Review: British Airways Singapore Lounge

After a two-year hiatus, the British Airways Singapore Lounge has reopened. Here's what to expect (plus a peek at exclusive hideaway The Bar).

British Airways has reopened its lounge at Changi Airport Terminal 1, after a two-year closure due to COVID-19. 

I visited the facility as part of a media event, and here’s what to look forward to on your next visit. 

Access and Operating Hours

The British Airways Singapore Lounge is located at Changi Terminal 1 Level 3, one floor up from the departures concourse. 

After clearing immigration, turn left towards the B & C gates and take the first escalator on the right.

Escalators to BA lounge

At the top of the escalator, you’ll see the entrance to the British Airways Singapore Lounge, next to the SATS Premier Lounge. 

SATS Premier Lounge & BA Lounge
British Airways Singapore Lounge entrance

The lounge opens from 4 p.m to 10 p.m daily, timed to match British Airways’ two daily flights to Sydney and London:

  • BA15: SIN-SYD at 7.25 p.m
  • BA16: SIN-LHR at 10.35 p.m

Access is available to:

  • First or Business Class passengers departing on a British Airways or oneworld flight
  • British Airways Executive Club Silver or Gold members departing on a British Airways or oneworld flight in any cabin
  • oneworld Emerald or Sapphire members departing on a British Airways or oneworld flight in any cabin
  • First or Business Class passengers arriving on a British Airways or oneworld flight with a duration >5 hours and connecting to a same-day (or following day before 6 a.m) British Airways or oneworld flight in any cabin (retain your boarding pass from the inbound flight to gain access)

There is a separate section within the lounge known as The Bar, which is exclusively for passengers departing on British Airways First Class. 

The Bar entrance

The following passengers may bring one guest departing on a British Airways or oneworld flight:

  • First Class passengers
  • British Airways Executive Club Silver or Gold members
  • oneworld Emerald or Sapphire members

SriLankan Airlines is the only oneworld carrier not operating out of T1 at the moment, but there’s nothing stopping eligible passengers from taking the skytrain across to access the British Airways Lounge (I promise you, it’s better than the SATS Premier Lounge that SriLankan uses in T3).

Lounge Overview

British Airways Singapore Lounge entrance

The British Airways Singapore Lounge measures in at 1,005 sqm with seating for 226 guests, split into 185 in the main lounge, and 41 at The Bar.

It opened in 2015 and is pushing seven years now, but remember: two of them were spent idling, and most of the lounge is still in relatively good condition. British Airways hasn’t done any major work during the COVID period apart from a deep clean and a fresh lick of paint, and if you visited before, you’ll find everything pretty much the same.

Guests are greeted by a purple-hued reception area, with a decorative wall featuring the British Airways logo. 

Feature wall

Beyond the reception area, the lounge branches into three paths: the showers, toilets and cloak room on the left, The Bar on the right, and the main lounge down the corridor. 

Just beyond the entrance area

The corridor to the main lounge is flanked by artwork on one side, and rows of armchairs on the other. Although it’s the lounge’s main artery, this is actually one of the quietest areas to be, so I’d pick this area if I were trying to rest.

British Airways Singapore Lounge seating
British Airways Singapore Lounge seating

Further in are a pair of white communal seating tables, with decorative lighting hanging overhead. Additional counter seating is available by the window, which looks into the immigration hall. 

British Airways Singapore Lounge seating
British Airways Singapore Lounge seating

In the middle of the lounge near the drinks and buffet area are four round bar tables, as well as booth seating running the length of the opposite wall. 

British Airways Singapore Lounge seating
British Airways Singapore Lounge seating
British Airways Singapore Lounge seating

The next section features a TV viewing area, with 14 yellow recliners paired with side tables and power outlets. 

British Airways Singapore Lounge seating
British Airways Singapore Lounge seating

Adjacent to this is a living room section with red armchairs and a pair of couches laid out in a square. 

British Airways Singapore Lounge seating
British Airways Singapore Lounge seating

At the rear of the lounge is a dedicated work area with a communal work desk, built-in power ports and a printer. I particularly appreciate the fact that there are proper office chairs here, instead of the eye-catching but oftentimes impractical lounge chairs.

British Airways Singapore Lounge seating
British Airways Singapore Lounge seating

The Bar

The Bar

The Bar was initially dubbed “The Concorde Bar,” but subsequently renamed to avoid confusion (holders of the now-retired Concorde Room card mistakenly believed they had access even when not flying British Airways First Class).

