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Singapore Airlines' new flagship SilverKris Lounge may only be in the soft-open stage, but it's an exciting vision of things to come.

After more than two years of COVID-disrupted renovations, Singapore Airlines has soft launched its new SilverKris Lounge at Changi Airport Terminal 3. This marks the first phase of a S$50 million overhaul of its flagship lounges, overseen by hospitality designers Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA). 

The new lounges will boast a 30% increase in customer capacity, as well as new facilities, more open spaces, and a wider selection of F&B options. It’s a much-needed upgrade for an airline that’s unbeatable in the air, yet often lags behind in terms of ground experience. 

New SilverKris Lounge

Doors at the new SilverKris Lounge opened at 5 a.m on 23 November 2021, and I visited the facility en route to Sydney via the Australia VTL. In this post, I’ll give you the full rundown of what you can expect on your next flight out of Changi, but for those of you who just can’t wait, here’s the highlights:

  • 15 individual shower suites with toilets (and TOTO bidet seats) are available
  • Champagne has returned to the Business Class section (it was absent from the temporary lounge)
  • A full-service bar is available in the evenings

I’ve also done a walkthrough video (excuse the Normandy-landings camerawork)

Read on for the full details!

Access and Operating Hours

SilverKris Lounge welcome area

The new SilverKris Lounge is open 24 hours daily. Access is available to any passenger flying on a Singapore Airlines or Star Alliance-operated flight in:

  • First Class
  • Business Class
  • Premium Economy or Economy Class, with Solitaire PPS Club, PPS Club, KrisFlyer Elite Gold or Star Alliance Gold status

Solitaire PPS Club, PPS Club, KrisFlyer Elite Gold members may bring one guest into the lounge, provided he/she is departing on a same-day Singapore Airlines flight.

Star Gold members may also bring one guest, but he/she must be travelling on the same flight as the member. This is in line with Star Alliance’s tightened lounge access rules that took effect from May 2021

Note that access for KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Star Alliance Gold members in Premium Economy/Economy Class is a temporary measure only. When the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge reopens in Q1 2022, these passengers will be redirected to that facility. 

Transit passengers are allowed to visit the lounge, but only those originating from Category I, II or III countries.

Getting to the Lounge

The new SilverKris Lounge is located on level 3 of Terminal 3, just one floor up from the main departures concourse. 

To get here, make a left at the giant Louis Vuitton store just after clearing immigration.

Turn left at the Louis Vuitton store

You’ll see an escalator on your right with a standee for the lounge; it’s impossible to miss. Take the escalator up to level 3. 

Head up the escalator

Here’s where you would have found the entrance to the temporary SilverKris Lounge (and site of the future KrisFlyer Gold Lounge), but it’s been boarded up. 

Former SilverKris Lounge

Instead, turn left and head down the corridor, passing the SATS Premier Lounge on your right and the DBS Asia Treasures Lounge on your left. 

Pathway to SilverKris Lounge

You’ll see some construction boarding on your right….


…but soon enough, will come across the entrance to the brand new SilverKris Lounge. This occupies the footprint of the old First Class lounge and Private Room. 

New SilverKris Lounge entrance

Lounge Overview & Seating 

Once you’ve scanned your boarding pass at the entrance, you’ll find the lounge opens out into an open-air concourse filled with a mix of individual, group and communal seats. 

SilverKris Lounge seating
SilverKris Lounge seating
SilverKris Lounge seating

Solo travellers can choose from one of the individual armchairs laid out in rows of four. 

Individual armchairs

If you’re travelling in a group, one of these four-cover seating pods would better suit you (although some seats are currently blocked off due to social distancing).

Group seating

And if you’re in a larger group (or solo, but miss out on the individual seats, try for one of the communal tables) with bar stool seating. 

Communal seating

I’m definitely a fan of the colour palette HBA has chosen for the new lounge, with shades of burnt orange and deep blue providing a striking contrast to the muted tan leather and white marble table tops. Furniture and fittings are contemporary, and it’s a welcome update from the sometimes stodgy interiors of the previous facility. 

