Changi Lounge at Jewel to reopen; access available from just $12

From 3 August, you'll be able to access the Changi Lounge at Jewel from just $12...but don't expect the experience to be the same.

The Changi Lounge at Jewel has been temporarily closed ever since Covid-19 caused air traffic at Changi to fall off a cliff

I’ve visited the lounge before, and it’s a great place to freshen up with a shower and grab a bite after landing. In fact, given the dearth of arrivals lounges at Changi (the only other one being The Haven in T3), this is one of the better options out there. 

Review: Changi Lounge, Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

I’ve just spotted that the Changi Lounge intends to reopen from 3 August 2020. Moreover, they’re also offering some highly discounted access rates, although the experience won’t quite be the same. 

Changi Lounge reopening specials

Changi Lounge Jewel
Changi Lounge Jewel

To mark its reopening, the Changi Lounge will be offering the following discounts on lounge access and meeting room packages.

Lounge Access

 Regular PricePromotional Price
Basic AccessS$38-50 for 3 hoursS$12 for 2 hours
Extra HourS$10/hourS$4/hour

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms at Changi Lounge Jewel | Photo credit: Changi Lounge
 Regular PricePromotional Price
Single Room
(up to 4 pax)
Double Room
(up to 9 pax)

As you can see, these are significant discounts from the usual rates- the meeting room packages in particular. 

The buffet spread at the Changi Lounge during happier times.
The buffet spread at Changi Lounge during happier times

That said, lounge visitors should expect a much more pedestrian experience than during normal times. I’m quite certain the lounge will not be serving its regular F&B offerings- the website just mentions “coffee and drinks”, and in any case, buffets aren’t even allowed to operate right now.

I’m confirming this with the lounge team, but I’d be very surprised if they offered anything in the way of food. Expect a small selection of soft drinks and coffee, and little else in the way of refreshments. 

⚠️ Update: Changi has responded with more information on the packages and catering.

“For a standard lounge package at $12, the guest will be able to access the lounge for 2 hours, and will be given a drink and a snack. There is a premium package offered at $27, which provides the guest an additional hot meal bento. Extension per hour is at $4. This is a single rate promotion, and children below 3 years can enter for free.”

What can visitors to the Changi Lounge expect?

Changi Lounge Jewel
Seating at Changi Lounge Jewel

Just because there’s no food doesn’t mean there’s nothing at the Changi Lounge for you, however. It’s still a pleasant place to get some work done, for those who have some time to kill at Jewel.

In terms of facilities, the business centre will presumably still be in operation, together with its computers and printer. 

Changi Lounge Jewel Business Centre
Changi Lounge Jewel Business Centre

Likewise, you’ll be able to juice up your devices at any of the universal charging ports, and enjoy the lounge’s Wi-Fi (not that Jewel’s free public Wi-Fi isn’t good enough- that was blazing fast, last time I checked). 

Changi Lounge charging port
Charging ports at Changi Lounge Jewel- ignore the “for phone use only”, you could just as well charge your laptop

The S$12/2 hour package will not include the use of the showers, which is a shame since they’re nicely outfitted with premium fittings and toiletries. 

Toilet and shower room at Changi Lounge Jewel
Toilet and shower room at Changi Lounge Jewel

Finally, the nap rooms will be closed, without the option to pay to access them. 

Nap room at Changi Lounge Jewel
Nap room at Changi Lounge Jewel

This means that the Changi Lounge will basically be an elevated waiting room during this period. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but set your expectations accordingly. 


With the Changi Lounge sitting idle for months now, this look to be an attempt by management to at least cover some of the fixed costs. I can’t imagine it costs a lot to take in a few guests, especially if there’s no food served or showers to clean. 

Don’t go expecting the regular lounge experience- you’ll be sorely disappointed. Instead, see it as a place to catch up on work while waiting for the wife to finish shopping, or to host a business meeting if you’re in the area. 

The Changi Lounge has been certified SG Clean by Singapore Tourism Board and Enterprise Singapore, with safe management practices in place. To find out more or make a reservation, call +65 6513 8743 or send an email here

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Can we access the lounge with priority pass but without a boarding pass? Now cannot travel and priority passes are expiring😅


Thanks! Cos i think it’s stated on PP website that boarding pass is needed:/


Do you think they’d let someone in with LoungeKey/Priority Pass without a flight? Asking for a friend… :p


If they allow Priority Pass holders without a ticket then there would be some people I guess. Otherwise it’s a total waste.



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