Watch The Milelion lay the smackdown on cashback at Seedly’s Community FB Live event

Take no prisoners.

We all know that arguing on the internet is stupid. So join me on Thursday 7 December, 8pm as I argue IRL with my fellow panelists and make war on the evil forces of cashback at Seedly’s FB Live panel discussion on cashback versus miles. I look forward to once and for all proving the superiority of miles and vanquishing cashback to the pit from whence it came.

Also on the panel will be representatives from Shopback, Cardup and Mileslife, as well as long-time cashback advocate (noob) Budget Babe. And if we can’t come to a reasonable consensus, we’ll just settle the matter through good old fashioned mud wrestling.

There’s no cost to join the event online and there will be the opportunity to ask tasteful questions. See you there!

Read more details about the event here

2018 is just around the corner. You should definitely review your credit card strategy! We’ve invited a panel of Mile & Cashback hacking legends to share their ideas.

1) Aaron Wong, Founder The MileLion, the best Mile-hacking resource blog in Singapore

2) Joel Leong, Co-founder ShopBack, the leading Cashback player in South-East Asia

3) Benjamin Choo, Marketing Lead Mileslife, the first app that allows users earn miles much faster in Asia

4) Nicki Ramsey, Founder CardUp, helping you maximise your card benefits 

5) Dawn, Founder Budget Babe, early SG financial writer in the space helping people achieve financial freedom

Learn how to:
– Develop your card strategy
– Stack payments smarter (maximise both cashback and miles)

Best suited for:
– Working adults fresh to the cards world
– Couples who may be planning your wedding soon
– If you are planning to make a big purchase (e.g renovation etc)


Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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If still can’t come to a reasonable consensus after mud wrestling, start throwing your metals cards at them , cause ya know, cashback cards are only in plastic.


Let’s predict the score. Here’s mine.

Miles : Cashback
10 : 0

SG Budget Babe

aiyo so sad. who’s gonna stand up for all the cashback aficionados everywhere?


The biggest bonus I got from your blog is Citibank Turkish airline transfer “bug”, I got additional 180k miles ( with 300K Citi rewards), which is unbeatable deal with any cashback promotion!


haha its obvious the milelion is going to beat budget babe under the table!


That sounds vaguely obscene

SG Budget Babe

Let’s wait and see! 😉


nicki, dawn and the other two gentlemen will be impregnated by aaron by the end of the event. i bet 10,000 krisflyer miles on that

SG Budget Babe

I’m pretty sure that won’t happen because I’m very much still inclined towards cashback, but I stand ready to be corrected anytime 😛 let’s see how it pans out!


gurl you thicker than a bowl of oat meal.

SG Budget Babe

Very much looking forward to this, see you next week!


Just like a WWE match 🙂
Cue entry music for each wrestler’s entrance…..

(NB: Yes, WWE matches are fake but u gotta admire their showmanship/marketing)

Aaron Wong

“Wwe matches are fake”
Wait, what?


they should invite UOB. Feed it to the Lion (aaron)

[…] be a feisty debate and as seen from both Budgetbabe’s article and MileLion’s article with their respective […]



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