SilverKris Lounge seating

Productivity Pods

Productivity pods

A total of nine productivity pods can be found near the entrance (turn right after entering the lounge). These are tastefully outfitted in leather, with a reading light and wraparound design that provides aural and visual isolation from the rest of the lounge. 

Productivity pod
Productivity pod

Each pod has a wireless charging pad, universal power outlet and 2x USB-A ports. 

Productivity pod power options

Dining Area

The SilverKris Lounge has two dining areas (I’ll talk about the F&B options in a separate section below). 

The first is found near the entrance, and is more of a secondary facility for grabbing a light bite. Singapore Airlines calls this “a relaxed cafe setting for customers with a short transit”.

Cafe area
Cafe area

A few couch seats opposite the bar (see F&B section) provide a nice place for larger groups to sit and people watch.

Couch seating near bar

To get to the second dining area, continue further into the lounge, passing by a KrisShop pop-up display and a series of customer service desks.

KrisShop pop-up area
Customer service desks

You’ll then enter the main dining hall, featuring plenty of seating and live cooking stations.

Dining hall
Dining hall
Live cooking station

Given the size of this place, it may well be a spillover area even for those who aren’t hungry.

Dining hall seating
Dining hall seating
Dining hall seating
Dining hall seating

Viewing Areas

I wouldn’t say the new SilverKris Lounge offers the best of views for avgeeks, but there are a few opportunities for plane spotting at the A gates from selected locations. 

The first is near the bar, with four chairs positioned along a communal table.

Viewing area near bar

The second is in the dining area, where the seats near the windows offer a broader view of the tarmac.

Viewing area near dining hall
Viewing area near dining hall

Do note that Changi Airport uses special frosted glass and flaps to help the terminal reduce its cooling bill, so your photos may not turn out very well. 

Sleeping area

Entrance to sleeping area

At the rear of the lounge is a partitioned off area with 14x Rolf Benz slumberettes. Blankets and pillows are available on request. 

Sleeper area
Sleeper cubicles

Each cubicle has its own adjustable reading light, plus 2x universal power plugs and 2x USB Type-A charging ports. However, wireless charging is not available here. 

Charging ports

No reservation is required for the sleeping area; it’s first-come-first-serve.

Wi-Fi & Productivity

The complimentary SKL Wi-Fi network clocks speeds of 9.7 Mbps down and 10.2 Mbps up. It’s not the zippiest I’ve ever seen, but the connection was good enough for YouTube HD streaming and Whatsapp video calling. 

However, it’s notably slower than the public Wi-Fi that all Changi passengers can enjoy- that clocked in at 29 Mbps down and 30 Mbps up. 

For those in need of power, universal power outlets, USB Type-A ports and wireless charging pads are abundant throughout the lounge. These can be found beneath tables, in between chairs, pretty much everywhere you might need one. 

Power outlets and charging pads
Power outlets and charging pads
Power outlets

The lounge notably does not have a business centre, but the nine productivity pods (see above) are arguably a superior alternative, offering greater amounts of privacy and isolation. 

Food and Beverage

The SilverKris Lounge has two main dining areas.

Cafe area

The first is found near the entrance, and is more of a secondary facility for grabbing a light bite. As expected, the fare here is lighter- think cut fruits, garden salads, sandwiches and cereals.

Light bites
Light bites

There’s also a fridge stocked with soft drinks, sparking water, mixers and juices, plus two bean-to-cup coffee machines and a selection of TWG teas. 

Drinks fridge
Coffee machines
Tea selection

Slightly further in is the lounge’s flagship bar, which features both a self-serve area…

Self-serve bar area

…as well as a manned section. This looks stunning from every angle, and after COVID dies down, I expect it’ll be quite the social epicentre. 

Manned bar
Manned bar
Bar operating hours

From 6 a.m to 10 a.m, this serves as a barista area, with made-to-order coffee from an impressive looking machine. 

