Earn up to 25,000 bonus World of Hyatt points with Hyatt’s latest promo

Earn up to 1,000 bonus World of Hyatt points per night, maxes out at 25,000 points. Registration ends 31 March 2018. Stays valid through 15 May 2018.

World of Hyatt, previously known as Hyatt Gold Passport, is currently running a promotion where members are eligible to earn up to 1,000 bonus points per night at all Hyatt hotels and resorts on qualifying nights.

In this promotion, you’ll be able to earn a maximum of 25,000 bonus points after which you’ll only be earning at the usual rate tagged to your membership tier. To qualify for this offer, you have to enter your World of Hyatt membership number in the promotional website.

Photo Credits : World of Hyatt

This is what is defined by Hyatt as an “Eligible night” :

For the purpose of this promotion, an “Eligible Night” is defined as any night where a member is paying an Eligible Rate or redeems a free night award for at least one night of their stay.

It’s quite generous of Hyatt to award these points even for award nights, so for those of you who have a large stash of World of Hyatt points to burn, you’ll at least be getting some form of “rebate” when you redeem your free night. To qualify for the promotion, you have to register your account by 31 March 2018 and your stays have to be completed by 15 May 2018. In the terms and conditions, it further stipulates that the check out date must be no later than 15 May 2018.

Note that the bonus points are only applicable in the room that you’re staying in. Thus if you were to book 2 rooms, only 1 room would be eligible to receive this bonus.

Bonus points varies from 500 to 1,000 per night

In this promotion, not all Hyatt hotels will give you 1,000 bonus points per night. Here’s a table showing the bonus given by each brand :

Bonus points per qualifying night per hotel

For us here in Singapore (as well as in the region), most if not all properties would award us 1,000 bonus points per night. So if you were to take a staycation over at the new Andaz Singapore, you’ll be earning 1,000 bonus points per night with this promotion.

Ben from OMAAT values Hyatt points at  1.5 US cents per point so through this promotion you’ll be effectively earning back US15 a night. That’s not factoring in the points you get from the normal earn rate.

If you’re lucky enough to max out the 25,000 bonus points in this promotion, you would have enough points to redeem a free night at a Category 6 hotel of which the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa is in. Given that a paid stay would set you back S$843 USD, you’re getting a points valuation of  3.37 US cents per point, almost double of what it’s worth!

Concluding thoughts

While Hyatt is rather late to this bonus points party, it does offer a decent bonus points earning rate. Given the flak it’s received for its new World of Hyatt program, maybe this is one of the ways it’s trying to win back its customer base. If you have stays in Hyatt hotels upcoming, or are looking at planning hotel stays, why not give this promotion a go!

[ H/T : Points, Miles & Martinis]

Matthew Chong
Matthew Chong
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Perfect. I just booked a reward stay at the Hyatt Regency Mumbai with 12,000 points.


I get enough clickbaity bullshit post titles from online media to be thrilled about seeing from the Milelion, Matthew. Please don’t do this: “Earn up to 25,000 bonus World of Hyatt points on every night at Hyatt hotels”

Aaron Wong

Not deliberately clickbait, just a headline that needs rephrasing. Will get it updated


Was about to say the same thing, its almost borderline clickbait territory.



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