Last 2 weeks: Transfer credit card points to KrisFlyer miles with 15% bonus

KrisFlyer's 15% transfer bonus ends on 27 Dec 2020- when do you need to initiate your transfers by, and which points should you transfer?

Update: Singapore Airlines has extended this promotion till 16 January 2021. Read this post for more details

Back on 16 November, Singapore Airlines launched a 15% bonus for credit card points conversions to KrisFlyer, with no cap on the bonus that can be earned. This is pretty much unprecedented- I can’t remember ever having a transfer bonus for KrisFlyer in Singapore. 

KrisFlyer 15% Transfer Bonus

This offer runs until 27 December 2020, and seeing as how we have two weeks left (slightly less actually, given the time lag between initiating a points transfer and the miles showing up in your account), I thought I’d share some data points and how I’m approaching the offer. 

Quick Recap: KrisFlyer 15% transfer bonus

First, a brief recap of what’s going on. For a limited time, KrisFlyer is awarding a 15% bonus on all credit card points transfers of at least 10,000 miles. No registration is required to participate; all KrisFlyer members are automatically eligible. 

Bank PointsBonusKrisFlyer Miles
Equivalent of
10,000 miles 
+15%11,500 miles

To receive the bonus, your conversion must be completed by 2359 (GMT +8) on 27 December 2020. This refers to the time the miles show up in your KrisFlyer account, not when you initiate the transfer on the bank’s side. Different banks will have different processing times, so budget accordingly (see next section). 

All banks in Singapore are participating, as are selected banks overseas

💳 20% bonus for selected overseas banks

If you have credit card points from the above banks in Brunei, Hong Kong or Indonesia, you’ll earn a 20% transfer bonus instead. For Hong Kong DBS customers, 20% bonus miles is applicable to the first 10,000 DBS Bank reward points conversion to KrisFlyer miles only, after which 15% bonus miles will apply.

Sadly, this offer does not apply to cobrand credit cards, so AMEX KrisFlyer and UOB KrisFlyer credit card members are out of luck.

How long do points conversions take?

Miles are credited in two components- first the usual base miles will post, then the bonus miles will post within a day or two. Bonus miles should generally not take more than three days to post, if you’re still waiting after that, give KrisFlyer membership services a call (+65 6789 8188).

Based on my own personal experience and data points from the Milelion community, here’s how long points transfers are taking. 

Posting Time (base) refer to number of days after transfer initiated
Posting Time (bonus) refers to number of days after base miles posted
CardPosting Time
Posting Time
American ExpressSame day+1 day 
Citibank+2 daysSame day
DBS+1 day+1 day
HSBCSame day*+3 days
MaybankSame day+1 day
OCBCSame day+1 day
SCB+1 daySame day
UOBSame day+1 day 
*Exercise caution here: HSBC transfers are batched by week,  so you may have to wait up to 7 days if you just miss the cutoff

The good news is that most transfers are happening extremely quickly, with some even going through on the same day. I wouldn’t play with fire and leave things till the last minute, but there’s some comfort for you if you’re reading this close to the deadline. 

Important note about Kris+ transfers

Kris+ (formerly KrisPay) allows DBS and UOB cardholders to instantly convert DBS points/UOB UNI$ to KrisPay miles, which can then be converted to KrisFlyer miles at a 1:1 ratio (within 7 days of transfer- wait too long and they’re stuck in Kris+ forever). 

With the 15% bonus, here’s the relevant transfer ratios:

 Transfer Ratio
DBS Points100 DBS Points: 170 196 KrisPay miles
UOB UNI$1,000 UNI$: 1,700 1,955 KrisPay miles

People are getting confused as to why KrisPay transfers to KrisFlyer aren’t showing any bonus. The simple answer is that the 15% bonus is awarded upfront, when you convert UNI$/DBS Points to KrisPay milesThis is illustrated below: Note how 100 DBS points should normally be 170 KrisPay miles, but thanks to the 15% bonus, that becomes 196 KrisPay miles. 

So there’s no further bonus to speak of, and transfers from KrisPay to KrisFlyer will post as one line item. 

While the Kris+ route may seem enticing to some (thanks to the absence of transfer fees), the math doesn’t really work out for larger transfers. Assuming a 1.8 cents/mile valuation and a S$26.75 transfer fee, you need to be forgoing fewer than ~1,500 miles for Kris+ to make sense. Basically, unless you’re transferring a relatively small number of miles, it doesn’t work out. 

How am I approaching this offer? 

