Review: KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Singapore Changi Terminal 3

The new KrisFlyer Gold Lounge won't win any awards, but a refreshing new design and in-lounge showers make it every bit an upgrade from before.

For the past six months, KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Star Gold members flying out of Changi Airport have been living a rather charmed existence.

Prior to COVID, these passengers would be rejected at the pearly gates of the SilverKris Lounge, and funnelled to the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge in T2 or T3 instead. Believe me when I say this was a depressing place- dark, chronically overcrowded, with a middling selection of F&B and no showers or toilets. 

Just another evening in the overcrowded KrisFlyer Gold Lounge | Photo: iWandered

But due to Singapore Airlines’ T3 lounge overhaul, all eligible passengers have been enjoying the spanking new SilverKris Business Class Lounge ever since it opened its doors in November 2021. If you know the old KrisFlyer Gold Lounge like I do, that’s as close to heaven as it gets: champagne, live cooking stations, a tended bar, barista service, and private shower suites. 

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The KrisFlyer Gold Lounge reopened on 20 May 2022, ending SilverKris Lounge access for KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Star Gold members  out of Singapore (they can still access overseas SilverKris Lounges, however).

If it’s any silver lining, this isn’t the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge you knew from before. Singapore Airlines has remade it into a bigger and brighter space, with its own bathrooms and showers. There’s separate areas for working, dining and lounging, and abundant power outlets for charging devices.

And while it’ll always be playing second fiddle to the SilverKris Lounge, my take is that the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge is finally, as Gus Fring would put it: acceptable. 

🍸 tl;dr: KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Singapore
The new KrisFlyer Gold Lounge won’t win any awards, but a refreshing new design and in-lounge showers make it every bit an upgrade from before.
👍 The Good👎 The Bad
  • Bright and airy, with great tarmac views 
  • Separate areas for dining, lounging and productivity
  • In-lounge showers and toilets
  • Carb-driven F&B selection
  • Limited shower rooms

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Location

The KrisFlyer Gold Lounge is located on Level 3 of the Terminal 3 departures concourse, occupying the space formerly inhabited by the dnata lounge. 

After clearing immigration, turn left at the giant Louis Vuitton store and take the first escalator you see on the right (just after the Cosmetics & Perfumes by Shilla store). The walk should take no longer than two minutes. 

Escalator to level 3

Access and Operating Hours

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge

The KrisFlyer Gold Lounge is open 24 hours a day, and access is available to passengers departing on a Singapore Airlines or Star Alliance flight in:

  • First Class
  • Business Class
  • Premium Economy Class or Economy Class, with Solitaire PPS Club, PPS Club, KrisFlyer Elite Gold, Club Vistara Platinum or Gold, Velocity Platinum or Gold, Flying Club Gold or Star Gold status

First Class, Solitaire PPS Club, PPS Club, KrisFlyer Elite Gold members may bring one guest into the lounge, provided he/she is departing on a same-day Singapore Airlines flight.

Star Gold members may also bring one guest, but he/she must be travelling on the same flight as the member. This is in line with Star Alliance’s tightened lounge access rules that took effect from May 2021

While First, Business Class, Solitaire PPS and PPS Club passengers are technically eligible to visit this lounge, it probably isn’t the one they’ll want, as the SilverKris Lounges offer a much superior selection of F&B and facilities.

Remember, Silver > Gold, at least where the lounges in Singapore are concerned!

Lounge Overview

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Entrance

The new KrisFlyer Gold Lounge has capacity for 350 passengers, more than double the previous lounge (165 passengers). Floor space has also been increased from 500 sqm to 1,100 sqm.

Walking into the lounge may give you a sense of deja vu, like you’d somehow been here before. In fact, you might very well have.

The KrisFlyer Gold Lounge opened in April 2021 as the stand-in SilverKris Lounge, when the existing facility began its renovations. It served as the SilverKris Lounge up till November 2021 when the permanent one opened, after which the doors were closed again for further work. 

Review: Singapore Airlines temporary SilverKris Lounge Changi Airport

So what has that time been used for? Well, here’s a few before and after pictures for your consideration.

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge (September 2021)
KrisFlyer Gold Lounge (May 2022)
KrisFlyer Gold Lounge (September 2021)
KrisFlyer Gold Lounge (May 2022)

You’ll probably notice the furniture has changed. Gone are the red and yellow armchairs, replaced with more muted beige and grey ones which match the decor more closely.

You’ll also notice the bronze structures rising from the middle of the lounge. These are specially-crafted lights, which design is meant to mimic the flight paths of aircraft departing Singapore for destinations further afield. There’s other changes too, but we’ll talk about those as we go along. 

To the immediate right of the entrance are two dark marble communal tables with high chair seating. Wireless charging pads are built into the table top, and each table takes up to 10 guests. 

