AMEX KrisFlyer cobrand cards offering up to 5.3 mpd on mobile payments

Bonus miles capped on $300 worth of spending, spend by 15 November 2018.

The AMEX KrisFlyer cobrand cards may not have the highest earning rates for general spend in Singapore, but they do have frequent useful promotions that increase the earn rate on particular categories or merchants (eg Grab).

AMEX KrisFlyer cards are now offering a bonus 4 mpd on mobile payments made through Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay from now till 15 November 2018.

This 4 mpd is on top of the base earning rate, which means you can get up to 5.3 mpd on mobile payments. This offer is limited to the first 20,000 successfully registered cards and total bonus miles are capped at 1,200 per registered card. This means you’ll exhaust the offer with $300 of mobile payments spending. It’s hardly the uncapped 8 mpd everywhere that Citibank had with Apple Pay, but hey, if you have the card anyway…

This offer is valid for mobile payments made in Singapore Dollars in-store, in-app or online at merchants that accept AMEX. The other noteworthy thing from the T&C is that transactions on gift cards, store credit or vouchers are ineligible for this promotion. I’m not sure how AMEX knows what you spent on (unless they have Level 3 data access), but I wouldn’t risk it. You can see the full T&C here.

If you do not already hold an AMEX KrisFlyer cobrand card, you can apply for either the KrisFlyer Blue or KrisFlyer Ascend cards and get $150 of cash from SingSaver. Read more about the promotion here and get your cards here.

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion with the intention of helping people travel better for less and impressing chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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If this works the same way as the previous 4mpd on mobile wallet spend, best will be to use it on grab. You’ll get bonus 4mpd by paying with Google pay and bonus 2mpd because it’s a grab ride.


Can I use it to top up grabpay?


Grabpay doesnt have a googlepay option just a regular amex option. Not sure if you get the 2 bonus miles by topping up grab pay with amex.


How do we register?


What’s EDM?


Electronic Direct Mail.. basically a marketing email..


So with SPC, I can get 21% discount + 5.3miles / $1? Sounds like a good deal. But there’s problem using amex with google pay, as mentioned by the staffs.


don’t think you can use KF cards for SPC? Do correct me if I’m wrong.


Yes, you can use KF cards for SPC. So I’m curious to know if the 21% discount is stackable with the 5.1mpd for KF Blue Amex….


so the offer is only for people with the promo email and not open to all?


thank you very much!


Hmmm.. sadly, no edm received yet..


log into your amex account online. you should see it there.


Thanks, XR and Aaron! I’m in! ??


I logged in my Amex Portal (Desktop + app) but only saw the SPC promotion. Did i miss something? Thanks


That just means this promo has been fully taken up.


Does payment using googlepay on grab work? it didnt work for the ocbc titanium card when it had the 4 mpd promo i believe


“..Terms and Conditions Offer is open to individuals aged 18 years or older who hold personal basic American Express Singapore Airlines Credit Card issued in Singapore by American Express International Inc. (“Eligible Cards”). Supplementary Cards and American Express Corporate Cards are not eligible to participate in this offer. To qualify, Card Member’s account must be current and in good standing during the offer period. Earn four (4) bonus KrisFlyer miles for every S$1 spent (in addition to your current benefits) in one or more eligible transactions directly using Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay during the Offer Period from… Read more »


Hmm.. I logged in online and via the AMEX app but don’t see it. Does “basic” exclude the Ascend?


Even PPS Solitaires are entitled… read the write up again.. pictures of cards provided for easy association too..


Oh.. and.. from what I read.. and Aaron has pointed out.. it’s $300 for THE ENTIRE PROMO PERIOD.. not per month for the duration.. so MAX bonus is 1,200 miles.. so don’t feel too bad if you don’t ‘make it’ into the first 20,000 .. it won’t be life-changing.. ?


Yeah this is a pretty lame offer

Irene Low

login to Amex account online, “Save to card” means registered?


Almost. It should be followed by an email confirming registration. If the 20,000 cap has been reached you’ll get a rejection. I was accepted earlier today.

Irene Low

I have saved to card but no email yet. There should be an email to tell you accepted or rejected? Thanks a lot.

Irene Low

received the email 🙂

Ken k

I think this is a targeted offer?
I don’t see it when u log in.
Anyone else Durant see it too?


it just means the promo is fully signed up.

This is not a targeted promo



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