New Miles for Beginners course starting on 14 September

Learn the fundamentals of the miles and points game, and all you need to know to travel better for less.

Miles for Beginners is an introductory program that gets you up to speed on the fundamentals of miles, points and airline frequent flyer programs. This two-part course was created with newcomers to the miles game in mind, and doesn’t assume any prior knowledge.

This month, we’ll be running Miles for Beginners once again on the 14th and 21st of September.

The venue for both sessions is the Working Capitol at Keong Saik Road, and a light dinner will be served from 6.45pm onwards (events start at 7.15pm).

Miles for Beginners: Credit Card Rewards Demystified

The first session, on Friday 14 Sept from 7.15pm-9.45pm,  focuses on earning miles. In this session, you’ll cover:

  • Understanding the two main types of credit card rewards: miles and cashback
  • Learning the fundamentals of miles-earning credit cards
  • Cutting through the clutter by learning and weighing the key decision criteria for choosing a miles card
  • Learning how to derive your personal valuation of miles
  • Crafting an accelerated miles-earning strategy that works for you
  • Discovering some lesser-known ways of accumulating miles even without credit cards

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Miles for Beginners: Frequent Flyer Programs Demystified

The second session, on Friday 21 Sept from 7.15pm-9.45pm, focuses on burning miles. In this session, you’ll cover:

  • Learning the fundamentals of frequent flyer programs and airline alliances
  • Deciding which frequent flyer program makes sense for you
  • Discovering the benefits of elite membership and how to earn it faster
  • Taking a deep dive into KrisFlyer and learn what you can (and should) redeem your miles for
  • Learning how to improve your flying experience by redeeming your miles for the right cabin products
  • Learning about non-flight redemption options for your miles
  • Understanding how to improve your chances of getting award seats

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Who should attend?

As the name suggests, miles for beginners was created with novices in mind. You might have friends/family/colleagues who ask you questions like:

  • “what’s the best card to use?”
  • “should I be paying an annual fee to buy miles?”
  • “if I buy a ticket for someone else, can I earn the miles?”
  • “what is the difference between redeeming and paying with miles?”
  • “should I redeem my miles for economy or business?”
  • “can I transfer my miles to someone else?”
  • “why are all the awards always waitlisted?”

If so, this course is perfect for them. The two sessions do dovetail into each other, however they can also be taken as stand-alone courses. If you’re already fairly well versed with card strategy but have no idea what to do with your miles, try attending the burning session. If you’re completely green to the miles game, attending both sessions will give you a very well-rounded lay of the land.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Venue Sponsor

The venue sponsor for this month’s Miles for Beginners course is SingSaver.

SingSaver is Singapore’s #1 personal finance comparison platform. SingSaver is committed to helping consumers find the right financial product with easy-to-use self-serve comparison tools. SingSaver provides free, quick and easily accessible resources to help consumers understand personal finance products in Singapore including credit cards, personal loans and insurance. In a constantly changing financial landscape, SingSaver strives to provide consumers with detailed and accurate data and insights so they can make the best choice before applying for the financial products that suit their needs.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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when is your next run? would not be able to make it on 14th, and it looks like they’re a package. is there any cost involved?


Please do another advanced session! Any meet ups happening?

Walter Chern

anymore vacancies for this fri?



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