SIA@Home goes live tonight: Could these be the most expensive microwave meals you ever buy?

Singapore Airlines' dine-at-home meals debut tonight. Here's the menu, the prices, and what credit card to use.

All the buzz around SIA lately has been about their upcoming “Discover Your Singapore Airlines” experiences.

Over October and November 2020, Singapore Airlines fans will get the opportunity to dine on an Airbus A380, visit the airline’s training facilities, and savor First and Business Class food and wines in the comfort of their home.

Of the three experiences, SIA@Home will be the first to go live at midnight on 5 October 2020 (i.e tonight, for those of you reading this on 4 October). KrisShop has already prepared the landing page, and all that’s left to do is start pumping your money into our national airline. 

Discover Your Singapore Airlines

So what’s all the fuss about, how much does it cost, and what card should you use to pay for SIA@Home? Let’s find out. 

What is SIA@Home?


Enjoy a taste of Singapore Airlines, delivered to your home. Order a home-dining experience for two created by our world-renowned International Culinary Panel chefs, paired with your choice of wine or champagne.

For a perfect re-creation of our First Class or Business Class experience at home, purchase the all-inclusive package which comes with the exquisite tableware and luxurious amenities available exclusively on board our flights.

Bookings open on 5 October 2020

Singapore Airlines has announced the following SIA@Home packages:

  • Wine and Dine: A First Class or Business Class meal for two based on your choice of menu, plus amenity kits. Customers who opt for the First Class menu may select either a bottle of Burgundy red or white wine. Those who opt for a Business Class menu may select either
    a bottle of French wine or brut champagne
  • Champagne and Dine: A First Class meal for two based on your choice of menu, a bottle of 2008 Dom Perignon champagne and Lalique amenity kits
  • Wine, Dine and Tableware: A First Class meal for two based on your choice of menu, a bottle of Burgundy red or white wine, Lalique amenity kits, and a 22 piece tableware set which includes  Wedgwood dining ware and Lalique crystal ware
  • All-Inclusive First Class Experience: A First Class meal for two based on your choice of menu, a bottle of Burgundy red or white wine, a bottle of 2008 Dom Perignon
    champagne, a 22-piece tableware set which includes Wedgwood dining ware and Lalique crystal ware, and Lalique amenities for two, including sleeper suits.
  • All-Inclusive Business Class Experience: A Business Class meal for two based on your choice of menu, a bottle of French wine or brut champagne, a 22-piece tableware set, which includes Narumi dining ware and Penhaligon’s amenity kits for two.
  • First Class Signatures: An experience for two, comprising two of our signature First Class offerings of Oscietra caviar, satay, a bottle of 2008 Dom Perignon champagne and Lalique amenity kits

The Wine and Dine package forms the base, with all the other items available as add-ons. The base package includes: 

  • A meal for two
  • A bottle of wine
    • First Class: 2014 Albert Bichot, Morey-Saint-Denis 1er Cru “Les Sorbets”, Burgundy, France OR 2017 Bouchard Père & Fils Meursault 1er Cru “Genevrières”, Burgundy, France
    • Business Class: Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée Brut, Champagne, France OR 2015 Château Magnan la Gaffelière, Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux, France OR 2017 Joseph Drouhin Vaudon Chablis, Burgundy, France
  • Two amenities kits

First Class orders will receive the Lalique amenities kit that is currently used on Singapore Airlines First/Suites Class flights, while Business Class orders will receive the new Penhaligon’s amenities kits that the airline intends to debut. 

LHS: Lalique amenities kit | RHS: Penhaligon’s amenities kit (Photo: SIA)

Customers will also receive a welcome video featuring SIA’s cabin crew, a specially curated playlist, and a digital guide explaining how to heat and plate the dishes (watch some samples here)

You can go much further than that, however. Those who want to take it to the next level can purchase the actual dining ware used onboard- Wedgwood in First Class, Narumi in Business Class. 

Wedgwood First Class dining ware
Wedgwood First Class dining ware

Those who want to take it to the even more next level can request the services of a private chef who will reheat, plate and serve the meal in their home. It is unclear if the chef will also belt showtunes and do those flippy things the teppanyaki guys do. 

How much will SIA@Home cost?

