Up to 20% off dining with Marriott’s Members Dine More program

Marriott Rewards members can enjoy 10-20% off at participating restaurants across Asia Pacific, depending on their elite status tier.

Starwood loyalists will fondly remember SPG Cravings, the program which allowed members to earn up to 30% off dining and SPG points even when they weren’t staying at a hotel.

I had assumed the program was discontinued after the Marriott acquisition, but while searching for a place to host the Monthly Miles Meetup, I stumbled upon its replacement- Members Dine More.

Yes, Marriott can’t safeguard your personal data worth a damn, but hey, they’ll give you up to 20% off dining across Asia-Pacific.

What’s interesting is that unlike SPG Cravings, where discounts varied across restaurants but everyone enjoyed the same discount at the same restaurant, Members Dine More draws a distinction among elite tiers:

Platinum Elite and higher members enjoy 20% off, Gold Elites 15%, and Silver Elites and below get 10%.

You can also earn up to 10 points per US$1 on dining, whether or not you’re staying at the hotel you’re dining at. If you know your Marriott Rewards rules, that’s the base level that a regular member earns. Platinum Elites normally earn 15 points per US$1, but that bonus does not appear to apply to Members Dine More.

Which hotels are participating?

Court Martial Bar | JW Marriott Singapore

Members Dine More is for hotels in the Asia-Pacific region only, and you can see the full list on the website. Here’s the participating restaurants in Singapore:

Any catches?

Yes, yes there are. Let me run down the major ones:

  • To enjoy the discount, you need to have a minimum bill of the US$10 equivalent.
  • No breakfast discounts
  • Discounts do not apply to corkage fees, service charges or taxes
  • Discount not applicable for seasonal menus, festive products, takeaway, deliveries, in-room dining, or any booking with more than 10 people
  • If you’re charging the bill to your room, be sure to ask for the discount at the time of signing- you can’t ask for it at check out
  • Blackout dates apply, like Christmas and Chinese New Year

There’s no requirement for you to make a reservation, but it might be best practice to do so in order to avoid any nasty surprises (eg showing up on a blackout date). Most of the participating restaurants will be available on Chope anyway, so there’s a chance for you to earn more points too.


Skirt @ W Sentosa

There are numerous dining programs in Singapore like Accor Plus and Club at Hyatt, but these require buying a membership. Marriott’s Members Dine More is free for anyone who registers a Marriott Rewards account.

That said, can you do better than a 20% discount at Marriott restaurants in Singapore? Definitely.

Remember that if you hold any AMEX Platinum card, you’ll have access to the Love Dining program which covers Marriott Tang Plaza, St Regis Singapore and W Singapore. This gives you up to 50% off on dining when there’s just two of you.

You’ll also be able to purchase discounted vouchers on Chope for some of the participating restaurants, or book via Eatigo for up to 50% off.

The discount perhaps becomes more valuable when you’re traveling overseas and are less aware of local discount options.

I don’t think Members Dine More makes it worth going out of your way to dine at Marriott restaurants, but if you’re eating there anyway it’s good to know about.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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