Barista-made coffee

There’s a break after that, but it returns from 5.30 p.m to 1 a.m, with visitors enjoying a fully-tended bar serving up all kinds of libations.

I am also delighted to announce that champagne has made a return to the SilverKris Lounge. While this was already present prior to COVID, it disappeared in the temporary facility- at least in the Business Class section.

SilverKris Lounge champagne

Interestingly enough, this Champagne Jacquart Mosaique Brut was the pour that Singapore Airlines served in Premium Economy Class- before doing away with champagne in that cabin altogether. Perhaps the SilverKris Lounge is their way of clearing stock.

The dining hall is where the serious eating happens. Due to COVID-19, self-service buffets are not available (although guests can help themselves to a few individually wrapped items in the chiller). Instead, hot food is ordered through a QR code affixed to tables.

QR code for ordering- don’t bother scanning this at home, you won’t be able to order unless you’re on the SKL Wi-Fi networks.

During my visit, breakfast was being served. The following options were available. 

I didn’t stick around for lunch, but the options should be exactly the same as the previous facility, so check out this post for the details. 

Order collection screen

There’s no table service in the Business Class section, so you’ll need to monitor your device (or the order collection screens) and pick up your order at the window when it’s ready.

Collection area
Collection window

Waiting times were at least 20 minutes, and since this was the first day of operations, there were teething issue galore- incomplete orders, long delays, stuff like that. The staff tried their hardest, but it was still very chaotic, and they’ll need some time to find their feet with the new setup.

In terms of the food, I’d say the laksa is a definite must-try. 

Dim sum & laksa
Breakfast set and hot sandwich

Guests can also help themselves to individually-plated and shrink wrapped salads, fruit, and pastries from the chillers.

Self-serve food area
Self-serve items
Self-serve items
Self-serve items
Self-serve items

Drink options in this area are similar to those in the first, namely coffee machines, TWG tea, and self-service alcohol.

Self-serve drinks
Coffee machines
TWG teas

Restrooms & Showers

There are two restrooms in the lounge, a smaller one located near the bar area, and a much larger one in the dining hall area.

Smaller restroom near bar
Larger restroom near dining area

For a better…experience, head to the second restroom, because it has fancy TOTO bidet seat toilets. Toilets in the first restroom are simpler affairs with only a bidet hose.

Toilet in smaller restroom near bar
Toilet in larger restroom near dining area

Showers have always been the Achilles heel of the Singapore Airlines lounges at Changi. It’s incredible to think that prior to COVID, even First Class passengers had to make do with shower rooms located inside the main restroom, without their own attached toilet. In a time where competitors are offering spa cabanas and all kinds of frills, that was simply not good enough.

Thankfully, this has now been rectified. Visitors to the new SilverKris Lounge will have access to 15 shower suites, each with its own toilet.

Shower area

And not just any toilet- it’s a TOTO bidet seat that opens automatically when you’re near, mists itself, and says (telepathically at least) “I am here master, give me your blessing”.

SilverKris Lounge shower suite
SilverKris Lounge shower suite

The new shower rooms are every bit befitting a brand like Singapore Airlines, outfitted in a mix of white and grey marble, with luxuriously large rain shower heads. 

Shower cubicle

If there’s one thing I dislike about the shower suites, it’s that SIA has gone cheap on the toiletries. These generic green pump dispensers look flat out of place in the otherwise premium setting. I mean, at least give them a fancy label or something. 

Bathroom amenities

Still, this is a massive upgrade from the former SilverKris Lounge. 


SilverKris Lounge Terminal 3

There’s no doubt in my mind: this new SilverKris Lounge is every bit an improvement over the previous facility. Gorgeous design, thoughtfully-designed areas for working, resting, eating and lounging, a much-needed upgrade for the showers, and an overall premium look and feel make this a lovely place to unwind. 

The chaotic ordering system for dining still needs work, but that will surely settle down in the weeks to come, as staff get used to the new service routines and procedures in this lounge. 

