Get instant GHA DISCOVERY Titanium with a Visa Infinite Card

Register your Visa card and enjoy up to GHA DISCOVERY Titanium status all the way till 31 December 2025.

While World Elite Mastercard cardholders enjoy top-tier status with GHA DISCOVERY, IPrefer, Swiss-Belexecutive and Wyndham Rewards, hotel perks for Visa Infinite cardholders have been sorely lacking.

Sindhorn Kempinski, a member of GHA DISCOVERY

But that’s now changing thanks to a new partnership between Visa and GHA DISCOVERY, which unlocks instant elite status for cardholders all the way up to Titanium. 

Status benefits can be enjoyed at more than 800 hotels across 40 brands worldwide, including Anantara, Capella, Kempinski, Pan Pacific, PARKROYAL and more.

GHA DISCOVERY Titanium status for Visa Infinite cardholders


Visa cardholders whose cards were issued in Singapore and the rest of Asia-Pacific can now register for an instant upgrade to GHA DISCOVERY elite status. 

Visa TierGHA Discovery Tier
Visa InfiniteTitanium
Visa Signature & PlatinumPlatinum
Visa GoldGold

Even though the Visa T&Cs state that the offer only begins on 1 April 2024, there have already been data points of people registering and getting their membership upgraded successfully.

The first time I tried, I used my StanChart X Card, forgetting that ever since it became the StanChart Journey Card, its tier has been downgraded from Visa Infinite to Visa Signature. Because of this, my existing Platinum status was extended till 31 December 2025 (so at least I can confirm that it works for extending existing status).

I tried again with my StanChart Priority Banking Visa Infinite, and this time my Platinum status was upgraded to Titanium, also with a validity till 31 December 2025. To retain this status beyond 2025, I’ll need to meet the following requalification thresholds in 2025. 

Gold2 staysUS$1K
Platinum10 nights2 brandsUS$5K
Titanium30 nights3 brandsUS$15K

The easiest way by far to qualify is by brands, since you could conceivably get top-tier Titanium status with just three nights, each at a different GHA brand. 

❓ Can I delay my registration?
The Visa T&Cs state that the offer is valid till 31 March 2025, and my assumption would be that if you registered in 2025, your status will be valid till 31 December 2026. You do run the risk of the campaign being pulled early though

The offer is valid for both new and existing GHA DISCOVERY members. If you’re a new member, you’ll need to create an account before registering. If you’re an existing member, simply provide your existing account number and it’ll be upgraded instantly. 

What are the benefits of GHA DISCOVERY status?

Capella Hanoi

GHA DISCOVERY elites can look forward to the following benefits:

Earn D$5%6%7%
D$ Validity18 mo.24 mo.24 mo.
Room UpgradeSingleDouble
Early Check-inFrom 11 a.m
Late Check-outTill 3 p.mTill 4 p.m
Welcome AmenityYesYes
Share StatusYes*
Silver is the entry-level GHA tier, with 4% D$ and 6 mo. D$ validity
*Status sharing only applies to members who earned their status through regular means, not fast-track promos

Titanium is obviously the most lucrative, but given how easy it is to earn, there’s been some concern about how consistent hotels will be with honouring key benefits like a two-category room upgrade or late check-out. After all, these are all subject to availability, and not guaranteed.

I’m sure everyone will have their own stories to tell, but from what I’m reading on the MileChat so far, it seems like most hotels are pretty consistent about honouring the perks. It’s a classic case of YMMV though, so do share if your experiences have shown otherwise. 

Terms & Conditions

The T&Cs of this status upgrade can be found here.

Other Visa Infinite benefits

When Visa Infinite was first launched in Singapore in 2003, it was positioned as an “exceedingly exclusive card for the mega-rich” (thus saith The Straits Times), targeting the top 0.1% of the elite circle. It had a minimum income requirement of S$350,000 (keep in mind, that was a lot more money 20 years ago!), and was strictly by invitation only.

Fast forward to today, however, and it’s a product best described as “mass affluent”. More the one dozen Visa Infinite cards are available today, and while it’s true that they don’t just give them to anyoneit’s no longer the exclusive club it was two decades ago. 

All the same, it does come with some useful perks, which I’ve highlighted in the article below. 

Is a Visa Infinite Card still worth having?


Visa cardholders can now register to receive instant GHA DISCOVERY elite status, with Visa Infinite cardholders getting catapulted all the way to Titanium. Status earned in 2024 will be valid till 31 December 2025, so that’s a good amount of time to enjoy your benefits.

I’m somewhat amused that despite my lack of stays, I’ve now retained my GHA Titanium status for the past six years and counting. I’m hardly going to complain about a good thing, though it does make you wonder how the folks who did mattress runs to retain their status feel. 

(HT: PC)

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Wee Lee

When everybody is Titanium, nobody is Titanium.

Happy Camper


Joshosaurus Rex

Time for a new Infinitum category.

Happy Camper

Just keyed in my VI card no. on the link you provided and got upgraded to Titanium immediately.. Thanks Aaron, you’re the best!


Can you help confirm if the validity is until 2025 or 2026?



I used my CIMB Visa Infinite for the promotion and saw that I was upgraded to Titanium till Dec 31 2026.


I am a brand new member and only registered an account upon reading your post.


Yeap – this works


Similar to you, brand new signup to GHA, used my Voyage and got Titanium till Dec 2026!


And I just booked a non cancellation stay at pan pacific to try to hit my three brands this year ! Ha ha. But thank you. Apparently works for sup card holders too.


do i need to book via GHA portal to enjoy the benefits ?

Andy C

If I had already upgraded to Titanium before using my Master World Elite, still possible to upgrade again with Visa Infinite?

Andy C

Cool, thanks for the info 🙂


I am a Titanium till end Dec. By registering with VI, does that mean my Titanium gets extended for a year ?

Dee See

Just tried and this message appeared “Your current membership level in GHA DISCOVERY is higher than the level offered through this promotion. No changes will be made to your membership.

you got lucky, Aaron!!


yes it does


Cool. I can stop doing my annual Avani, Anantara, Parkroyal. LOL


Hi! I’m trying to register for the promo with my Insignia card but am received this error. “This card is no longer eligible to redeem this offer. Please use a different card.”

Do you know how to get around it?


Same, Insignia not eligible.

We are not welcomed. Lol


why my got message saying my card is no longer valid … vantage


Yeah I also tried many cards. All of them says: “This card is no longer eligible to redeem this offer. Please use a different card.”
UOB, HSBC, StanChart, DBS…none of the cards work


Seems the promo has ended already?


Sigh – CIMB card just arrived 🙁



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