GHA DISCOVERY offering up to D$5,200 bonus for multi-brand stays

Register and stay by 30 September 2024 to earn up to D$5,200, with a D$200,000 prize for staying at the most brands. Each stay must be at least US$600 though!

GHA is marking its 20th anniversary with a D$1,000,000 giveaway for members who stay at at least three brands from now till 30 September 2024.

Each member can earn up to a bonus of D$5,200, and there’s a grand prize of D$200,000 for the member who stays at the most brands.

The catch is that you’ll need to spend at least US$600 per stay, so this definitely isn’t a promotion for those of us who mattress run at the three cheapest brands to retain Titanium status!

GHA DISCOVERY 20th anniversary offer

GHA DISCOVERY 20th Anniversary Promo

From 1 May to 30 September 2024, GHA DISCOVERY members can register to earn up to a bonus D$5,200 per the table below.

Bonus D$
Cumulative Minimum Spend
3 +D$300
4 +D$400
5 +D$500
6 +D$600
7 +D$700
8 +D$800
9 +D$900
10 +D$1,000
Note: D$1= US$1

Stays must be made during the promotion period that runs from 1 May 2024 to 30 September 2024. 

Bookings made prior to registration will not be eligible for this offer, so you may want to consider cancelling your existing reservation and rebooking, assuming it’s refundable and the rates haven’t increased.

Each stay must incur a minimum net eligible spend of US$600 to qualify. Net eligible spend refers to the room rate, as well as spending at hotel restaurants and spas unless explicitly excluded. 

Obviously, the US$600 minimum spend will be the biggest hurdle for most, but big spenders will find the bonus gets increasingly compelling as you move up the ladder.

For example:

  • if you stay at three brands, your effective rebate is ~17% (D$300/US$1,800)
  • if you stay at seven brands, your effective rebate is ~60% (D$700/US$4,200)
  • if you complete the ladder by staying at 10 brands, your effective rebate is ~87% (D$5,200/US$6,000)

Of course, this assumes you’ll be able to hit the US$600 minimum spend on the dot, so your effective rebate could be lower in reality. 

At the same time, don’t forget that the abovementioned bonuses are on top of the usual D$ earn rates, so that’s an extra 4-7% rebate depending on your tier.

Tier Earn D$ D$ Validity
Silver 4% 6 mo.
Gold 5% 18 mo.
Platinum 6% 24 mo.
Titanium 7% 24 mo.

Moreover, GHA DISCOVERY promotions stack, so you can earn an extra D$15 by booking your stay on the GHA DISCOVERY app (see below), or registering for whatever concurrent promotions are ongoing. 

As always, any D$ earned through promotions expires six months from the date of issuance, as opposed to the usual D$ expiry. 

Do note that GHA DISCOVERY will end the promotion before 30 September 2024 if the cumulative prizes awarded, together with the Grand Prizes, reaches D$1,000,000.

Grand prizes for most brands

With just one location worldwide (in Erbil, Iraq), you probably won’t be adding the Bristoria to your list of brands

While there’s no D$ reward for staying at the 11th brand onwards, these additional brands will count towards a separate contest that GHA is running.

  • The GHA DISCOVERY member who stays at the most brands during the promotion period will win D$200,000
  • The GHA DISCOVERY members who stay at the 2nd and 3rd most brands during the promotion period will win D$20,000 each

Where there is a tie in the number of brands, the winners will be determined on the basis of highest total net eligible spend. 

For reference, GHA DISCOVERY has a total of 40 brands (that’s what the website says, but I only count 39 logos), though NH Hotels, NH Collection and Nhow will be treated as a single brand for the purposes of this promotion.

Terms & Conditions

The T&Cs for this promotion can be found below.

Terms & Conditions

To participate in the Promotion, members must:

(a) register for the Promotion before their stay within the Promotional Opt-in Period (running from 1 May 2024 to 30 September 2024, unless registration is closed by GHA on an earlier date) by clicking on the “Register” button on the designated website page; and

(b) once registered as being opted in, book and complete Eligible Stays with a minimum Net Eligible Spend of USD 600 or more during the Promotional Stay Period (running from 1 May 2024 to 30 September 2024, unless the period is ended by GHA on an earlier date); and

(c) make at least three (3) Eligible Stays at different Brands (defined below) during the Promotional Stay Period. 

The Eligible Stays must be completed and the member must be checked out on or before the last day of the Promotional Stay Period for the stays to be considered towards the promotion. Ongoing stays with a checkout date after the last stay of the Promotional Stay Period will not be considered towards the promotion and consequently will not receive Promotional D$ for that stay under the Promotion. 

The Promotional Stay Period will be ended before 30 September 2024 where the amount of prizes awarded, taken together with the Grand Prizes described below, reaches D$1,000,000. The Promotional Stay Period and the Promotion itself can also be ended earlier at GHA’s absolute discretion.

“Eligible Stays” for this Promotion are stays made during the Promotional Stay Period that are not at an Ineligible Rate (defined below) and which have a minimum Net Eligible Spend (defined below) of USD 600 per stay. Bookings that include multiple rooms will be counted and considered as a single stay and rewarded as if they were a single room booking. 