SIA@Home First Class Delhi menu
SIA@Home First Class Delhi menu
PackageCash Price (With GST)Miles (With GST)
First Class: Delhi (Veg)S$398
First Class: Delhi (Non-Veg)S$448
First Class: ParisS$448
First Class: SydneyS$448
First Class: TokyoS$498
Business Class: Delhi (Veg) S$258


Business Class: Delhi (Non-Veg) S$288


Business Class: Paris S$288


Business Class: Sydney S$288


Business Class: TokyoS$318

Quite a bit. 

A total of 10 menu packages will be available: 5 from First Class, and 5 from Business Class. Most of the packages will cost S$480/308 nett for First/Business Class respectively, however the Tokyo packages will cost slightly more because they include a bottle of sake, in addition to the wine.

It’s unclear what the price for the Business Class Tokyo package will be (update: S$340 nett), but we know from the pricing leak that the First Class Tokyo meal will cost a whopping S$586 nett. 

It’s possible to pay for these with your KrisFlyer miles, but unless you have so many on hand that you don’t know what to do, this shouldn’t even be an option for you.

When you spend KrisFlyer miles on KrisShop, you get a value of 0.8 cents per mile. That’s way below the 2-5 cents you could get for redeeming an award ticket (yes, we will fly again). Heck, you could get just over 1 cent if you used your miles as cash to pay for Singapore Airlines revenue fares. 

To put it another way:

 Miles for Meal (A)Miles to Fly (B)
Business Class: Singapore to Delhi (Veg)34,50039,00088%
Business Class: Singapore to Delhi (Non-Veg)38,50039,00099%
Business Class: Singapore to Paris38,50092,00042%
Business Class: Singapore to Sydney38,50062,00062%
Business Class: Singapore to Tokyo42,50047,00090%
First Class: Singapore to Delhi (Veg)58,50053,000110%
First Class: Singapore to Delhi (Non-Veg)60,00053,000113%
First Class: Singapore to Paris60,000125,00048%
First Class: Singapore to Sydney60,00085,00071%
First Class: Singapore to Tokyo73,25070,000105%

Yes, the meal is for two and the miles are for one, but it’s still flat out ridiculous. 

There’s no indication how much the add-ons will cost, such as the champagne option, the dining ware option or the private chef option. 

What card should I use to pay on KrisShop?

All KrisShop transactions earn 1.5 mpd by default, regardless of what payment method you use. These will be posted to your account within 30 business days of the transaction. 

If you’re paying with a Mastercard, enter the code MASTERCARD at check-out to enjoy a free adult ticket to S.E.A Aquarium, with a minimum S$200 spend. You may also win a 3D2N hotel stay at Hotel Michael in RW Sentosa. More details here transactions will be processed as online duty free transactions (MCC 5309), so you can double dip on the miles by using the right credit card:

 Earn RateRemarks
UOB PRVI Miles AMEX6 mpdCap S$500 per c. month, registration required
DBS Woman’s World Card
4 mpdCap S$2K per c. month
Citi Rewards4 mpdCap S$1K per s. month
UOB Pref. Plat Visa4 mpdCap S$1.1K per c. month
HSBC Revolution4 mpdS$1,000 per c. month
KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card3 mpdNo cap
AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend2 mpdNo cap
AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card2 mpdNo cap
S. Month= Statement Month | C. Month= Calendar Month


The high prices and plentiful supply means there’s little risk of these SIA@Home experiences selling out, but I can’t say the same about the A380 dining or training facility visit. 

Ticket sales for the Restaurant A380 @Changi and Inside Singapore Airlines will go live on 12 October and 1 November 2020 respectively (i.e you’ll need to stay up the night before), so mark your calendars. I fully expect these to sell like hotcakes, and good hunting to everyone who’s throwing their hat in the ring.

Anyone going to buy the SIA@Home meals?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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For that price I want the chef to come down to my house and prepare the meal inside my kitchen. And actually cook it, not reheat it.


For this price SQ should consider sending a cabin crew down to prepare the food for us at home , ya know .. to fully relive the experience.

Last edited 3 years ago by TanKH
TS Tan

I think the price is high for microwave meals but your comment is also very degrading and undermines the value of time of our cabin crew.

Same goes to people such as above poster “Adam” towards chefs, no private chef will come to cook for you at 400++, much less to say price includes the food ingredients.

S. Ng

You’re an idiot.

