Google Pay Huat Pals 2022 Edition: Win up to S$88.88 from payments and trading with friends

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Google Pay Huat Pals are back for Chinese New Year 2022, and BB Loh isn't the one you'll be missing this year.

Remember BB Loh? That frustratingly elusive Huat pal that spawned a whole series of memes, Carousell listings and blog posts, and led many to the truism that in life you think you’re a BB Loh, but you’re really more of a Lenny?

Well, he and his friends are back again for Chinese New Year 2022, as Google Pay brings back its popular Huat pals contest. Users who collect all five Huat pals will receive an ang pow scratch card worth up to S$88.88, plus vouchers from FairPrice Online, Flash Coffee, foodpanda and Shopee.

Get S$3 when you sign up for Google Pay

I don’t need to tell you that 4 of the 5 will be fairly easily to collect, with the last one requiring you to divide by zero, complete a manned mission to Mars, and explain how we can be lovers if we can’t be friends.

How to collect Huat pals

From 25 January till 15 February 2022, Google Pay users can collect Huat pals each time they complete the following actions on Google Pay:

  1. Making eligible transactions of min. S$5 to merchants via Google Pay. Such transactions include:
    • Tap & Pay (Android devices only)
    • Scan and Pay (via FavePay QR, PayNow SGQR, or a UEN)
    • Purchase movie tickets via Google Pay app
    • Order food via Google Pay app
  2. Referring new users to Google Pay who make their first qualifying payment of min. S$10
  3. Gifting Huat pals to friends

Up to a maximum of five Huat pals can be earned per day through each action (i.e. five from eligible transactions, five from referrals, five from gifting).

In addition to this, bonus Huat pals will be earned upon achieving the following milestones:

  • Make five FavePay or five PayNow transactions
  • Make the first Tap & Pay transaction of min. S$5
  • Make a dine-in order on the Google Pay app, coming soon to the game with participating restaurants including:
    • 4Fingers Crispy Chicken
    • Ajumma’s
    • Marutama Ramen
    • Angelina Paris
    • Group Therapy coffee
    • Orange & Teal (yes, that Orange & Teal)
    • The Brewing Ground

Each milestone bonus can be enjoyed once throughout the campaign.

Scoring a Mala or BB Loh gives players a gift basket, which can be shared with family and friends to collect a random gift including vouchers, cashback scratch cards, and other Huat pals. 

Earn an easy 5 pals per day with Singtel Dash

Get up to S$10 with a new Singtel Dash account
Update: This option is no longer available

The simplest way to clock five Huat pals is to make 5x S$5 top-ups from Google Pay to Singtel Dash each day.

Open your Dash app, tap on “top up”,  then “PayNow”. Tap “QR code” to display your unique QR code, then “Save QR code to photos”.

Now open the Google Pay app and tap on “new payment”, then “scan QR code”. In the top right of your screen there will be a button to upload an image from your gallery. Select the QR code you just saved, and then send a S$5 payment. Rinse and repeat for five Huat pals daily. 

Singtel Dash balances can be cashed out to a bank account, with no fees involved.

I tried it this morning, and received 4x Reddy (who looks to be the new Lenny), 1x Ah Lai and 1x BB Loh (six pals in total, because of the bonus for making five PayNow transactions). The ease with which BB Loh was earned tells me he’s not the elusive one this year- that’s apparently BaoBao the panda. 

The game’s not even one day old and I already have 3/5 of the characters. This surely means the rest will be a cinch. 

*laughs in infinite Reddys*


Google Pay Huat pals are back for Chinese New Year 2022, and while I don’t realistically expect to win anything, I’ll be using Google Pay anyway for my UOB Preferred Platinum Visa and UOB Visa Signature transactions so there isn’t much to lose.

I’m no expert on the mechanics of this game, but this mad lad got seven BB Lohs last year so you’d do well to take some cues from him. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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5th one requires you to work for google. lol


Read the game rules carefully. HSBC isn’t one of the participating banks.


I’ve completed the set and got $6.88 + NTUC voucher 😭

Louis Tan

I got $8.88 + $8 Foodpanda voucher. Not earth-shattering, but not too bad lah.

(BaoBao appeared after a QR payment)

Dashed dreams

I think Dash topup no longer works?

Dashed Dreams

Tried again today, think they removed it because it is too easy to get Panda LOL


Tries yesterday morning and it was working. Not working today.


I got bb loh and mala from requesting and gifting but strange no basket on tiggy. Hmmm


$8.88 plus $15 Fairprice online with no minimum spend.

Not complaining. Received all of them from paywave this year.


If you get the missing pc again, do you get the reward again? I got 2 bao bao lol



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