Great Deal: Turkish Airlines Business Class to Europe from S$1.4K


From now till 22 Oct 2021, book Turkish Airlines Business Class fares to Europe from S$1,411 with travel by September 2022.

About a week ago, we saw Etihad Airways launch some incredible Business Class fare deals between Singapore and Europe, with round-trip itineraries starting from S$1,391. Those are no longer available, but Turkish Airlines has belatedly decided to match them.

One key advantage these Turkish fares have over Etihad is they’re valid for travel up till September 2022 (versus March 2022 for Etihad). This gives travellers a little more breathing room, and improves the chances of doing the entire trip quarantine-free. 

Turkish Airlines Business Class fare deals

Turkish Airlines B787 Business Class

The following Business Class fares can now be booked till 22 October 2021, with availability all the way till the end of Turkish Airlines’ published schedule in September 2022. 

DestinationRound-trip Business Class
Milan, ItalyS$1,411
Rome, ItalyS$1,425
Bari, ItalyS$1,485
Bologna, ItalyS$1,488
Venice, ItalyS$1,489
Catania, ItalyS$1,490
Munich, GermanyS$1,494
Naples, ItalyS$1,503

Fares may fluctuate slightly (generally not more than S$50) depending on the specific dates you’re looking at.

An easy way to browse your options is to use the Google Flight Explorer feature. Select “Business Class”, reduce the price filter to no more than S$2,000, and choose your intended travel dates (or if you’re flexible, leave the “1-week trip in the next 6 months” option untouched). 

You’ll then see a visual summary of all the places you can fly to which meet those criteria. 

Google Flights Explore Feature

It’s highly advisable that you book directly with Turkish Airlines instead of using an OTA. This will make changes and reissuances a lot more straightforward, should it come to that. 

What’s the quarantine situation on both ends?

Since the vast majority of these fares are to Italy, I’m going to use Italy as my point of reference. 

Italy has lifted the self-isolation requirement for fully-vaccinated travellers from Singapore who present a negative pre-departure test taken within 72 hours of arrival. 

Italy entry restrictions (Click to enlarge)

Do note that Sinovac has not been authorised by the EMA, so those inoculated with Sinovac will be treated as unvaccinated. This means they will have to self-isolate for five days upon arrival and take a further test at the end of this period. 

Italy is currently considered a Category III country, which requires travellers to serve a 14-day SHN on return to Singapore either at home or in a hotel.

🛂Singapore Border Restrictions by Category
(from 23 Sep 2021)
 Cat. I Cat. II Cat. IIICat. IVVTL
Short-term visitors
Application requiredATPDetails on ICA websiteVTP
Pre-departure PCR test



On-arrival PCR test
7 days

14 days

14 days
ART during SHNN/A
Day 3, 7, 11

Day 3, 7, 11
Post-SHN PCR testN/A
Day 7

Day 14

Day 14
No SHN. PCR test on Day 3, 7
Cat I: Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan
Cat II: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Poland, South Korea, Saudi Arabia
Cat III: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Italy, Japan,  Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
Cat IV: All other countries/regions
VTL: Germany, Brunei
💉 SHN Measures by Category and Vaccination Status
VTLNo SHNNot allowed
Category INo SHN
Category II7-day SHN
Category III14-day SHN
14-day SHN
Category IV14-day SHN

However, since Turkish Airlines flights transit in Istanbul, you’ll need to consider the restrictions for Turkey as well (it doesn’t matter that you don’t clear immigration; what counts is that you were physically present in the country). Turkey falls under Category IV, which means a 14-day SHN in a hotel at a cost of S$2,000 plus testing. 

This is all subject to change of course, and exactly why the ability to book up till September 2022 is so valuable. With any luck, we’ll see Turkey upgraded to a higher category, reducing or even eliminating the SHN requirement. 

What’s the accruals and flexibility policy?

These Turkish Airlines tickets book into the J fare bucket, which earns the following mileage credits depending on program:

FFPAccrual Rate

Fares are non-refundable, but can be changed for free anytime up to departure (fare differences may apply; and a US$260 penalty is charged for no shows) as part of Turkish’s COVID-19 flexibility policy. This applies to all tickets bought by 31 December 2021, with travel till 31 March 2022. 

Here’s the T&Cs of the flexibility policy:

  • Ticket change for not flown tickets can be made for a different destination, provided that the fare difference is paid. For partially flown tickets, the ticket change for a different destination can be made only within the region groups specified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Fare differences incurred will be applied but there shall be no penalties charged.
  • Change requests can be performed through the Turkish Airlines sales offices, call center, online channels (for international flight tickets only) and the agencies from which the ticket was purchased.
  • For tickets made between 21 March 2020 – 31 December 2021 (inclusive), passengers can make unlimited changes until 31 March 2022 (inclusive).
  • In order to change the ticket to an Open Ticket, the reservation must be cancelled before the date of flight.
  • In order to change the ticket to an Open Ticket, cancellations must be performed via the Turkish Airlines call center, sales offices, or the agencies from which the ticket was purchased.
  • Fare differences incurred by taxes, exchange rates or fare class differences will be applied.
  • Does not apply for flights arriving to / departing from China.

What card should I use to book?

Turkish Airlines airfares out of Singapore will code as online transactions in USD, so you can use the following cards to maximize your miles. I’ve left out the UOB Visa Signature because of the uncertainty as to whether they might be processing payments in Singapore, albeit in USD. I think it’s unlikely, but there’s always that risk with UOB cards. 

CardEarn RateRemarks
HSBC Revolution
Apply here
4.0 mpdMax S$1K per c. month
DBS Woman’s World Card
Apply here
4.0 mpdMax S$2K per c. month
UOB Lady’s Card
Apply here
4.0 mpdMax S$1K per c. month. Must choose travel as 10X category.
UOB Lady’s Solitaire
Apply here
4.0 mpdMax S$3K per c. month. Must choose travel as 10X category.
DBS Altitude
Apply here
3.0 mpdMax S$5K per c. month

My preferred option would be to pair one of the above Mastercards with the Amaze Card, in order to earn 4 mpd while minimising foreign currency transaction fees. 


Business Class fares are hitting never-seen-before lows, and you’ll have just over a month to mull over this latest Turkish Airlines promotion. 

I didn’t pull the trigger on the Eithad fare deals, incredible as they were, because of the requirement to travel by March 2022. But now we have a runway of 12 months, which tempts me a lot more. 

(HT: Suitesmile)

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Hi Adrian – Austria recently imposed a 360-day validity period for COVID vaccine passports and there is some chatter that the rest of Europe may follow suit. If Singapore does not roll out booster shots for those under 60 next year, this will complicate travel plans for us (just when things are opening up)?


Hi Aaron, thanks for the update, these are super useful. Also, if you know any requirement for kids below 12 in the time to come, do share with us. Most if not all these schemes seem to be missing details for young children below 12, which also somewhat hinders families from vacationing 🙂


Good. It will be better to protect kids by staying at home.

Ian End

Protect them from what? An asymptomatic or mild covid infection that builds immunity? Grow up.


I hope you educate yourself better before you procreate

PC Tan

Hi Aaron, thanks for sharing but can’t seemed to find the rate. Tried various dates and cities ie Milan, Rome and its more like S$2,500?

PC Tan

That’s bizarre!!


what a bazaar!!

Tan Cheng Bock

It’s a pizza!



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