Kaligo Summer Sale: 2X miles and points on hotels

Earn up to 30 miles per dollar during the Kaligo summer sale, but be sure to comparison shop.

From 14-19 August 2019, Kaligo is offering double miles or points on all hotel bookings. Stays must be made between 14 August 2019 and 31 March 2020. 

If this is your first Kaligo booking, signing up through the link below gives you an extra 1,000 miles on your first completed stay. 

Get 1,000 bonus miles on your first Kaligo booking

Be sure to search through this Summer Flash Sale landing page to enjoy the double miles. Going via the regular Kaligo.com does not display the bonus!

LHS: Kaligo Summer Sale landing page | RHS: Regular Kaligo.com

Doing a quick search in Bangkok, I was able to find rates as high as 28 KrisFlyer miles per S$1. According to Kaligo, it’s possible to get up to 30 KrisFlyer miles per dollar during the Summer Sale, so you’ll want to do some research because there isn’t a uniform S$1= X miles rate across all hotels; some will offer more, others less. 

Earn miles and points with up to 40 different rewards programs

You can earn KrisFlyer miles through Kaligo, but there’s plenty of other loyalty programs available too. This may even be a good opportunity to pick up currencies like Alaska Mileage Plan, JAL Mileage Bank or LifeMiles, which cannot be earned through credit cards in Singapore. 

Airline miles earned through Kaligo are deposited directly into your FFP account. However, if you choose to earn credit card rewards like UOB UNI$ or DBS Points, you’ll need to transfer them yourself and pay the relevant conversion fee. 

Be sure to comparison shop

It’s no secret that Kaligo prices can be (but not always are) higher than other OTAs, so you should definitely do comparison shopping before booking. If the Kaligo price is higher, then you’ll need to work out whether the incremental miles are worth it because you’re essentially buying miles. I personally wouldn’t pay more than 1.8 cents per KrisFlyer mile, but everyone’s valuation will differ. 


Play around with the dates and see what mpd rates you can turn up, because this may be a good opportunity to pick up miles for less. Always be sure to check the rates on Kaligo versus other OTAs, and remember that bookings through any 3rd party channel (Kaligo or otherwise) are not eligible to earn hotel points or elite status credit. 

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Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Barry Allen

The “EARN AT LEAST X MILES” is based on entire stay, not per night. So the mpd in your screenshot above is only accurate if you are staying for a night.


Indeed. It’s a one time 1000 mile bonus for Krisflyer

kelwin li

Hi aaron,

just to ask, if we use our krisflyer FFP and pay using the DBS woman’s card are we still eligible to get 4xmpd on the dbs card?



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