Singapore Airlines extends KrisFlyer miles until at least July 2023

Surprise! SIA decides to grant a "final" six-month extension to expiring KrisFlyer miles, meaning a reprieve until at least 31 July 2023.

Back in October, Singapore Airlines announced in an eDM that it would be ending its COVID-era miles extension policy. KrisFlyer miles would start expiring once again from 31 January 2023, with members reminded to use or lose their miles. 

But now comes an unexpected end-of-year surprise: Singapore Airlines has decided to grant a further 6-month extension to expiring KrisFlyer miles, which means that no miles will expire before 31 July 2023. 

This is certainly a pleasant piece of news, although I imagine you might feel a little aggrieved if you cashed out your miles at less-than-optimal value in reliance on the initial announcement!

KrisFlyer miles extended by a further 6 months

Singapore Airlines has announced that KrisFlyer miles expiring between January and June 2023 will be extended by a further six months as follows:

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“If you have KrisFlyer miles in your account expiring between January to June 2023, they are eligible for a final 6-month extension. This extension will be processed automatically, and no action is required on your part. This means that miles in your account will only begin expiring from July 2023.”

-Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is calling this a “final” 6-month extension, but who knows whether they really mean it this time?

To avoid unnecessary panic, it’s important to remember that any extension of KrisFlyer miles will only reflect at the end of the original expiry month.

For example, if you have miles expiring on 31 January 2023, they will be extended at the end of January. You’ll be able to see the new expiry date of 31 July 2023 reflected in your account statement in February 2023. 

There will be two line items in your KrisFlyer statement: a deduction of expiring miles, and a subsequent credit with the description “Singapore Airlines SR 6 months mileage extension”. 

An example is given below:

You can view how many KrisFlyer miles are expiring in the next 12 months by logging in to your KrisFlyer account and going to MilesMiles Validity.

When must I use my miles by?

You can book award tickets up to 355 days in advance, even if your miles expire tomorrow

As a reminder, just because your KrisFlyer miles expire on a particular date doesn’t mean you need to travel by that particular date. 

Miles can be used to book an award flight or upgrade up to 355 days in advance on Singapore Airlines or any of its Star Alliance/other airline partners. For example:

  • Today is 12 December 2022
  • I have 30,000 miles expiring on 31 July 2023
  • I can use these miles to book a flight departing up till 2 December 2023 (+355 days from 12 December 2022)

In other words, the expiry date refers to when miles need to be redeemed by, not necessarily when you need to travel by.

A word of warning, however. If you subsequently wish to refund an award ticket, you may not get your miles back if their original expiry date has passed. In other words, miles have a “memory”, and redeeming a ticket does not grant them fresh validity. 

For more ideas on what you can do with expiring miles, refer to the post below.

What to do with expiring KrisFlyer miles

Why not just go activity-based?

As much as I appreciate another set of KrisFlyer miles extensions, all this wouldn’t be necessary if Singapore Airlines simply switched to an activity-based expiry scheme. 

I wrote a detailed piece on this a week ago, highlighting the benefits to both airline and members from making the switch. Tracking miles would be much simpler, and there’d be more reasons for members to interact with the frequent flyer programme on a day-to-day basis, even when not travelling. 

Something to think about, perhaps.  


Singapore Airlines has announced a “final” six month extension of KrisFlyer miles, which means that no miles will expire until at least 31 July 2023. This comes as a surprise, given that just in October they’d stated emphatically that there was nothing more coming!

Still, I’m not about to argue with the decision, especially since it gives me a little more breathing room to plan 2023 travels and beyond. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Announce transfer bonus instead!!!!


You guys keep insisting have reliable source.. Quite obvious there’s too many miles floating around for SIA to inflate it further


I gave up waiting and instead transferred miles and just bought a ticket. The booking situation is getting dire. CHC-SIN in Nov/Dec next year is unavailable completely on saver. I got AKL-SIN business saver on the 15:15p flight, but there is not much left even for November next year! And from 24 Nov everything is waitlisted. So even a year out it is getting difficult. So decided to book. Those who wait won’t get any redemption booking. An most destinations are as bad as NZ.


Go Advantage then. Saver is obvious oversubscribed


Nah, don’t like to pay higher prices. I wonder what percentage of redemptions are saver v advantage? I would not mind betting advantage is a very small percentage of the total. Personally, I have made 51 redemption bookings in the last 18 years. And just 1 was Advantage.


Hi I have some elite miles due to expire jan 2023, does it qualify for this extension?


Full activity based is too lax. Would prefer to see a hybrid model, e.g. 24 mth hard expiry with following posdible extensions:
– Flying and crediting any SQ metal Y/PY flight extends all miles expiring in the next 6 mths by 6 mths
– Flying and crediting any SQ metal J/F flight extends all miles expiring in the next 12 mths by 12 mths
– Spending S$15k on a cobrand credit card in a billing month extends all miles expiring in the next 6 mths by 6 mths


That’s a relief; it’s been very difficult to redeem miles for flights of late. Hopefully it will become easier in the next six months


Guess this finally clears the doubts / complaints about miles still expiring

I’ve cancelled my redemption booking. Why have I not been refunded the full amount of KrisFlyer miles redeemed when making the booking?

Miles that have already been utilised for redemption will not be eligible for extension. If you have made a redemption booking and subsequently cancelled it voluntarily, any refunded miles will follow the date of expiry at the time of booking.



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