Coming soon: Special 140% Lifemiles bonus for Milelion readers and discounted awards

Registration goes live on 13 February, plus up to 25% off Lifemiles awards.

Lifemiles runs periodic sales throughout the year, which present a great opportunity to buy premium cabin Star Alliance awards at a significant discount to retail prices. In addition to these sales, Lifemiles has also started to offer discounted award redemptions between certain city pairs.

In light of that, here’s something you might find interesting…

Lifemiles sale with up to 140% bonus for Milelion readers

From 13 Feb to 28 Feb 2018, Lifemiles will run a sale with the following bonus structure (there are two different offers going out):

  • 1,000-50,000 miles– 100% or 110% bonus
  • 51,000-100,000 miles– 115% or 125% bonus
  • 101,000-200,000 miles– 125% or 135% bonus

But there’s more- I’m very pleased to tell you that Lifemiles is, for the first time, offering a special bonus on buying Lifemiles exclusively for readers of The Milelion.

Milelion readers get a bonus on top of whatever public bonus is available during this sale, which means buying Lifemiles with up to a 140% bonus. In other words:

  • 1,000-50,000 miles100% or 110% 115% bonus
  • 51,000-100,000 miles115% or 125% 130% bonus
  • 101,000-200,000 miles125% or 135% 140% bonus

You need to register your Lifemiles account between 13 Feb and 17 Feb, and then buy miles between 14 Feb and 18 Feb. All dates and times refer to CST, i.e. GMT -6, 14 hours behind Singapore.

I’ll post a separate article with a link closer to when registration goes live. After registration, you’ll need to wait 24 hours before seeing the upsized bonus available in your buy miles page.

Remember that Lifemiles usually retail at 3.3 US cents each, so a 140% bonus brings the cost down to 1.375 US cents per mile. It costs nothing to register, so it makes sense to do so now and decide later (but no later than 18 Feb) whether you want to buy any miles. We don’t earn any referral commission from the miles you buy; this is something purely for readers of The Milelion.

It gets better…

Up to 25% off Lifemiles awards ex-SIN

Lifemiles is offering up to 25% off redemptions between certain city pairs for tickets booked between 13 and 28 February 2018. Travel dates don’t matter- so long as it’s available on Lifemiles, it gets the discount (Lifemiles tickets can be booked ~361 days in advance).

There are some fantastic discounts on premium cabin awards that I’d like to highlight. The prices below are for one-way travel from Singapore and assume you buy @ 1.375 US cents per mile:

    • Business Class: 78,000  70,500 miles (US$969)
    • First Class: 99,000  89,500 miles (US$1,230)
  • SFO
    • Business Class: 78,000 70,500 miles (US$969)
    • First Class: 99,000 79,500 miles  (US$1,093)
  • SEA
    • Business Class: 78,000 66,500 miles (US$914)
  • YVR
    • Business Class: 78,000 62,500 miles (US$859)
  •  NRT
    • Business Class: 36,000 32,500 miles (US$447)
    • First Class : 50,000 37,500 miles (US$516)
  • LHR
    • Business Class: 78,000 70,500 miles (US$969)

There are also discounts ex-SIN to BKK, PER and TPE. Interestingly enough, if you don’t mind positioning to CGK there are some good deals out of there too (nothing out of BKK/KUL sadly). I’m going to give you the link to the full list of discounts here, have fun.

79,500 miles for First Class to SFO is a fantastic deal, and you should be able to redeem ANA’s First Class product:

ANA B77W First Class

And 62,500 miles to YVR? You can fly with EVA Air’s very excellent Business Class product:

EVA Air B77W Business Class

So take some time this weekend to look at routes and dates, and identify awards you might be interested in booking so you can jump on them once the discount starts.

What else should I know?