During this promotion, I’ve cashed out virtually all my points from the following banks:

  • DBS
  • OCBC
  • UOB

The reason I chose these is because they don’t have a lot to offer by way of transfer partners. OCBC only partners with Singapore Airlines, UOB has Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific (for which I’m already well-stocked), DBS has both of those plus Qantas Frequent Flyer (not interested). Since I’d ultimately be funneling these points to KrisFlyer anyway, I might as well do it now. 

On the other hand, I’ve left my American Express, Citibank and Standard Chartered balances untouched. These have a much wider range of transfer partners, and I’d prefer to keep the flexibility. For instance, Citibank cardholders can transfer points to Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles to take advantage of their 30% off award sale, which brings down the cost of a round-trip Business Class award to Europe to just 63,000 miles- incredible stuff (pity you have to fly by 15 June 2021). 

Here’s a summary of which banks partner with which frequent flyer programs. 

Star Alliance

*Not shown: Air Asia BIG, which is more of a rebates program than a frequent flyer program

I know that by making the transfer now, I’m starting the three year countdown clock early (KrisFlyer miles expire after three years, unless you’re a PPS Club member). But put it this way: I can’t see all of 2021 going by without any sort of leisure travel materializing, and as new routes open up, I’ll be burning miles to fly them and write reports. 

KrisFlyer will continue to be my primary frequent flyer program for the foreseeable future, so transferring points also helps hedge against a future devaluation, when that happens (for the record, I don’t think it’ll be anytime soon)

If you hold credit cards from various banks and don’t know which ones to transfer, I suggest you focus on converting the least flexible points first, or points which expire. OCBC$ would be high on my list (1 transfer partner, 2 year validity), as would DBS points from the Woman’s World Card (3 transfer partners, 1 year validity).


While this promotion still has 14 days left to run, you’ll save yourself some anxiety by starting your transfer in the upcoming week. The last thing you want is to be refreshing your account every 30 minutes on deadline day, willing those miles to appear. 

I can’t say for sure whether transfer bonuses to KrisFlyer will become a thing, so I’d highly advise you to transfer at least some points while this opportunity exists. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Why not hold DBS points for Asia Miles? Most of their redemption rates are better than KrisFlyer on key routes (Europe, HK, JP etc) plus decent rates for OW (Qatar Europe etc


What if KF runs another promotion in six months offering a 25% bonus?


Then transfer another round of points ? Who knows when they will give or not give any bonus ? It’s a bonus now! Just transfer so so be it.

HSBC Transfer Help

Is HSBC transfer by calendar year or starting from the month of transfer?

e.g. If I pay in Dec 2020, do I pay again in Jan 2021 if I want transfer again? or is the next time Jan 2022?

No help

Obviously it won’t be calendar year. If it is then ask for refund lol

HSBC Transfer Help

It is not obvious. HSBC entertainer is by calendar year


Bro read the tnc of point transfer program.

Warung Buffet

i transfered a lot of miles, and i didnt get my 15%. Got like 8% of it at first. Had to email SQ with the maths broken down and they added the missing miles back. Good pilots.

Last edited 3 years ago by Warung Buffet
Heng ar

Hi I googled and saw Asia miles don expire

Asia Miles earned on or after 1 January 2020 no longer expire — as long as you earn or redeem your Miles regularly. Keeping Miles active is a breeze!

Qn- if I keep transferring in miles from bank to Asia miles on and off, does it mean postpone the expiry? Or must it be earned/ redeem through flights to extend expiry!


Have about 600k miles sitting in Citi, rest of the banks not enough for minimum transfer. My objective is a RTW Suites award in the next 3 years. Should I transfer 300k over now?


can consider CX as well, probably u will have cheaper and better redemption alternative


What amount of miles would you deem worth to pay transaction fee for conversion for this bonus promotion? I just got my DBS altitude 7 months ago and so only have like 30k points = 60k miles.


Citibank has a wider range of transfer partners, but what if these points are expiring in the early part of 2021. What would you do?


Just receive EDM from Asia Miles that they too offer 15% extra miles from credit card conversion. One day after SQ’s offer ends, 28 Dec. =P


My DBS Points took 9 days to transfer!

Initiated Mon 7 Dec, called Thu 10 Dec to check but got the usual “allow up to 10 working days”.

Finally miles and bonus credited 16 Dec in the afternoon. First time transferring from DBS if that makes a difference.


Saw Kenny’s comment and got me worried. I guess YMMV, my transfer was completed in 2 days. Redeemed through hotline on Sat, miles were credited on the same day (although I only saw it yesterday), bonus were credited yesterday as well.


Checking the website, it seems like the validity has been extended to 16 Jan.. Maybe to compete with Cathay? Gives everyone a bit more time



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