Well worth coming early to the airport for.

What do you make of the new SilverKris Lounge?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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wonder when the new rest pods will become available


Great review as usual Aaron. Very thorough and balanced. Refreshing to see so much natural light and it appears they’ve done a good job (in photos at least) of making it look homely, despite the vast increase in the footprint. The overall aesthetic looks very contemporary, and as you say, somewhere you’d actually want to spend time. What a change, so well done to SQ on that! Food looks like a major and unforgiveable disappointment, though. It has the fingerprints of some cheap, low-class mass caterer like Compass or Sodexo all over it. It’s a shame SQ doesn’t want to… Read more »


I empathise with the challenges of COVID restrictions but ultimately i think it would have made much more sense for them to have done what QF does (or did) in their SIN J lounge.

Rather than a laundry list of bland, appetising dishes, focus on three or four really punchy, creative, freshly cooked dishes on rotation. Spend some time on appetising descriptors, elevate the plating and demonstrate a bit of finesse. Perception is everything!


Agreed, even QR can whip up specials ala Carte in their SIN lounge I don’t see why SQ can’t, they have been lazy in their catering post covid and the trend continues.


Which is actually back in place. Check out this review,

Last edited 1 year ago by JW19
Ross hetherington

Excellent review


I’ve never seen so many references to TOTO bidet seats in one article before.

Happy Camper

The Laksa IS good! And tastes better than it looks, which is better than it being the other way around! 😄


The lounge is definitely a step up in term of facilities and size but it’s too generic. I wish that SQ could have added some Singapore elements or some batik prints to engage brand identity.


But they have…batik motifs exists on the walls, subtle and effective.


Actually I feel that Cathay Pacific Flagship Lounge in HKIA still looks better than this one. At least based on the photos I seen here..

Susanna Toh

I disagree Aaron. The SIA lounge is new but the elements that it has introduced doesn’t match CX’s lounge elements. CX lounges are far superior and ahead of SIA’s offering.


Isn’t this more down to taste, tho? I mean have you ever used euro airline lounges recently?! Apart from AF F lounge in CDG all have lost their shine including LH’s FCT due to severe cost cutting. Having seen the SKL today, I would take this over all euro lounges apart from AF F. Being in SG you are very lucky. You have QF, QR etc to choose from which are all fine places. The SKL is a vast improvement and service in lounge (smth worth mentioning) is top notch compared to what most pax around the world are used… Read more »


Please check the new business lounge AF recently opened for its short-haul flights. Way better in terms of amenities and design.


I have and don’t think it is anything special, tbh, but to each their own. Leaving aside Euro short haul C onboard product, which is woeful across all airlines flying these routes. Once the big euro airlines start offering flat beds in C on European short haul, we can start making fair comparisons.


Fully agree with this: Qatar Airways and Cathay Pacific lounges are far superior and ahead of SIA’s offering.

The Pier, First Class Lounge, Hong Kong by Cathay Pacific:

The Pier Business Class in Hong Kong International Airport

Qatar Airways Al Safwa First Class Lounge


Absolutely. Though, I have to say, I’m absolutely not surprised by the embryonic sense of sufficiency SQ thinks this upgrade holds. It’s an improvement for sure, but it was downright embarrassing before.

Lau Wei Jing

Agree that it’s an improvement but it doesn’t beat CX and QR lounge concepts. The new SQ lounge is just downright disappointing.

Shanghai CN

I agree that CX First and Business Class lounges are way better than the SQ lounges. In fact SQ lounges have never been better than the CX’s for decades. CX offers two choices of First Class lounges in HKIA, one with Buffet + A la Carte + Cabana (the Wing), the other with Full serving restaurant ++ (the Pier), along with absolutely good-taste and elegant lounge design. During full operation, there were Four business class lounges with different characteristics and offerings for choice.


Pier – You mean good taste in terms of design, not food, right? The Pier F food is fine, but not great. No longer Penisular managed.