It’s basically a lounge-within-a-lounge, reserved for First Class passengers on British Airways (the Singapore Airlines equivalent would be The Private Room). Access rules are strict —eligible passengers can’t even bring guests — and you need a pin code to enter.

Pin code

The interior is styled like a posh gentlemen’s club (though not the kind you find at Orchard Towers), with black Nero marble surfaces, European oak flooring and dark walls. Gold trim lines the furniture and feature wall, though thankfully they didn’t go overboard with it.

The Bar
The Bar
The Bar

Despite the name, it’s not just a bar. There’s seating for 41 guests, ranging from two-seater booths along the walls, to plush recliners and tall wingback chairs. Bar counter seating is also an option.

The Bar
The Bar
The Bar
The Bar
The Bar

The Bar lacks natural light, which the designers tried to compensate for by installing virtual panoramic displays that show different views of the Singapore skyline depending on time of day. This wasn’t activated when I visited, but British Airways provided the following photo.

The Bar, with digital panoramas | Photo: British Airways

Power & Productivity

Wi-Fi speeds in the British Airways Lounge clock in at 32 Mbps down and 85 Mbps up, but keep in mind this was based on an almost-empty lounge, with only a handful of users connected to the network.

Scattered throughout the lounge are universal power outlets, each paired with a USB type-A charging port. There are plenty to go around, so you won’t have to fight for one even during peak hours. 

Power outlets
Power outlets

Food & Beverage

Prior to COVID, it was slim pickings for early birds to the British Airways lounge, with only cold options like sandwiches and wraps available initially. Hot food had to wait until the evening, when crowds for the Sydney and London flights came in. The good news is that with the revised opening hours, guests can enjoy hot food from the time the lounge opens all the way until it closes.

Like most lounges at Changi, self-serve buffets have returned. 

British Airways Singapore Lounge Buffet Area
British Airways Singapore Lounge Buffet Area

Cold items consisted of canapes, a small salad bar, chees, fruits and pastries.

Fruits and salad
Cheese, fruit and nuts
Bread and pastries

Hot appetisers included satay and vegetarian spring rolls, plus a cream of wild mushroom soup. 

Satay and spring rolls

The main course selection veered Indian- very much so. 

Palak paneer and green pea pulao
Butter chicken and aloo gobi

The only other main course option was a vegetarian pasta, which can be ordered through a table-top QR code. 

In the food area are a couple of WMF coffee machines that grind beans to order, but there’s no barista service (for that, head to the Qantas Lounge). 

Coffee machines

The rest of the drinks selection can be found in the attractively-lit bar area just one section down. 

British Airways Singapore Lounge Drinks Area
Wine selection

In terms of wine, guests can choose from five reds and three whites. 

  • Chateau Charron Bordeaux 2018 (3.2★)
  • Chateau La Chapelle Condat Saint-Emilion 2018 (4.1★)
  • Chateau Vieux Raquine Bordeaux 2016 (3.1★)
  • Fire Gully Cabernets Merlot 2016 (3.6★)
  • Manoir De Robin Bordeaux 2018 (Not rated)
  • Crossroads Milestone Series Sauvignon Blanc 2020 (3.6★)
  • Inspired Company Chardonnay 2019 (3.0★)
  • Reserve les Esquirots Sauvignon NV (3.6★)

Even though champagne isn’t displayed in the main lounge, it’s still available on request- simply order via the QR code on the table, and they’ll bring it in two shakes.

The champagne on pour is Joseph Perrier Brut (3.9★), which I’ve never seen in the wild in Singapore. It’s certainly more interesting than your run-of-the-mill Moet or Veuve Clicquot, however. 

Other drinks include the usual assortment of spirits, mixers, and soft drinks. 

Drinks counter

This setup is mirrored on both sides of the drinks area, which helps reduce crowding. 

Drinks counter

The staff can whip up a small selection of cocktails, although those who want something more bespoke should head over to the Qantas Lounge where there’s a bartender on duty. 

Cocktail options

As a side note: if you do get the munchies, be sure to try the black truffle chips- they’re excellent!

Black truffle chips

The Bar

The Bar

The Bar has an enhanced selection of food and beverages compared to the main lounge, namely additional made-to-order food items, and more premium liquor and wines. 

There isn’t a separate buffet section within The Bar, so all food needs to be ordered through the QR codes on the tables.

