Here’s the registration link for the special Lifemiles bonus for Milelion readers

Registration opens midnight on 13 February CST, bonus maxes out at 140%.

As mentioned over the weekend, Lifemiles is offering a special bonus during for readers of The Milelion. This week, there’ll be a regular Lifemiles sale running from 13-28 February 2018. Milelion readers who register between 13-17 February and buy miles between 14-18 February will get an additional bonus on top of whatever public bonus exists.

The bonus you get depends on how many miles you buy:

  • 1,000-50,000 miles– 100% or 110% 115% bonus
  • 51,000-100,000 miles– 115% or 125% 130% bonus
  • 101,000-200,000 miles– 125% or 135% 140% bonus

(Update: there are two different Lifemiles public offers that have gone out, but regardless of which one you were targeted for, Milelion readers will enjoy the same final bonus at each tier of purchases)

Lifemiles price at US$33 per 1,000 miles, so if you get the 40% bonus you’re paying the equivalent of 1.375 US cents per mile (~1.82 Singapore cents). This promotion is open to new and existing members of Lifemiles, and registration is required:

Register for the special Lifemiles bonus for Milelion readers

Registration opens at midnight CST on 13 February 2018. If you try to register before it opens, you’ll simply get an error message as shown below:

I’m posting the link now because when it does go live I’ll be somewhere over the Pacific Ocean enjoying my virgin United Polaris experience and drinks cart service while it lasts.

Here’s a countdown timer for those of you bad at converting timezones:

Registration is simple:

  1. Go to this link
  2. Enter your Lifemiles number and click “register”
  3. 24 hours later, your “Buy Lifemiles” page will reflect the upsized discount

Remember that Lifemiles is also offering discounted award redemptions between certain city pairs. There are some great premium cabin deals ex-SIN and you can find the full list here.

Note, however, that the discounted awards shown in the excel are not reversible. That’s to say, if you see SIN to JFK for 70,500 miles in business class, that only works for flights leaving SIN and going to JFK, not the other way round. You’ll need to book two one-way awards, with the return leg at the regular price (unless of course you can find the reverse award on the list).

You can buy a maximum of 200,000 Lifemiles (pre-bonus) in a calendar year. Lifemiles expire after 12 months of account inactivity (redeeming miles doesn’t count as an activity), but in any case you shouldn’t be holding them for so long. I’m a firm advocate of not buying miles speculatively; if you see something on the Lifemiles engine you like, buy the miles and make the booking immediately.

Thanks again to Lifemiles for offering this deal for the Milelion community, and here’s hoping you guys can get some great trips out of it.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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These can be used on SQ?

Matthew Chong

Yes you can redeem it for SQ flights on Lifemiles.

But bear in mind that you’ll probably be on the aircraft with regional configurations laid out in a 2-2-2 arrangement. i.e A330s and B772s


Just wondering aloud … What’s the odds of booking an a330 or B772 and have it replaced with a regional a350 IF they start later this year?

Alvin Widjaja

sorry, edited..
read too fast liao…


Hello, I am new to this. Quoting the example of SIN to NRT.

If every 1000 miles costs USD33 and I need to buy 33000 to redeem a SIN-NRT leg, it will cost me about USD1089 instead of the USD447 mentioned in the previous post. May I ask if i did some wrong calculations somewhere? Thanks so much!


You need to factor in the bonus. 60%*1089 assuming max bonus of 40%


Thank you very much! Cheers!

Asian Miler

And off I go to add to the LM awards engine bandwidth woes…

Asian Miler

A word of caution:

If you already have LifeMiles before the new policy of 12-month miles expiry took effect AND you buy miles during this promo, ALL of your existing miles will expire after 12 months. That means everything expires end-February 2019 if you don’t earn more miles by then.

If, like me, you still have a comfortable number of miles that expires after two years and would last after February 2019 (12-months afterward for which your miles under this promotion would be valid for) then maybe you’re better off holding on any purchases for now.


The new expiration policy applies to miles before april 2018 as I understood. So i think for this promotion you keep the same expiration policy as always.

Asian Miler

Checked it again, you’re right. Whew. All clear for you guys, then!


Hi, has the registration open? Looks like I am unable to register. Thanks!


Yes, It is already open. I registered a couple of minutes ago and everything seems to be Ok!


Hi, thanks for privileging us to this special offer. Is there anything special to do to be entitled to the discount on award tickets exiting Singapore? When I checked one-way award flights SIN-NRT, it still shows up as 36k miles needed, instead of 32.5k miles.


Hi Aaron, thanks for the reply. I just checked again, and SIN-NRT for me is still 36k miles. Does it make a difference if I didn’t receive the targeted email? Does this discount only apply to those who received a targeted email? Thanks!


Hi. Infant needs to buy a ticket from lifemiles?
I am looking at SQ economy SIN-HND. Will my total miles needed be 40000 or 60000 miles?

Asian Miler

Until when can we get the discounted awards promotion?


Sorry, very new to this. I am looking at Eva air Sin to SFO. Saw that it is 70500 and 78000 going and returning. So I calculated I need to buy 65000, with bonus I get 149500. Too good to be true… and should I use UOB VS as it is a foreign transaction? I exhausted my DBS WOMEN card for this month.
Many thanks in advance


Anyone managed to redeem their LM successfully so far?


Where do we check for the updated list of the discounted city pairs? For example the file wrote SIN-ICN economy is 14000 miles but in the search I could only see 17500 miles as the cheapest..?


@mileslion, any clue when the next ‘promo’ will be? (rough guess?) Thank you!


May 2nd to 30th. Nice. Thanks!!!



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