic.

but why only 8 tickets??????

just like SQ … I am on waitlist here as well 😀


Is there a Milelion customer service line we can call at to ask for a chaser to be sent to the relevant department? Maybe a service desk at Ion?


can’t wait to run my credit card against yours


can’t wait to rub my credit card against yours




I am free on 17. Could i join?

Mr. Sha

Whoa. Congrats! This is a real milestone, not just for milelion but also for our ASEAN community at large. There’s been plenty of miles and points meet ups in various US cities and Europe, even India, but this is the first time in Singapore. You know what’s even more awesome? When we become substantially big enough for Asian (and others too especially the Big US and 3ME) carriers & credit card companies to start paying attention that – here in Asia, we want big credit cards signup bonuses (in miles) and we are willing to do our mileage and mattress… Read more »


Like !!!


Got any quota set aside for ladies? Hahaha. Signed up but already waitlisted!

F tay

Slient lurker here.. and would have loved to meet up… but unfortunately I will be trying out a short Suites flight to HK that morning!


Have a good one, date doesn’t work for me. So, next time


aramak…still in the air towards T3.


Is this Aaron’s way of meeting the like-minded ladies??



Ms Jenny Lye

When is the next Meetup ?


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