I don’t see how the comment is degrading. There certainly shouldn’t be anything wrong with having expectations, regardless of whether you might find them reasonable or not. Besides, I don’t see how providing private dining services is ‘undermining’ their value. Cabin crew have been redeployed to customer service, safe distancing and healthcare work – I don’t see how these are in any way more or less ‘valuable’ than private dining work.

There are plenty of private dining options that can provide dining options from $100+ per person. I will be happy to share links if Aaron allows.

Mother Ng

Sorry I failed to teach my son.

Grandmother Ng

No problem. My son will give you a good spanking tonight.

Mother S Ng

Hehe thanks, exactly we are a degenerate family. From Grandmother all the way down to S Ng.

S. Ng

Indeed we are 👍. Hi ma and grandma, look at me school some idiot on the internet!


So, TS Tan, what is the cabin crew doing for SQ at the moment which is of such greater value?

TS Tan

You miss the point entirely; I’m saying just because the product is expensive doesn’t mean you can denigrate their staff and expect them to be at your beck-and-call. They too are humans doing this for a living, whether they have anything else better to do is their problem.


Which part of the original poster’s statement is denigrating to the SQ staff? If it’s the part about suggesting that cabin crew come down to do the preparation of the food, then how about the private chefs who will in fact be doing that? Looks like they are being denigrated and being at the customer’s beck and call too.

TS Tan

The private chefs chose that as their career, cabin crew did not choose to be house crew. In the same vein, domestic helpers choose to be domestic helpers and there is nothing wrong in them coming over to your home to clean the toilet. However, how would you like it if I said “I expect your wife to come clean my toilet for $2000”, which is very expensive for domestic helper. See what I mean? That’s not her job and just because I can pay high price doesn’t mean I can expect people to do my bidding when it’s not… Read more »


Indeed flawed logic. Too many things wrong with TS Tan’s arguments. Just to name a few. First, how do you know that private chefs chose, amongst other things, the reheating of food as part of their job scope? Secondly, even if such an option (for cabin crew to attend in person at homes) to serve the food, it is invariably the case that only those willing to take up the additional job scope would volunteer/be selected for this. Thirdly, TS Tan is trying to cash in and do an emotional appeal by talking about “your wife” cleaning somebody’s toilet. Completely… Read more »

TS Tan

You’re exactly reiterating my point when you bring up the son cleaning toilet part. It is exactly uncalled for and unjustified like I was trying to tell you. It’s one thing for employers to propose things to their employees and up to them to accept and do; and a complete other thing to show your sense of entitlement and say for $500 i expect *xxx* not within your job scope. Incidentally, toilet cleaners chose to be toilet cleaners, even if the choice were out of circumstance. It is not unreasonable to suggest a toilet cleaner ways to clean toilets, yet… Read more »


“Incidentally, toilet cleaners chose to be toilet cleaners, even if the choice were out of circumstance.” – TS Tan doesn’t get the reference to sons cleaning toilets. LOL!

In any event, if it is “not my place to comment”, then why is it yours (to comment from your obviously different viewpoint)?

Last edited 3 years ago by Ben
TS Tan Jr

Joke’s on you cos I’d have been willing to clean your toilet for just $499. Sweet deal!

S. Ng

Your logic is flawed.

I don’t see how service at home and service on a plane is any different.

Robin Chan

Again, SIA fails with their execution of its campaign with poorly designed initiative just like its other Krisflyer/PPS Club earn status credit without flying. As one of the recent analyst article claimed, “arrogance and I know best” approach apparently permeate across Airline House and within the company” is so true with SIA. With all that’s happening and their mishap with their fuel hedging, they deserve to see such difficult times ahead.

Felicia Yap

I second this. SQ’s arrogance is coming to haunt them right now. Good to see them bleed like hell.

SQ crew

Yah …. not just SIA … all across industry lah — all gahmen scholars.

SQ Pilot

But SIA bleeding more than others because those so called scholars that SIA employs screwed up on their fuel hedging. Now, they suffer badly loh.


SIA ran by gahmen scholars? Interesting


This downturn is the best opportunity to “clean house” and replace the current top brass with next gen leaders. Current crop needs a sense of reality.

Singapore Girl

Correct, the current top brass are a bunch of jokers who live in their own bubble. I’m glad they are getting a reality check. SIA is not what many think it is. The company is too relaxed and the real test comes during crisis like this. They are failing miserably. I mean, very miserably.



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