AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card offering 24,000 miles sign-up bonus


From now till 28 August, get up to 24,000 bonus miles when you sign up for an AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card through The MileLion.

American Express has launched a new sign-up bonus for the AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card, which runs from now till 28 August 2022. 

New cardholders who apply via The MileLion and spend S$2,000 will receive 16,200 miles, plus 10,000 extra miles if they’re new-to-AMEX.

❓ New-to-AMEX

New-to-AMEX customers are defined as those who do not hold any basic (i.e. principal) AMEX consumer cards, and have not cancelled an AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card within the last 12 months. 

For example, someone who does not hold any AMEX consumer cards and cancelled an AMEX Platinum Credit Card or AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend 3 months ago would still count as new-to-AMEX when he applies for an AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card.

“Basic AMEX consumer cards” do not include supplementary cards, AMEX cards issued by Citibank, DBS and UOB, or corporate/ business cards like the AMEX HighFlyer Card. 

New AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card offer

Apply Here
  Old Offer
(till 10 Jul 22)
New Offer
(from 11 Jul 22)
  Spend Miles Spend Miles
First Spend  Any  5K Any  5K
Milelion Bonus
(Months 1-3)
Sign-Up Bonus
(mo. 1-2)
5K + 1N Hilton S$2K
(mo. 1-3)
Base Miles 2.2K
(S$2K @ 1.1 mpd)
(S$2K @ 1.1 mpd)
Total Spend S$2K S$2K
Total Miles 16.2K + Hilton 26.2K

All first-time American Express KrisFlyer cobrand cardholders will enjoy 5,000 miles on their first spend of any amount. This is a once per lifetime bonus.

Cardholders who spend S$2,000 in the first 3 months of approval will receive 5,000 miles. New-to-AMEX cardholders will receive an additional 10,000 miles for a total of 15,000 miles.

Cardholders (regardless of new or existing) who apply via The MileLion and spend S$2,000 in the first 3 months of approval will also receive 4,000 miles.

To summarise the offer, by spending S$2,000 in the first 3 months of approval, you’d receive up to 26,200 miles, broken down as follows:

  • 5,000 miles (first spend bonus)
  • 15,000 miles (sign-up bonus)
  • 4,000 miles (MileLion bonus)
  • 2,200 miles (base miles earned for S$2,000 spend @ 1.1 mpd)

The AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card comes with a first-year waiver of its S$176.55 annual fee.

The T&Cs of the sign-up offer can be found here.

The T&Cs for the 4,000 bonus miles for MileLion readers can be found here. 

What spending is eligible?

AMEX has a list of excluded spending categories here, but the key ones to note are: 

  • GrabPay top-ups
  • Insurance
  • SPC transactions
  • Utilities

For the avoidance of doubt, CardUp, hospital transactions, donations, and anything else not explicitly stated in the exclusion list will count as eligible spend. 

Overview: AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card

Apply Here
Income Req. S$30,000 p.a. Points Validity 3 years
Annual Fee S$176.55
Miles with
Annual Fee
None Transfer
  • SIA
FCY Fee 2.95% Transfer Fee None
Local Earn 1.1 mpd Points Pool? N/A
FCY Earn 2.0 mpd
(Jun & Dec)
Lounge Access? No
Special Earn 2 mpd on SIA and KrisShop, 3.1 mpd for Grab Airport Limo? No
Cardholder Terms and Conditions

The AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card comes with a first-year waiver of its S$176.55 annual fee. 

Cardholders earn 1.1 mpd on all Singapore dollar spending, and 2 mpd on foreign currency spending in June and December (1.1 mpd otherwise). Grab Singapore transactions earn 3.1 mpd, capped at S$200 per calendar month.

Cardholders who spend at least S$12,000 between 1 July and 30 June of the following year will receive S$150 cashback to offset purchases of air tickets made on Air tickets must be originating from Singapore, and charged in Singapore dollars. 

A further 500 bonus miles can be enjoyed for making a first telco recurring bill payment at participating merchants. 


AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card members can get 26,200 miles when they spend S$2,000 in the first 3 months of approval, provided they’re new to AMEX. If you don’t meet the new to AMEX criteria, there’s an alternative offer for the AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend with 37,500 miles for S$3,000 of spend, though you will have to pay the first year’s S$337.05 fee. 

These offers are valid till 28 August 2022, and remember: you can always buy NTUC vouchers or Qoo10 gift cards if you have difficulty meeting the minimum spend.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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for people new to AMX, do you recommend apply this card or ascend ?


signed up for the old offer before 10 Jul, and now they have this. feeling ripped off.


New bird here. The old deal has hilton hotel stay. why you say ripped off?


Hi, if I cancelled an AMEX Krisflyer Ascend card in end of January 2022, would I still be eligible for this promo?


Exclusions update –

hospital transactions are excluded w.e.f. Oct 2022


Hi Aaron,
Successfully applied via your link.
Regarding the bonus spend window – is this within 3 calendar months, or within 90 days?
Thank you.

“Make a minimum charge of S$2,000 on eligible spend within the first three (3) month of Card approval.”


Strange experience after getting my card and achieving the min spend – got the 4k milelion bonus and 5k of the min spend bonus very quickly, but not the 5k welcome bonus and the other 10k of the min spend bonus. Anyone knows why? I’m definitely a new-to-amex user (unless they changed the definition)


Oh! I just saw the welcome 5k went straight to my KF account. So just waiting on the 10k now