  • Butter Chicken and Rice
  • Vegetarian Pasta with Arrabiata Sauce
  • Creamy Mushroom Ravioli with Basil Pesto Sauce
  • Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Rosemary Jus

The last two items are unique to The Bar, so that’s what I ordered. 

Creamy mushroom ravioli
Grilled beef tenderloin

Both dishes were serviceable enough, but seriously, if you’re a First Class passenger, you owe it to yourself to dine at the Qantas First Lounge instead. The food there is on a completely different level, the sort I’d happily pay money for at a restaurant.

In addition to the liquors available in the main lounge, The Bar has Grey Goose and Belvedere vodka, Bombay Sapphire gin, and a Glenlivet 18 years whiskey. There is also a 2011 Dow’s Late Bottled Port. 

Spirits at The Bar

The wine selection is similarly upgraded, with five additional wines not featured in the main lounge. 

  • *Chateau Chantemerle Medoc 2014 (3.5★)
  • *Crossroads Cabernet Franc 2012 (4.0★)
  • Fire Gully Cabernets Merlot 2016 (3.6★)
  • Crossroads Milestone Series Sauvignon Blanc 2020 (3.6★)
  • *Cullen Wilyabrup Amber 2017 (3.6★)
  • *Jean-Claude Boisset Bourgogne Chardonnay 2016 (3.6★)
  • *Moss Wood Wilyabup Amy’s 2019 (3.9★)

Wines with a * are not available in the main lounge

Self-pour champagne is available in The Bar, but it’s the same Joseph Perrier as the main lounge.

Joseph Perrier champagne

If there’s one disappointment about The Bar, its that it doesn’t really live up to its name- there’s no bartender! All drinks are self-serve, and like the main lounge, guests can order from a small cocktail menu- but it’s all paint-by-numbers stuff. 

Cocktail list

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, passengers who want more exciting tipples should head to the Qantas Lounge.

Showers & Toilets

British Airways Singapore Lounge Showers

The British Airways Lounge has six private shower rooms, each with an attached toilet. 

British Airways Singapore Lounge Showers
British Airways Singapore Lounge Showers

The showers are equipped with hansgrohe button-operated thermostatic mixers, with rain and hand shower options. Call it a cheap thrill, but I really get a kick out of using these. 

Button mixer

Bathroom amenities are from Elemis Spa, the standard for British Airways lounges worldwide. 

Elemis Spa amenities
Elemis Spa amenities

In addition to the showers, the British Airways Singapore Lounge has its own gender-specific bathrooms. The omission of bidet seats or hoses was disappointing, but they’re otherwise pretty much what you’d expect. A nappy-changing station can be found in the handicapped stall.

British Airways Singapore Lounge Bathrooms
British Airways Singapore Lounge Bathrooms
British Airways Singapore Lounge Bathrooms
British Airways Singapore Lounge Bathrooms

The lounge doesn’t have storage lockers, but near the showers and toilets is a cloakroom area. 



British Airways Singapore Lounge

How do I rate the British Airways Singapore Lounge?

If I was looking for F&B, this wouldn’t be my first choice- the two Qantas lounges offer tended bars, barista service, and the mother of all airport dining experiences at the Qantas First Lounge. Heck, if I were in Business Class I’d make the trek to the Qatar Premium Lounge once it reopens and enjoy their much superior dine-on-demand menu. 

But if I was looking to get work done, then the British Airways Lounge provides a great environment for productivity, thanks to its dedicated work area (don’t underestimate the importance of proper office chairs especially if you have a bad back like me) and the fact that it’s usually less crowded. It’s likely to be easier to get a shower here during peak hours, and it does have one trump card: champagne for all!

Of course, it’s not an either/or decision. There’s nothing stopping you from indulging in the F&B at the Qantas Lounge before popping over to the British Airways Lounge to work (or perhaps it might be smarter to do it the other way round!). 

If anything, this just shows the wealth of options available to oneworld passengers at Terminal 1, even more so once the Qatar Premium Lounge resumes active duty. 

Visited the British Airways Singapore Lounge pre/post COVID? Thoughts?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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This one wins over the QF business lounge in serving real champagne.
The QF business lounge has only sparkling wine.


Is it me, or does the first class lounge have just normal almost cheapo furniture? hudson bar stools, eames leather office chairs litter the outside of the bar. BA won’t use replicas… right?



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