How I keep track of multiple Priority Pass cards

Priority Pass cards piling up? Here's how to identify which membership comes from which bank.

Despite recent gains by Dragon Pass, Priority Pass remains the most common lounge network among card issuers in Singapore, with eight card partners at last count.

CardLounge NetworkFree Visits
(Per Year)
Income Requirement S$30K
Maybank Horizon PlatinumSelected lounges in SIN, KUL, HKGSpend S$1K in single trxn. within 3 months prior to travel
Diners Club CardsDiners Network1*N/A
Citi PremierMilesPriority Pass2*N/A
DBS Altitude VisaPriority Pass2N/A
Income Requirement S$50-80K
SCB X CardPriority Pass2N/A
AMEX KrisFlyer AscendPlaza Premium4N/A
Income Requirement ≥S$120K
CIMB Visa InfiniteDragon Pass3N/A
UOB Visa Infinite Metal CardDragon Pass4N/A
SCB Visa InfinitePriority Pass6N/A
UOB Lady’s Solitaire Metal CardLoungeKey6*6*
DBS VantagePriority Pass10N/A
OCBC VOYAGEPlaza Premium
HSBC Visa InfiniteLoungeKey
Maybank Visa InfinitePriority PassN/A
Citi PrestigePriority Pass + 1 guestN/A
AMEX Platinum ChargePriority Pass, Plaza Premium, AMEX & Centurion Lounges, Delta SkyClubs + 1-2 guests + 1-2 guests
Priority Banking Customers
OCBC Premier Visa InfinitePlaza Premium22
SCB Priority Banking VIPriority Pass24^N/A
All caps refer to membership year, with the exception of those marked with *, which follow calendar year
^With min. AUM S$200K. If AUM falls under S$200K, then 4 visits

If you have more than one credit card, chances are you’ll have more than one Priority Pass. But here’s the problem: not all Priority Pass memberships are made equal. Some offer unlimited visits, others a mere handful. Using the wrong card would be a US$32 mistake (the cost of a visit beyond one’s complimentary entitlements), and you’d do well to know which is which.

Now, if you were smart, the moment a new Priority Pass came in the mail you’d have taken a sticker and labelled which card it’s associated with.

Modern problems require modern solutions

And if you were me, you probably chucked it in the drawer and told yourself you’d do it later, only to realise six months down the road that man, they all look alike don’t they?

So think of this article as Priority Pass housekeeping. How can you figure out which card is which? 

Do I need to bother with this if I have an unlimited-visit Priority Pass?

Bar Roma in SYD offers Priority Pass members a A$36 dining credit- unless you got yours from AMEX

If one of your cards offers an unlimited-visit Priority Pass, isn’t it a simple matter of identifying which one that is and throwing away the rest? 

Yes, unless your Priority Pass comes from American Express.

Back in 2019, American Express nerfed its Priority Pass memberships by excluding so-called “non-lounge experiences”. This means that airport restaurants, spas and sleep pods (with limited exceptions) are now off the menu, a real shame given that they’re some of the more unique features of a Priority Pass membership. 

Sleep ‘n Fly Dubai Airport

Priority Pass memberships issued by Citibank, DBS, Standard Chartered and other banks are unaffected (for now), so you may still have a use for the limited-visit Priority Passes that come with these cards. 

For example, I use my AMEX Platinum Charge Priority Pass for the vast majority of visits, but need to keep my DBS Altitude Priority Pass handy in case I want to access a non-lounge experience. 

Of course, if you have an unlimited-visit Priority Pass from the Citi Prestige or Maybank Visa Infinite, then you can pretty much use it as your default card and ignore all the rest (once you figure out which one it is!). 

Register the Priority Pass online

If you’ve holding an unidentified Priority Pass, you can register it online and manage it via the Priority Pass app or web portal.

This requires two pieces of information:

  1. The membership number (printed on the card)
  2. The last four digits of the associated card or four digit validation code

You probably won’t have the four digit validation code anymore, but you’ll certainly have your credit card(s). There will likely be some guess and check as you cycle through the last four digits of possible cards, but eventually you’ll get it right.

💡 Protip: Issues with registration

If you keep getting an error message no matter which four digits you try, that suggests the Priority Pass membership has already been registered and and you need to do a password reset rather than activation.

A password reset can be done with either a username or membership number.

During the registration process, you’ll be asked to provide an email address and create a username. Do note that one email can be associated with multiple usernames, but each username must be unique. 

In other words, if I have three different Priority Pass cards, I can register them all under the same email address. However, I will need to give each card its own username. Does that mean I need to remember three usernames? Not quite; I can login with either:

  • Username & Password
  • Membership Number & Password

Once activated, you’ll be able to see your plan under the “My Priority Pass” tab. 

Free visits from DBS Altitude

This shows you the number of free visits, as well as when your entitlement refreshes (remember: Priority Passes issued by Citibank follow the calendar year; all others follow membership year).

You can click on the “My Visits” tab to see how many free visits you’ve already used.

Calling up Priority Pass

It’s possible that after registering your Priority Pass card online, the “My Priority Pass” tab only shows the following. 

Needless to say, that’s rather unhelpful.

