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Welcome to For The Record, or #ftr, a place to catch up all that’s been shared across The Milelion’s Telegram and Facebook Groups where people talk about miles and points, 24/7. Here’s my attempt to summarize the things I found interesting in the past week. 

There’s so much chatter going on that this list will be far from comprehensive, so if you want all the details be sure to join the Telegram and Facebook groups. If you have something important to share, be sure to label it with #ftr in the Telegram or Facebook groups. Thank you to everyone for contributing to the community! 

Check out previous editions of #ftr here

  • The last day for the Citibank-Apple Pay 20X promotion is 31 July 2018. So long as your transaction is made before 2359 on Tuesday, you’re safe. This #ftr is to resolve the conflicting information that people have received from CSOs regarding the transaction vs posting date
  • Miscellaneous Apple Pay related updates: Kickstarter takes Apple Pay but only charges your card at the end of the campaign (Phil), Fullerton Hotel (for buying Mooncakes) (Nobody Nobody) Chuan Seng Lighting, Sim Siang Choon (CC), Waave app (Valentine), Caprilicious at Capri (DJ Ang), Prime Supermarket (Ak), Nissan @ Ubi (Andrew)
  • Grab vouchers cannot be used for GrabHitch or GrabShuttle rides (DJ Ang)
  • If you’ve received a complimentary TungLok membership via Citibank, the birthday benefits and free points on joining can be stacked (James Teo)
  • Buying a credit report from CBS generates miles on the DBS Altitude (Isaac)
  • Not sure this was ever in doubt, but you do not earn 10X on contactless payments with the WWMC (Isaac)

As far as possible I always try to cite the source for proper credit, but feel free to PM me if I’ve goofed up. Please note that this is all community-sourced data and YMMV. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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i just spoke to a citibank cso and she specifically told me that it wont work if i transact today, cause it takes minimum of 2 days to post the transaction by ntuc.
aaron, im not doubting what wrote above but im in a bit of a dilemma here.


Ok Aaron. Thanks


Does anyone know..?

1) When Citi is supposed to post/give the bonus points/dollars from this 8 mpd promo? Is it after a certain time? I tried looking but didn’t find..

2) How to check that all ‘qualifying transactions’ done, did in fact get the 8 mpd..?

Many thanks in advance..


I phoned Citi and asked.. assuming I was given correct information..

1. Both basic and bonus points will be updated once merchant posts the transactions.. ‘no delay’..

2. No ‘practical’ way.. only end of month statement breaks down basic and bonus points earned but all lumped together as ‘basic’ and ‘bonus’ doesn’t show that individual transaction ‘successfully got its bonus points’ unless maybe call bank..

Hsiao Yun

Actually you can see the breakdown (more or less) here https://www.citirewards.com/cms/sites/globalrewards-sg-eng/index.page


Thanks for that! ?



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