Extended: Get up to S$50 from Google Pay Singapore just by making PayNow transfers

Send at least $10 to friends and family via Google Pay Singapore and win scratch cards of up to $50.

Google Pay launched in Singapore a couple of months ago, and is currently the only way to earn rewards on PayNow transfers. 

If you don’t already have a Google Pay Singapore account (it’s available for both Android and Apple devices), you can get S$5 free when you sign up via the link below and make a payment of at least S$10 (just send money to a friend or family member).

Get S$5 free when you sign up for Google Pay here

Google has extended its current campaign till 21 September, allowing you to earn up to S$50 just by sending money to friends and family. 

Google Pay’s latest scratch card promotion

From now till 21 September 2020, Google Pay Singapore users who make a qualifying payment of at least S$10 or more will receive a scratch card worth up to S$50. 

Qualifying payments include P2P money transfers, in-store tap & pay payments (excluding transit) with Google Pay, or food pickup orders made using the Google Pay app. 

For example, sending someone at least S$10 via Google Pay would earn you a scratch card.The receiving party can send the funds right back to get scratch cards of their own, if they’re also on Google Pay. 

👍 Remember: There’s no need for the receiving party to use Google Pay- so long as he/she has a registered PayNow account, he/she will receive the funds. 

google pay scratch cards

Each user can earn up to three scratch cards a week (defined as Monday 9 a.m to the following Monday 8.59 a.m).

You’ll earn one scratch card per unique transaction. For example:

  • A–> B (1 scratch card for A)
  • B–>A (1 scratch card for B)
  • A–>B (no scratch card since not unique)
  • A–>C (1 scratch card for A)

How do I set up Google Pay Singapore?

To start, simply download the Google Pay Singapore app on either your Android or iOS device.

Navigate to your profile settings and tap “Payment Methods”. Then tap “Add bank account”, and select “OCBC” (it’s the only option for now).

You’ll be prompted to login to your online banking account to do a one-time setup. Select the account you want to pair with Google Pay Singapore, enter the OTP and you’re good to go.

Sending money is equally straightforward. Google Pay Singapore harnesses the PayNow platform, so you can send money to anyone’s mobile number as you would with any other banking app. There’s no need for the receiving party to use Google Pay- so long as they have a registered PayNow account, they’ll receive the funds.

Google Pay Singapore P2P transfers have a daily limit of S$1,000, which is on top of the daily S$5,000 PayNow limit.


Based on my $10 transfers, I’ve been averaging about 5% cashback on Google Pay so far, which isn’t earth-shattering, but a heck of a lot better than the zero I’d have received by using other PayNow methods. 

For the moment, Google Pay can only be linked to an OCBC bank account, but there are plans to add DBS and Standard Chartered soon. 

Get S$5 free when you sign up for Google Pay here

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Does that mean we don’t need the other Google Pay app anymore?


Hi, I noticed that the Google Pay Singapore app has the function for credit card contactless payments too. Does this not replace the need for Google Pay? Or is there a benefit of using Gpay over Gpay SG for such payments? Just wonderin.. Thanks!


Ok nvm, just found out contactless for Gpay SG is only for SimplyGo…


Hi Aaron, I uninstalled Google Pay amd the contactless payments still work. Took MRT amd paid at restaurants etc. Don’t need Google Pay app.


just sent $10 to my girlfriend. she sent $10 back to me. we generated $5 each out of nothing. thank you!


Tried it. But no $5. I’m a new account holder too. Where does the $5 show up? I only got a scratch card


Aaron, separate from this discussion, DBS just nuked the multiplier programme following ocbc lead.


Hi how do I earn the $5.00?
I have register and sign up through your link.
So what’s next?


What is this 5% cash back on p2p about ?


I just signed up using your link and transferred the money to my hubby. He transferred me back and I got $10 sent to my paynow account! Thank u Aaron!


I uninstalled Google Pay as Google Pay Singapore was ‘spinning’ non-stop and taking its own sweet time to start. As soon as G Pay Singapore was ok, I tried to look for Google Pay and its gone. Seemed that Google had nerfed the Google Pay from Play Store for Singapore registered account.


But here’s the problem, previously under the ‘original’ G Pay, there’s a tab called Passes. It ‘took down’ details of my IHG and other membership numbers from my Gmail and tabled them nicely, like digital loyalty cards, how nice I thought. Then G Pay Singapore decided that she’s got to be the main actress and now ‘Passes’ is gone. Now I have to ‘manually’ remember all those numbers … crappy.


Tried transferring >$10 today, but did not get scratch card. Anyone else has same problem?


There’s a couple of time i get a ‘Better luck next time!’ and also occasionally no scratch cards too….


Guys read the terms, it’s a lucky draw not a cash back


Does anyone know how do we cash out or use the Google pay rewards in our account? It accumulating but I can’t find a way to utilize it.