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Google Pay Huat Pals 2022 Edition: Win up to S$88.88 from payments and trading with friends

Google Pay Huat Pals are back for Chinese New Year 2022, and BB Loh isn't the one you'll be missing this year.

Google Pay adds support for HSBC credit cards

HSBC cards are finally supported on Google Pay, which is great news for HSBC Revolution cardholders. The catch: no scratch cards.

Google Pay Huat Pals: Win up to S$88.88 by sending money, paying businesses and referring friends

Google Pay users who collect all five Huat pals by 26 Feb 2021 will win an ang bao scratch card worth S$8.88 to S$88.88.

Google Pay’s latest scratch card offers: Up to 4 cards per week (max S$40) for PayNow/in-store payments

Google Pay's latest offers cut the maximum scratch cards per week while adding further restrictions. It's a bummer, but still free money...

Google Pay: Free S$8 for joining, earn 11 scratch cards (max S$110) per week for PayNow and in-store payments

More free money for Google Pay users- earn 11 scratch cards per week (max S$10 per card) by sending money or making in-store payments.

Google Pay adds support for Standard Chartered Bank; get cashback for PayNow transfers and in-store payments

Earn cash rewards for in-store payments and sending money to friends and family via Google Pay- now available to Standard Chartered customers too.

Google Pay adds support for DBS PayLah; earn up to S$50 per week by sending money and making payments

Earn scratch cards by making PayNow transfers or in-store payments with Google Pay.

Extended: Get up to S$50 from Google Pay Singapore just by making PayNow transfers

Send at least $10 to friends and family via Google Pay Singapore and win scratch cards of up to $50.


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