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Welcome to For The Record, or #ftr, a place to catch up all that’s been shared across The Milelion’s Telegram and Facebook Groups where people talk about miles and points, 24/7. Here’s my attempt to summarize the things I found interesting in the past week. 


There’s so much chatter going on that this list will be far from comprehensive, so if you want all the details be sure to join the Telegram and Facebook groups. If you have something important to share, be sure to label it with #ftr in the Telegram or Facebook groups. Thank you to everyone for contributing to the community! 

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  • More Apple Pay possibilities: NUH, Burlamacco Restaurant, Tiffany’s [but requests physical card for some reason], se7enth bar, Muji, Shi Li Fang, Klook (Angela, James Teo, Zack, Leo, Matthias Chia, Yao, Luo Feng)
  • Despite what the website says, NUS tuition fees at Singpost outlets can only be paid through cash (Jiehao)
  • The Mastercard Nearby app allows you to locate nearby retailers who accept Mastercard contactless payments [read: Apple Pay] (Michael)
  • No Apple Pay at the Grand Hyatt Singapore
  • HSBC Premier is offering 12 months of free Expedia+ Gold for eligible cardmembers- simply enter the first 6 digits of your Premier Mastercard (Keith Ng)
  • On the road: Apple Pay is widely accepted in Taipei, but using it in mainland China requires a local bank account (King K, LH)
  • Night Safari ticket purchases code as payments to government institutions (!) so no 10X on the WWMC (Srad Lynn)
  • Robinsons is not accepting Paywave or other contactless payments (THA, Srad Lynn)
  • Kopitiam is waiving the 2% admin fee for top ups using DBS/POSB cards. Top ups do not earn any points (Flappy)
  • It’s always been a bit of a grey area whether APEC business cardholders can bring guests or family members with them through the priority queue, but TPE has a sign explicitly allowing this (King K)
  • If you signed up for the upsized GoBear AMEX promotion from the Masterclass, the 6,000 bonus miles should be starting to post (Alex)

As far as possible I always try to cite the source for proper credit, but feel free to PM me if I’ve goofed up. Please note that this is all community-sourced data and YMMV. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion with the intention of helping people travel better for less and impressing chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Hi Aaron, Thanks for the summary as always. Just came back from Australia, and Apple Pay is widely accepted. Apple Pay didn’t work in Japan for some reasons (as of April 2018).

Aaron Wong

I had trouble with apple pay in Japan too! Surprising given how advanced you’d think they’d be


A lot of the terminals have signs that show Apple Pay with (Japan only). I think it is available but only limited to local cards for some strange reason.

I used Suica as my backdoor to using Apple Pay as it is widely accepted but the 20,000 yen limit is a bit troublesome.

Louis Tan

Japan generally doesn’t support contactless credit cards very much. The Apple Pay / contactless logos you see actually apply to their IC cards (e.g. Suica, PASMO) – think Singapore’s EZ-Links / NETS FlashPay cards.


Apple Pay accepted at: Takashimaya , Bimba Lola, Pull & Bear, Zara, Bershka, PS Spotlight.


For Takashimaya I got x10 only I think is before purchases in department store x10 promo override the Apple pay promo


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