Tickets now available for new Milelion workshop: Miles for Beginners

Learn the basics of earning and burning miles at The Milelion's upcoming workshops.

I’ll be the first to tell you that the miles game can be intimidating for newcomers. It’s not that the information isn’t out there or that it’s extremely technical, but there’s just a sheer torrent of it. If you’re a first timer, you’re going to find yourself plunged into a world of acronyms, T&Cs and people discussing seemingly convoluted spending plans that appear to make no sense at all (and telling you “shoo” when you get too close).

It’s no wonder that 80% of credit card holders in Singapore settle for cashback as their preferred reward- the miles game has a learning curve, and few people have the time to sit down and piece it together themselves.

That’s why I decided to create a Miles for Beginners course that lays out the fundamentals of the miles game in an easy-to-understand, straightforward manner.

All workshops will be held at iFast Financial, on the 26th Floor of Ocean Financial Center, at Raffles Place MRT.

Here’s the details:

Miles for Beginners: How to earn miles quickly

The first session, on Saturday 30 June at 1000-1230,  focuses on earning miles. In this session, you’ll cover:

  • Understanding the two main types of credit card rewards: miles and cashback
  • Learning the fundamentals of miles-earning credit cards
  • Cutting through the clutter by learning and weighing the key decision criteria for choosing a miles card
  • Learning how to derive your personal valuation of miles
  • Crafting an accelerated miles-earning strategy that works for you
  • Discovering some lesser-known ways of accumulating miles even without credit cards

Miles for Beginners: How to make your miles go further

The second session, on Friday 6 July at 1915-2145, focuses on burning miles. In this session, you’ll cover:

  • Learning the fundamentals of frequent flyer programs and airline alliances
  • Deciding which frequent flyer program makes sense for you
  • Discovering the benefits of elite membership and how to earn it faster
  • Taking a deep dive into KrisFlyer and learn what you can (and should) redeem your miles for
  • Learning how to improve your flying experience by redeeming your miles for the right cabin products
  • Learning about non-flight redemption options for your miles
  • Understanding how to improve your chances of getting award seats

Who should attend?

You might have friends/family/colleagues who ask you questions like:

  • “what card should I be using?”
  • “should I be paying an annual fee to buy miles?”
  • “if I buy a ticket for someone else, can I earn the miles?”
  • “what is the difference between redeeming and paying with miles?”
  • “should I redeem my miles for economy or business?”
  • “can I transfer my miles to someone else?”
  • “why are all the awards always waitlisted?”

These sessions were made with this audience in mind. No question is too noob, no query too banal, and I promise no one will say “use the search”.

The two sessions do dovetail into each other, however they can also be taken as stand-alone courses. If you’re already fairly well versed with card strategy but have no idea what to do with your miles, try attending the burning session. If you’re completely green to the miles game, attending both sessions will give you a very well-rounded lay of the land.

These workshops are always a whole load of fun- come prepared with questions, and let’s have fun solving them together!

P.S. Peatix supports Apple Pay, which means more opportunities for 8 mpd…

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Hi Aaron, for second session is it on Friday 6th July? Or Saturday 7th July ?


Any chance of another session? Can’t make it on those dates.


>I promise no one will say “use the search”.

I like this. Will try to make it for session 2.
Need laptop?


Thanks. No hands-on like the power search?


Signed up for both – looking forward to them!


P.S. Peatix supports Apple Pay, which means more opportunities for 8 mpd…
I couldn’t see the “apple pay” icon to select…. how ah?


Hi Aaron, I am rather keen on both sessions. But still somewhat on the fence with the first one on “earnings miles quickly”. May I ask how the content of that session will stand out materially from the working knowledge you have already shared on this blog?


Thank you, Aaron.


hi aaron, great to see another workshop slot opened up! just curious if this is also in partnership with another bank?

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