A fallback option is to call up Priority Pass customer service and ask them who issued a particular card. They don’t have a Singapore number, so you’ll need to use Skype and call up the Hong Kong office (+852 2866 1964). 

After doing a verification of the following:

  • Membership number
  • Expiry date
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

They’ll be able to provide you with further information on the issuer and number of visits. 

💡 Protip: How to identify an AMEX-issued Priority Pass
AMEX-issued Priority Pass cards have 11-digit membership numbers, starting with 100, 102, 104 or 142.

Coming soon: Access Priority Pass lounges via credit card

Fortunately, the days of fiddling with multiple Priority Pass cards could soon be at an end. Per reports in the USA, Priority Pass is trialling a feature that allows members to access lounges by swiping their associated credit card, instead of the Priority Pass itself. For example, you’d swipe your DBS Altitude Card instead of the Priority Pass when entering the lounge. 

It remains to see if the trial is expanded beyond the USA (even there it’s limited to just Capital One), but this would solve the headache of associating Priority Pass cards with credit cards.


Miracle Lounge Bangkok Airport

Managing multiple Priority Pass cards can be confusing, but registering them online will help you identify which card comes from which bank. Alternatively, calling up customer service can also get you sorted out. 

The annoying thing about Priority Pass is that you can only tie a single membership to a single username, which means the app can only display one card at a time. What I’ve done is to digitise my AMEX Platinum Charge Priority Pass with unlimited visits, and carry the physical DBS Altitude Priority Pass for non-lounge experiences. 

Alternatively, you can go all physical and label your cards with good old magic markers. 

How do you tell your Priority Pass cards apart?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Or you could duplicate the PP app in your phone and assign different cards to different versions of the app


i save multiple logins with the same app. it’s possible


If you are an iPhone user, you can add multiple cards to apple wallet.

I have 3 PP “cards” in my apple wallet. But you will need to remember the card number (probably just last two digits) belong to which PP account.


How do you do that on an Android?


I have a Samsung phone and I used the Secure folder for the second PP application so that I can have 2


It seems the DBS altitude card only issue digital cards now? So using only the physical card isn’t an option anymore


I have multiple digital cards and I cannot figure out which belongs to which bank. Short of calling Priority pass to ask – is there anyway else to figure out. Would have been a better idea to choose a user name wisely then…


Thanks! It works for some cards using the web browser, but not using the app.


I save the PP card number in the password manager, but I have the digital cards ready on my Apple wallet. This way I don’t have to keep logging out and in for the different accounts.


I only use the digital card on the app, with the userid as an identifier to which PP card I’m using i.e. For DBS Altitude, my login ID is usernameDBS, for Citibank, its usernameCiti etc.

One also needs to be aware of the expiration of the lounge entitlement as they are usually tied to the card’s anniversary. Thankfully, it’s stated in the app.


I add the expiry mmyy at the end of my username, so I know when each card expires.


We can’t present physical card anymore ? Mine is DBS but I keep getting error to login


I just write the name of the associated credit card like “Prestige” and “Premiermiles” on the white strip behind the priority pass to remember,… 🙂


Same for me! Works all the time 👍🏻


I did as Aaron did, but for some PP that are not unlimited like DBS Altitude and Citi Premier Miles, I’d put (1) and (2). And each time a visit has been used during the membership year, I’d cross a number out – to ensure I’d never exceed the free entitlements.


Can we also apply PP for supp cards?


UOB Lady’s Solitaire Metal and non metal is the same privileges right?


No. But if you have multiple PP as principal cardholder, you can let someone else (eg. your supp card holder) create a PP account under their name and use the digital PP as their own.


Oh thanks I thought I can apply supplementary credit cards for my mum so she can apply her own PP?


I just write with marker on the card front or auth signature area. Front is easier to see.


I have UOB Lady’s Solitaire card but LoungeKey said 0 🙁


oh thanks for your reply.
you know what are the privileges for uob lady’s solitare card?


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Thanks for the write-up Aaron!

Logged into PP using the membership tied to my Citi PremierMiles (suspected) and the account is not showing much information other than name details. There’s no other information like membership number, validity period and credit card tied to this PP membership. Is this something anyone else is experiencing for their Citi PremierMiles Priority Pass membership and any idea how to get the information? Have written to PP and pending a response now.


One Question, if i have two DBS card, with myself only as principal: (1) DBS Altitude which has 2 visits. I have applied PP under my name (2) DBS Vantage applied yesterday via this website, comes with 10 visits, haven’t register PP. Suppose i have myself, my wife and two teens wanted to utilize the free lounge together at one trip. What is the best arrangement? (1) Apply DBS Vantage PP in a separate PP account under my name, show the Vantage PP (10 visits) and redeem for 1 Principal and 3 guests? Is it possible? or (2) Apply DBS… Read more »


Thank you Aaron for the sharing.
Nice appearance on radio this morning too. Cheers


I thought most only allow 1 accompanying guest?


Hi Aaron,

Can i do this with DBS Vantage & Citi Prestige card.

Scenario: Travelling with wife and two guests.
For me and wife: Use Citi Prestige card’s PP.
For two guest: Use DBS Vantage card’s PP.



Hi Milelion, now that priority passes are digitised, how do you manage all of them? Use-case when bringing a bigger group in and utilising the free guests from multiple cards.



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