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The Green Market (TGM) reopens at Changi Airport Terminal 1 public area

The good news: Pseudo-lounge TGM has reopened in Terminal 1's public area. The bad news: It's unlikely to rejoin any lounge membership program.

Changi Lounge at Jewel to reopen; access available from just $12

From 3 August, you'll be able to access the Changi Lounge at Jewel from just $12...but don't expect the experience to be the same.

Changi Airport reopening to transit passengers from June 2

The transit passenger ban will be lifted from June 2, offering some respite to Singapore Airlines, Scoot, and of course Changi Airport itself.

Will Changi Terminal 4 be suspending operations imminently?

Cathay Pacific is moving to Terminal 1 from tomorrow, which almost certainly seals Terminal 4's fate.

Here’s where the Terminal 2 airlines are moving to from May 1st

Changi has announced the terminal reshuffles, and as expected, most Star Alliance carriers head to T3, while Malaysia Airlines shifts to T1.

5 things I’ll miss when Changi Terminal 2 closes

Terminal 2 shuts its doors at the end of this month for a year and a half. What do we lose during this period?

Summarizing the Changi Rewards devaluation

Changi Rewards devalued its program on 1 April 2018. Here's what's changed.


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