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Seating
KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Seating

To the immediate left is a spillover seating area with pairs of blue armchairs and console side tables. 

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Seating
KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Seating

Further in, the lounge branches out into an open-air area with soaring ceilings and skylights that let in sunlight from the outside. It’s a dramatic change from the previous KrisFlyer Gold Lounge (I’m thinking of the T2 one in particular), which often felt dark and claustrophobic. 

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge seating
KrisFlyer Gold Lounge seating

Seating here is densely configured and comes in two main forms: tightly-clustered armchairs running the length of the windows…

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Seating

…and deep-blue couches with small round tables attached.

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Seating
KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Seating

If there’s one thing the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge has going for it, it’s the views. The floor to ceiling windows have the best tarmac view of any of the four Singapore Airlines lounges in T3, even if the polka dots on the windows (placed there for energy efficiency) interfere with photography.

Viewing area
View from lounge

Two TV screens along the wall provide information on departures (Terminal 2’s is blank, but not for long), but otherwise the lounge does not make boarding calls.

Departure information

The dining area has been expanded significantly. Previously, there were only ten two-top dining tables, now there’s almost two dozen. 

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Dining Area
KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Dining Area
KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Dining Area

Two additional communal tables are available towards the rear of the lounge…

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Seating

… but what’s particularly noteworthy are the four work desks. Each desk has been partitioned into two, and hence up to eight passengers can use this area. It’s curious that Singapore Airlines chose these over productivity pods, but I think space was at a premium. 

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Work Desks

At the very rear of the lounge is an additional seating enclave, which used to be a sealed off area for First Class passengers back when this was the temporary SilverKris Lounge. It’s now been converted into dining table seating, with booth seats lining the walls and a couple of stand-alone tables.

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Seating

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Seating
KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Seating

Wi-Fi & Power Outlets

The complimentary Wi-Fi network in the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge clocked in at ~11 Mbps up and down, which is adequate enough for most uses. However, it’s notably slower than some of the other Wi-Fi speeds I’ve clocked at other T3 lounges, in particular DBS Asia Treasures.

If there’s one thing you won’t need to worry about at the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge, it’s power outlets. These have been crammed into every space imaginable, whether it’s in-between seats or on table tops, under tables or affixed to carpentry. 

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Power Outlets
KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Power Outlets
KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Power Outlets

As mentioned earlier, wireless charging pads can also be found at the communal tables. 

Wireless charging pads

Food & Beverage

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Buffet Line

Self-serve buffets have returned to airport lounges, and the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge serves up a mix of Asian and Western items (with a heavy leaning towards the former). 

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Drinks Area

Cold options include a salad bar, prepacked sandwiches and fruit.


The hot food selection features dim sum, bee hoon, fried rice, pasta, and a make-your-own laksa station. It’s rather basic and very carb-heavy, with buffalo wings being the only substantial protein option. 

Siew mai & har gow
Char siew bao
Bee hoon
Fried rice
Fish cake & quail eggs (for laksa)

Chicken bolognese spaghetti

Buffalo wings

As for drinks, guests can help themselves to the usual assortment of soft drinks (Coca Cola Classic and Light, Sprite), boxed juices, and Tiger or Heineken beer. 

Drinks fridge

Two fully automatic Boncafe coffee machines provide a caffeine fix, though you shouldn’t expect barista service.

Coffee machines

TWG teabags and an automatic hot/cold water tap are also available.

TWG tea

A small selection of spirits and mixers are present, allowing guests to fashion their own cocktails.


This self-pouring beer machine has been on standby for months now, but staff tell me it’s finally ready to go, and hopefully by the time you read this it’ll be dispensing frothy beer (Tiger, of course). 

Beer machine

And finally, the wine. You get one white and one red, portioned out by a digital wine dispenser. The resistive touchscreen requires quite a bit of force to trigger, so don’t be afraid to push hard.

Wine dispenser
  • Rare Vineyards Cabernet-Merlot 2020 (3.4★)
  • Bouchard Aine & Fils Chardonnay NV (3.6★)

No champagne is offered, which is understandable- though it’d have been nice to see a cheaper prosecco or cava in its place for some variety. 

Showers & Toilets

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Showers and Toilets

Veterans of the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge will know that showers and toilets were a major issue. Namely, there weren’t any. Anyone who wanted to get clean or answer the call of nature had to leave the lounge and visit toilets elsewhere in the terminal, a downright glaring omission. 

Thankfully, the new KrisFlyer Gold Lounge has private shower rooms. They aren’t luxurious by any means, but get the job done. 

The catch? Shower rooms don’t have attached toilets, and there’s only three of them (plus one more accessible unit). With the sheer volume of eligible passengers, there’s likely to be a long wait during the morning and evening rush; be sure to put your name down as soon as you arrive!