The bar made of jade is indeed something. The drinks there didn’t do it justice.

Aesop amenities blows this green shampoo out of the water- granted, that is comparing F vs J lounges..


That is… exactly what I said…

Susanna Toh

From the onset, I’m disappointed with the SIA lounge. I’m not sure if the colour palettes of blue and brown match and the space utilisation is not well established.

There are a lot of copy of CX concept but fails on the overall execution.

I feel that SIA has lost the touch of what it used to represent.

Bryan Wang

I think one issue is also about how this fits into T3’s steel and greenish color scheme… From that aspect, I think SQ did a fairly poor job.

Lau Wei Jing

Have to agree with Susanna on this. Very disappointing to see SQ take a safe path and noting innovative.

Ken A

Would I be trolling to say that this won’t take the crown from the Qatar Doha flagship lounge?

I really don’t see any innovation or a Wow Factor but seems like a very safe bet without risking.


I wouldn’t say so. The QR lounge in SIN is indeed very good pre-covid. However, let’s revisit this question, once all lounges are working properly again, including the SKL. After all in these covid times, the SIN QR lounge has yet to open, since it shut down almost two years ago.

Lau Wei Jing

The lounge is nothing special – in fact, I think it is a disappointing job by SQ. The blue and brown colour contrast is just shocking. It feels SQ did a rush job. I still think CX lounge in HKG and QF lounge in SYD and MEL are far ahead and miles better.


Looking at the photos, I was thinking it is just another lounge. Quite disappointed to see the photos actually, not impressive at all. Old fashion style design without any wow effect. Can’t imagine this lounge will be used for the next few years ahead. The toilet is also a big turn-off, automatic toilet seat should be a default nowadays, it’s been used for at least two decades in Japan. Not smart at all except the wireless charging port?


The orange color sofas make you feel you are back to a hotel in the 90s.

Lau Wei Jing

The blue and brown colour scheme is just shocking.


I was impressed right up till I saw those soap dispensers. LOL what was SQ thinking??

SQ Flyer

Going by the majority of comments, you’d think the SilverKris Lounge would need to look like the inside of Elon Musk’s space shuttle with a Michelin-starred chef before people will be satisfied. I have my criticisms of SQ (i.e. the new 737-8 J seats), but in this instance I think the new lounge looks perfectly commensurate with SQ’s product positioning, i.e. an efficient premium product. When flying ex-SIN (as I presume many of the commenters here do), the SilverKris Lounge is mainly a place to sit down, nibble on some comfort food, and sip TWG tea before the flight. With… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by SQ Flyer

Fully agree…not much more to add here. Leaving aside SQ has yet to reveal its F offering and we have yet to return to pre-covid service (just as a reminder there is no QR offering in SG like it was pre-covid). There is always JetQuay if folks wish to have the Musk service 😂😂


So…in your opinion, does SQ lives up to its name?

World’s No. 2 airline:

World’s BEST First Class:

SQ Flyer

I think those rankings are redundant in 2020 and 2021.


These negative nancies endlessly complaining in the comments really have unrealistic expectations of what this new lounge entails. Whether you’re a fan of the colour palette or design or not, it doesn’t change the fact that the new lounge looks amazing and can now propel SQ’s ground experience to be on par (or even better) with its competitors, which has always been SQ’s achilles heel. These “fans” of SQ who were seriously expecting QR/EK’s extraness in grandeur with their lounge design or spa and salon/clubhouse gimmicks clearly do not understand SQ’s branding and design philosophy. Everyone just sees what other… Read more »


Could not have said it better myself. The SKL is great and feels very homely. Combined with excellent in-lounge service, they now have a competitive offering. I am not sure what more is needed. As a regular flyer with SQ, who does not value nor has time for some of these “gimmicks” offered in other lounges. I am very happy with this upgrade.


Can anyone confirm that star alliance gold members with economy flights out of T1 visit the lounge? Thanks.



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