DBS Takashimaya AMEX offering S$150 cashback for new and existing DBS customers

From now till 30 June 2024, enjoy S$150 cashback with a min. spend of S$250 on a new DBS Takashimaya AMEX- valid for existing DBS/POSB cardholders too!

The DBS Takashimaya AMEX Card isn’t going to earn you any miles, but free money is free money.

And that’s exactly what’s on offer right now, with S$150 cashback available to both new and existing DBS/POSB cardholders. It’s not every day we see an offer for the latter, and taking a couple of minutes to sign up could get you up to 60% off a shopping spree. 

This offer was originally supposed to lapse on 30 April 2024, but has now been extended to applications submitted by 30 June 2024. 

DBS Takashimaya AMEX Card S$150 cashback offer


DBS Takashimaya AMEX Cardholders who apply and receive approval from 1 February to 30 June 2024 will receive S$150 cashback when they spend at least S$250 within 30 days of approval at:

This welcome offer does not apply to the DBS Takashimaya Visa Card.

There is no cap on the maximum number of eligible applicants, and what’s particularly noteworthy about this offer is that it’s available to both new and existing DBS/POSB cardholders; the only exclusion is for individuals who cancelled a DBS Takashimaya AMEX or Visa in the past 12 months.

⚠️ If you’re a new DBS/POSB cardholder

New DBS/POSB cardholders would be better off applying for a different DBS/POSB card first, enjoying the welcome offer on that card, then subsequently applying for this card.

For example, new DBS/POSB cardholders could enjoy up to 43,400 bonus miles with a new DBS Altitude Card, or up to 85,000 bonus miles with a new DBS Vantage Card. They would not be eligible for these offers if they applied for the DBS Takashimaya AMEX first.

The first year’s annual fee is waived, so it really is free money if you meet the criteria.

Qualifying spend period

You will need to make the qualifying spend of S$250 within one month from the date of approval.

For example, if your card is approved on 15 May 2024, the qualifying spend period is 15 May 2024 to 14 June 2024.

When will cashback be credited?

The S$150 cashback will be credited within 90 days from the end of the qualifying spend period. This cashback need not be spent at Takashimaya; you can use it anywhere that AMEX cards are accepted. 

Given this timeline, you’ll still need to pay your first month’s bill through other means as it’s not an immediate offset. 

In my previous experience (from 2021), the S$200 cashback was credited to my account on 25 October, 34 days after I made the minimum qualifying spend. 

If you don’t see the cashback on your DBS Takashimaya AMEX account, be sure to check your other DBS cards because reports say it could be posted elsewhere.

You must maintain your banking relationship with DBS for at least six months from 30 June 2024, or the welcome gift will be clawed back.

Terms and conditions

The full T&Cs for this offer can be found here. 



The DBS Takashimaya AMEX Card has extended its S$150 cashback offer till 30 June 2024, valid for new cardholders who make a minimum spend of S$250 at Takashimaya.

This works out to a 60% rebate on your shopping, and is available to both new and existing DBS/POSB cardholders- though the former should take advantage of a different welcome offer first, before coming back to sign up for this.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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thomas the tank

yay time to buy new work shoes


Hi Aaron, do you know if this is applicable to those who took advantage of a similar promotion in the past? I have cancelled my Takashimaya card more than 12 months ago, and am wondering if I can still get the $150 cashback if I reapply. Thanks!




Is buying Taka voucher eligible spending?


I am wondering about this too.


HI is annual fee waived?

Woo T

Do I need to spend $250 in one transaction?



Does spending at b2 stalls (e.g. TWG, cold storage, yakun, tori Q etc) contributes to the required min spending?



Hi just wanna clarify, is the $150 cashback a credit to be spent again using the same Amex card, or isit a cash credit reimbursed into your bank account?


Is the promotion “stackable” with the 388 cashback sign up bonus on DBS yuu card?


There is a statement which seems to prohibit the suggestion for new customers: 4. Eligible Cardmembers will not be eligible for any other DBS/POSB Card sign-up promotions or in combination with any other promotions. Anyone knows if this clause existed in the old terms?


I think it is better not to overlap the 2 promo periods. i.e. wait for the 2 months to finish and then apply for the DBS amex.

CK Lim

This acquisition promo has now been extended till 30 June 2024


Does it apply for purchases at Nespresso boutique store in Taka?


Hi Aaron, are you aware of how much time we must hold the card until we can cancel it? Not stated in T&C.

Last edited 5 days ago by Jim

Nevermind read again and says “within 6 months of the expiry of the Promotion Period”, which is 6 months from 30th June.