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Shower Room

There’s no fixed shower head here; only a handheld shower. Water pressure is adequate, but bathroom amenities come from unbranded wall-mounted bulk dispensers. For an airline normally so obsessive about attention to detail, this feels like a poor oversight. At least create a nicer-looking label!

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Shower Cubicle
KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Shower Amenities

Wall-mounted hairdryers are available, and guests can request dental or hygiene kits from the staff.

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Shower Vanity Area

As mentioned earlier, the lounge has one accessible shower unit. Unlike the regular shower rooms, this one foregoes the glass enclosure (for obvious reasons), and adds an attached toilet. 

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Accessible Shower

A well-maintained nursing and changing room is available for parents, and they even included a set of power outlets in case you need to plug in any baby-related paraphernalia. 

Nursing room
Nursing room
Nursing room


KrisFlyer Gold Lounge

The new KrisFlyer Gold Lounge is every bit an improvement over its predecessor, although to be fair that wasn’t exactly a high bar to beat.

All the same, status-holding passengers in Economy and Premium Economy Class will finally enjoy in-lounge showers and toilets, as well as separate areas for dining, lounging and working. It’s an altogether better conceptualised space than the old KrisFlyer Gold Lounge, and with double the capacity, better equipped to handle the evening rush.

What do you make of the new KrisFlyer Gold Lounge?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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So whens the first class lounge open?


Based on executive traveler it’s end of the month.

I’m flying out this Friday so really keeping my fingers crossed


Great photos, thanks.


SKL overcrowding alleviated?

the wong number

alleviated (two days’ ago’s flight)……
have another flight this sunday…shall see


Flew out last night during the evening rush. SKL was crowded but wasn’t as bad as before. All sofa seats was taken. If you wanted to chill you’d have to settle for the tall stools. I had some food then moved to the Krisflyer Gold lounge – it was a more open space and less crowded, much better for lounging around. I don’t think SKL offers that much more actually. Nicer interior design, marginally better amenities, food offerings equally meh in both. SQ could do better, if the lounges are meant to offer different level of offerings then they better… Read more »


Just flew Business out of BCN. The KrisFlyer Gold Lounge is far superior, at least the shower has a dryer and an actual bench to place your things on.


In the old Gold lounge they had a separate Indian vegetarian menu, which was provided upon request. I wonder if that’s still the case.

Maria Theresia Wanahita

I departed from Jakarta with my husband (Budi Pringgosusanto) on May 28, 2022 and arrived in theblounge by wheelchairs. We were on transit to SFO but we had to wait for more than 45 minutes for thr wheelchairs to fetch us. Fit took a long tine from T3 to T1. The service was bad. We were the last entering the plane. Our laptop and my husband’s bag were almost left in the security check. On arrivibg in SFO airport, there were only 3 persons for 10 wheelchairs. Our 2 bags and sone people didn’t get the bags too. It was… Read more »

Lion Den

Visited on 1 June. The shower room does not have dental kit and shaving kit! Asked the staff and was told “we dont have”.. are these kits only available in SilverKris Lounge Shower Rooms, not in KF Gold lounge shower rooms?
Anyway, I boarded the plane unshaven and unbrushed. 😛


I’m here now and the review is spot on.

very few proteins which is not great: only those chicken wings and even they don’t have much meat. Wife said no congee either today ;(

Definitely need to upgrade the good selection.


Tried to access the the Krisflyer Gold lounge today with my wife and 10 year old son. I handed the lady my boarding pass and asked if I can bring my son in. Without looking at me, she said I can only bring in one guest. I asked what am I supposed to do with my son and she just repeated that I can only bring in 1 guest all while she was trying to scan my boarding pass. Why even bother trying to scan my boarding pass when I can only bring in 1 guest? Am I supposed to… Read more »


The rules are available and you could have tried to buy a lounge pass before you showed up. I pay for membership every year, and I dislike when it is overcrowded. I am glad they enforce the rules.


I think the lesson is not to expect special treatment, or learn how to be persuasive without being obnoxious.


Hahahah. Next time purchase two plane tickets then ask the counter staff if you’re expected to leave your son in Singapore?


I’ll be at this lounge in 12 days, and this review was very helpful in setting expectations. Thank you!

Stephen Kurniawan

Which lounge you prefer, silver / gold?


Is it true that all business class passengers (regardless of frequent flyer status) can also enter the krisflyer gold lounge? From the SIA website it seems only those who have premium frequent flying status can enter.

My family will be flying at the time when the silverkris lounge is completely overcrowded in the night time … and we would like to go somewhere more quiet.


Got it thank you so much. I tried asking SIA but they kept referring me to the official website.


excellent review Aaron !



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