Lifemiles purchases code as airline spending, so you may want to consider the following cards when buying miles:

  • UOB Visa Signature- 4 mpd for first S$2,000 spending per statement period, min S$1,000 spend required
  • DBS Woman’s World Card- 4 mpd for first S$2,000 spending per month
  • DBS Altitude Visa/AMEX- 3 mpd for first S$5,000 spending per month
  • UOB PRVI Miles- 2.4 mpd
  • HSBC Revolution- 2 mpd

Remember that you can purchase a maximum of 200,000 Lifemiles a year (pre-bonus). The usual caveats about Lifemiles apply- you will not be able to book long haul First or Business class awards with Singapore Airlines (but then again, neither can any other FFP bar Miles and More), you cannot book any routing that doesn’t appear in the online engine, and cancellations require you to call up the service centre overseas. With regards to the last point, I understand from my conversations with the Lifemiles team that adding online cancellations/changes is on the roadmap for late 2018, so here’s hoping that happens soon.

Many thanks to Lifemiles for this exclusive promotion, and hope you guys find it useful!

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Aaron Chan

Hi, in the link to the full list of discounts, it should read February and not January for the start and end dates. Thanks!

Aaron Chan

you’re welcome!


Hi Aaron, If I am not a Lifemiles member yet, will joining today make me eligible for this upcoming promotion still?

Aaron Wong

Yes. You can always see the bonus you’re eligible for before you click pay so there’s no risk


Hi Aaron,

If i can see an partner award flight on other star alliance platforms but not on lifemiles, can I book them?
Do i contact lifemiles to book it?


AFAIK, Unfortunately not. It has to be listed on Lifemiles engine to book it.


Hi Aaron, thanks for the heads-up! I just signed up for Lifemiles and would like to know if I can transfer my Krisflyer miles in Singapore Airlines account to Lifemiles?

Also, for the up to 25% off Lifemiles Awards ex-SIN, can the ticket dates be changed after the miles have been redeemed?


No. Why would you want to Anw?

Yes at a cost of 150USD per ticket.


I thought I saw that the miles for redemptions on flights are lower on Lifemiles than on SQ but I just realise it’s the opposite. So what’s the point of signing up on Lifemiles? Sorry I’m very new to this.

In addition, I noted that there’s another program called MilesLife as well. Which is better? Is it recommended to use both?


Signing up Lifemiles (Avianca’s FFP) allows you to purchase Lifemiles on a heavily discounted price – allowing you to redeem on *A partner’s flight. As mentioned on the post, SQ is one of the airlines that restrict Business & First Award redemption from partner airlines (i.e. You cannot buy Lifemiles to redeem Business & First Class tickets on SQ).

Lifemiles and KrisFlyer are not linked. You cannot transfer miles earned from one programme to another.

MilesLife is an programme/apps that allows you to earn miles from dining. Totally a different thing. Hope this explains.

Asian Miler

Nice. But then there’s the caveat… “as long as it appears on the LM engine”, which I’ve found to be rather difficult to spot for ex-SIN on long distance routes for any decent itinerary. I expect the LM rewards search engine to experience strain over the next few weeks…


Aaron, a reminder that lifemiles expires after 12 months if there is no accrual activity. So, try not to buy too many miles everyone!

Aaron Wong

Aye, but you shouldn’t be buying and holding Lifemiles anyway. You should be buying and using them almost instantaneously


Hi Aaron,

Thank you for this LM article. I’m not a LM member yet, any difference signing up LM now vs signing up between 13th to 17th?


Thanks Aaron! Do you know if there’s an equivalent stopover trick for life miles?


Wouldn’t this also code as overseas spend? So we could use the UOB VS/PRVI Miles cards as well?

Aaron Wong

Yes. Forgot about those. Visa Signature would be a good call.


So is UOB Prvimiles (either Amex or MC) is not recommended if you dont have a Visa Signature?
You wont earn 2.4mpd for this even though it’s coded overseas spend..?

Matthew Chong

Lifemiles purchases are processed by Avianca direct. So alternatively you can consider the DBS Altitude (3mpd up to 5k local currency equivalent spend) too!


Is the registration page for the 140% bonus up and running. I can’t get it to open


BTW just wondering none of the discounted award fares will work going in the opposite direction to the list will they eg from EUR-SIN?

Aaron Wong

No. Not reversible


Does this special 140% promotion only apply to new customers/members?

Thank you



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