Singapore Airlines now offers caviar on supper and Sleeper Service flights

Caviar aficionados can now enjoy their favourite dish on supper or Sleeper Service flights on Singapore Airlines, following the latest menu enhancements.

If this is your first time flying Singapore Airlines Suites or First Class and you want to enjoy the “full fat” experience, my advice has always been to avoid late night departures wherever possible.

Why? Because these flights receive supper or Sleeper Service, which lacks one of the quintessential components of a First Class experience: caviar. Roll your eyes all you want about first world problems; if you’re paying the miles (or god forbid cash) for First Class, I don’t think it’s wrong to expect all the bells and whistles.

Caviar service on Singapore Airlines

The official reason for this truncated meal is to allow passengers to maximise sleep. I can sort of buy that in Business Class, where the light and movement involved in serving a full cabin could disturb other passengers, but its much harder to swallow in First Class. Moreover, it’s not mutually exclusive; you can still cater a full meal, and let passengers decide for themselves just how much or how little they wish to eat.

Well, the situation has now improved, with caviar service offered on both supper and Sleeper Service flights.

⚠️ Update

Singapore Airlines has provided the following clarity on the timelines. Per a spokesperson:

  • Osetra caviar has been extended as an option for Sleeper Service meals on red-eye flights in First Class since 1 September 2023.
  • Osetra caviar is now served during lunch, dinner, supper and Sleeper Service meals in First Class.  
  • Caviar was added as an appetiser option to supper services in the third quarter of 2021. Prior to that, we serve caviar hors d’oeuvres on selected supper services in First Class.

Caviar now featured on supper and Sleeper Service flights

Singapore Airlines has updated its supper and Sleeper Service menus for Suites and First Class.

Supper Service now includes a caviar course, together with a salad, choice of soups, main course and dessert. This means the main difference between dinner and supper Service now is merely the absence of satay.

Supper Service on SQ26 SIN-FRA (departs 2355 hours)

Caviar has also been added to Sleeper Service flights, though compared to lunch or dinner these still lack appetisers, desserts or a cheese course. It’s like a not-quite-breakfast, not-quite-dinner lineup, intended to cater to passengers who want to eat after take-off and then sleep all the way till landing, or sleep most of the way and grab a quick bite before touchdown. 

Supper Service on SQ636 SIN-HND (departs 2250 hours)
Supper Service on SQ231 SIN-SYD (departs 0045 hours)

As before, Book the Cook items can be selected as the main course for both supper and Sleeper Service.

You can check the menu for your upcoming flight via the Manage Booking function, or via (only available eight days prior to departure).

Caviar and mother-of-pearl spoon

Caviar service on Singapore Airlines includes a 30 gram jar of caviar, chopped egg whites and egg yolks, chives, crème fraiche, blinis and a lemon squeeze. A mother-of-pearl spoon, introduced back in 2019, completes the experience.

The current supplier is Kaluga Queen, a supplier based in Hangzhou. For many years the brand struggled to be taken seriously, but in 2018 Lufthansa struck a deal to make Kaluga Queen its sole caviar supplier in First Class, and today the brand supplies more than two dozen three-Michelin-star restaurants in France.

For the perfect accompaniment, be sure to sample all three of Singapore Airlines’ First Class champagnes: Krug Grand Cuvee, Taittinger Comtes de Champagne, plus a rotating third option served under the airline’s A Celebration of Champagne programme.

🥂 A Celebration of Champagne
2018 Vilmart Grand Cellier dÓrVilmart & CieJun to Jul 2023
2016 Cuvee Volupte, Blanc de Blancs VintageChampagne Geoffroy Aug to Sep 2023
MV18 Multivintage Grand CruChampagne Henri GiraudOct to Nov 2023
Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millénaires*Charles HeidsieckDec 2023 to Jan 2024
NV Egly-Ouriet ‘VP’ Grand Cru Extra BrutChampagne Egly-OurietFeb to Mar 2024
*Vintage not stated



Singapore Airlines Suites and First Class passengers with supper or Sleeper Service no longer miss out on caviar, following the latest updates to inflight catering.

Do note that even if you have a traditional lunch/dinner departure window, a separate caviar service is not guaranteed. I don’t see a caviar course on the First Class menus flights to Delhi, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Mumbai, as well as Shanghai (on account of it being a breakfast service possibly).

Yum…fish eggs.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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I received the full caviar service during supper on my suites flight to London in November last year!
SQ322 Departed Singapore 2345H 16 Nov 22

eric tan

Aaron, I thought you could always check it out at the inflight menu page.


Had full caviar service for sq26 supper flight in nov last year too


Which flight(s) would you recommend for someone who wants the “full fat” experience of SQ suites or first? That is, of course, assuming that redemption availability wasn’t a factor. I’ve never noticed the avoid late night departures tip, for example, and I was wondering if there were other similar tips that you could share.


Why not offer it for the suites flight to hk too? Technically it’s also a breakfast service

Emirates even offer it on fifth freedom routes from bkk to hkg now.

Last edited 4 months ago by Bhe

Hmmmm…. i will be on SQ308 Suite to London next month…. i wonder it will be offered lol


First class pax don’t eat much on flight. Most of them are high flyers and wil choose to eat in the private lounge and sleep onboard. Rich man are concern about their health. Caviar for Supper ? You won’t have much time left in your life to spend your money 🤷🏻‍♂️

Yeo Yien Hoe

Can I check, does it mean for sleeper service say from SG to Sydney departing at 12.45 am, if you select from the menu and this will be your main course? Or if I order book the cook say smoked salmon egg Benedict as my main course, would I also get another caviar course? Thanks, I am going Sydney in Nov 23

Janelle Lim

Following – Hi! Are you able to share if you managed to get the caviar course as starter on top of BTC as mains? I will also be taking the sleeper service from SG to Sydney. Thanks!


Caviar is also served on some flights with scrambled eggs as part of the breakfast service. Instead of the small dollop, if you ask nicely, you may get a whole jar!!! The odds are higher with PPS

Double Caviar

I’m booked for SQ636 later this month in First, and yes–I see that Caviar has been listed on the inflight menu and is also an option that can be selected via BTC. Here’s the problem: if caviar is selected via BTC, I am then prevented from ordering a main course. (i.e. lobster or whatever).
So is caviar supposed to be a main course replacement or what? If no, then by selecting it, does a pax receive double caviar (i.e. as an appetizer, and again as a main)???


Following- can you let me know what you end up choosing and if there is an option to have caviar and also another BTC option?

I am in a similar predicament in June and wonder if there are any tips to get around this!



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