Still missing: Yummy!, Singapore Airlines’ Book the Cook for kids

Book the Cook has been largely restored across the SIA network, but its children's equivalent Yummy! remains elusive.

Singapore Airlines has progressively restored the popular Book the Cook service throughout its network over the past year, as it adds back routes and capacity. This allows passengers to enjoy their favourite local delights or lobster thermidor on most flights over 90 minutes

However, one piece of the puzzle remains missing till now: Yummy!, the special pre-order service for young ones travelling in premium cabins.

What is “Yummy!”?

Singapore Airlines Yummy! meals

Yummy! was launched in 2004 as a kind of children’s Book the Cook for First and Business Class passengers aged 2-11 (Business Class was known as Raffles Class back then, in case you needed a reminder about how long ago it was!).

The initial selection of 12 child-friendly meals has since been expanded to 15, with Western, Asian and vegetarian choices. There are even a handful of healthier options featuring wholegrains and low GI rice, introduced back in 2016 when Singapore Airlines joined the wellness craze with its Deliciously Wholesome initiative. 

Yummy! options
Yummy! options
Yummy! options

😋 Yummy! menu selections
  • Burger and crisps
  • Chicken and vegetable lasagne
  • Chicken and vegetable ragout
  • Eggs sunny-side up with sausages and has brown
  • Fish finger battalion
  • Fried rice surprise
  • Golden scramble eggs in a crepe pocket
  • Grilled fish with sweet potato mash
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Omelette alert
  • Poached eggs on toasted muffin
  • Roasted chicken with basmati rice
  • Sausages and pancakes
  • Seafood fried rice
  • Spaghetti and meatballs

Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of trip reports featuring Yummy! meals, which either points to a lack of awareness of the programme, or the fact that most miles and points collectors are incapable of finding mates/don’t survive to reproductive age (prove me wrong, internet).

Burger and crisps, served on adult crockery | Photo: Inflightfeed
Fried Rice Surprise served on adult crockery | Photo: Inflightfeed

When will Yummy! return?

Unfortunately, Yummy! was suspended in early 2020 when the COVID outbreak started grounding air travel, and has yet to be restored. Last month, I asked Singapore Airlines when we could expect to see the service restored and got the following reply:

There are currently no plans to reinstate the Yummy! Book The Cook menu for children. Customers may pre-order specially designed meals for children with Asian, Western, or Vegetarian options. SIA will continue to review our inflight offerings and take on board customer feedback. 

-Singapore Airlines spokesperson

Yummy! is a relatively unique feature of Singapore Airlines; while other carriers offer special meals for children, few allow a level of granularity that lets you pick the exact dish you get. It’d be a shame if this became another permanent casualty of COVID-19. 


While Book the Cook service has been largely restored across the Singapore Airlines’ network, Yummy! continues to be MIA, with the airline demurring to announce any definite timeline for its return. 

Let’s just hope it’s not gone forever, because it’s another small thing that makes SIA a fun way to fly. 

Parents: is Yummy! an important part of travelling with kids?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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It isn’t a deal breaker but a very nice to have!


Totally unrelated, but SQ will have a third daily flight to Frankfurt every Friday, starting in June. Fair bit of Biz Saver availability as of now.


As you said, totally unrelated, so why post it here?


My kids have an adult-like palate, which works out great because I get an upsize if they can’t finish the portion. Not a deal breaker really, because Book The Cook for adults has burgers and what not anyway.


Can’t see why SQ would hold this back. The incremental complexity of adding 15 child meal options is not that much, especially given the wide range of meals already available from Singapore (some of which are a bit out there).

@Aaron – have you ever seen a breakdown of the most / least popular meals and associated volumes?


I agree. But it’s not always a winner and a bit overrated. Will say that the “showcasing” of local foods is not bad (albeit for reheated chicken rice).


Probably not the worst cut that they have made but it is probably more inconvenient that they are not offering CHMLI (Child Meal for Infant) out of certain stations. So better bring your own food if you are travelling with a kid between 1 – 2 years old.


I don’t consider BTC to have been restored substantively. Not when the pre COVID menu ex-SIN has al but disappeared. For example, black cod nicoise, Chilean seabass with mussels, fish congee are all missing. What’s even more insulting is fish congee is now only a first class BTC item. Instead there is now a surfeit of carb heavy options… SQ has clearly taken the chance to cut costs on its BTC menu, literally at taxpayers expense.


Has the request for complimentary cake and teddy bears for special occasions been restored post covid?

About BTC, which meals are worth choosing for regional travel?


I requested for a birthday cake for my wife when travelling to YVR in J last year end. Even the cake had become anaemic. What used to be previously a 6 inch round chocolate cake (which one could depending on destination regulations take off the plane with you) turned into a small slab of cake, identical to what they serve for dessert in biz class. Not sure whether that’s changed since, but I highly doubt it given what SQ has been doing to hollow out their inflight catering options. And for the price being paid for their revenue J tickets… Read more »


Interesting….I remembered getting a small round white frosted sponge cake from LHR and then a square chocolate cake out of SIN with some bubbly. This was in Y pre-covid (Dec 2019) and they do validate the flight is +/- 2 days of your birthday.

How times have changed in over three years.


Where is COMO cuisine?

Healthier and lower carb options appreciated.