“Ineligible Rates do not qualify for earning Promotional D$ under this Promotion. “Ineligible Rates” for the purposes of the Promotion shall include, without limitation: (1) third-party online travel agency bookings, such as stays booked through, Expedia,,, Priceline,, etc. (2) stays booked through a tour operator such as Abercrombie & Kent, BA Holidays, China Travel Group, Emirates Holidays, Kuoni, Tui, etc (3) tours series rates and charter rates (4) room rates for airline staff and crew where rooms are pre-booked and paid for by the airline or directly; (5) travel-industry staff rates; (6) employee rates, employee family or employee friends discount rates; (7) other discounted rates; (8) any complimentary, free, traded or bartered night stays, or any stays in connection with gift certificates or other awards or vouchers. First stays on Ineligible Rates may receive DISCOVERY Dollars, but these stays will not count towards tier qualification nor will they be counted as stays for the purposes of the Promotion; subsequent stays on an Ineligible Rate will not receive D$ nor will they count towards tier qualification nor will they be counted as stays for the purposes of the Promotion.

“Net Eligible Spend” for the purposes of this Promotion is the revenue shown on the member’s check out folio on an Eligible Stay, net of taxes and service charges, on which the member is eligible for earning Base DISCOVERY Dollars. Net Eligible Spend excludes any amount on the folio that is paid for using DISCOVERY Dollars and may also exclude spending at hotel outlets such as restaurants or spas where these are excluded from earning Base DISCOVERY Dollars.

“Brands” are the hotel brands of hotels participating in GHA DISCOVERY, however for the purposes of this Promotion NH Hotels, NH Collection and Nhow are treated as a single Brand.

Promotion prizes – during the Promotional Stay Period

Members who make Eligible Stays will receive:

  • D$300 after an Eligible Stay in a third Brand, and

  • D$400 after an Eligible Stay in a fourth Brand, and

  • D$500 after an Eligible Stay in a fifth Brand, and

  • D$600 after an Eligible Stay in a sixth Brand, and

  • D$700 after an Eligible Stay in a seventh Brand, and

  • D$800 after an Eligible Stay in an eighth Brand, and

  • D$900 after an Eligible Stay in a ninth Brand, and

  • D$1,000 after an Eligible Stay in a tenth Brand. 

Members making Eligible Stays in eleven or more Brands will not receive additional Promotion prizes but these additional Brands will be counted towards eligibility for the  three grand prizes described below and their Net Eligible Spend on all Eligible Stays will count towards the tiebreaker mechanism for the grand prizes, where necessary.

Promotion prizes – Grand Prizes after the Promotional Stay Period

At the end of the Promotional Stay Period, the member who has made Eligible Stays at the most Brands will receive an additional Grand Prize (additional to Base D$ and Promotional D$) of two hundred thousand DISCOVERY Dollars (D$200,000). The stayers with Eligible Stays at the second and third most Brands will each receive an additional Grand Prize of twenty thousand DISCOVERY Dollars (D$20,000). Where the top stayers have equal numbers of Brands, the winner(s) will be determined on the basis of their highest total Net Eligible Spend across all of their Eligible Stays. 

Bookings and stays made prior to a member’s registration for this Promotion will not be considered as qualified eligible stays towards the promotion, even if they are in the Promotional Stay Period. 

Bookings made prior to 1 May 2024 will also not be considered towards the promotion.

Promotional D$ issued under the Promotion are awarded in addition to the Base D$ that are issued to the member as a result of completing the Eligible Stay. Promotional D$ are subject to a limited expiry term of six (6) months from the date of issuance and are therefore excluded from the Base D$ expiration rules. Any Base D$ earned on a member’s stay will be subject to expiration based on standard tier-based expiration rules. 

This Promotion is subject to change or withdrawal without notice, cannot be transferred or exchanged for other forms of compensation, cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion unless explicitly stated and is subject to availability. D$ are not redeemable for cash.

Book via DISCOVERY app to earn an extra D$15

Promo Details

GHA DISCOVERY is running a concurrent offer that awards a bonus D$15 for all bookings made through the GHA DISCOVERY app (Android | iOS).

A few points to note:

  • Registration not required
  • Stays must be booked between 4 July 2023 to 30 June 2024
  • Check-out date must be from 4 July 2023 to 30 June 2024
  • No minimum spend or minimum stay length required
  • No cap on the maximum times this offer can be used

Note in particular the restriction on check-out date; you will need to check-out by 30 June 2024 to receive the bonus D$. If your check-out date falls from 1 July 2024 onwards, you will not earn any bonus D$ notwithstanding the fact your check-in date was within the promo period.

How do Discovery $ work?

D$1 can be redeemed for US$1 at GHA properties worldwide. 

D$ can be earned or redeemed on the following expenses:

✔️ Eligible Spend to Earn/Redeem D$

Room and add-ons:

  • Room charge/qualified room rate
  • Room upsell
  • Early check-in
  • Late check-out
  • Package
  • Crib/baby cot
  • Extra bed
  • Day use
  • Apartments/ Residences up to 30 days
  • Internet
  • Telecom
  • In-room media

Food and Beverage at eligible outlets:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars, pool bars
  • Lobby cafes
  • Coffee bars
  • Room service
  • Minibar

Other non-room spend at eligible outlets:

  • Spa
  • Golf & Sports
  • Experiences

A minimum of D$10 must be spent in a single transaction. It’s currently only possible to use D$ during a stay, at the front desk of a hotel. You cannot redeem D$ online, nor can you spend them on F&B or spa treatments when not an in-house guest. GHA says they are working to add such functionality, but there is no timeline yet as to when it’ll be available.

It is possible to use D$ on prepaid stays however, insofar as the hotel doesn’t actually charge your card at the time of booking (you’d be surprised, many “prepaid stays” aren’t actually charged until check-in). My advice would be to contact the hotel beforehand, let them know you want to book a prepaid rate with D$, and ask them how to proceed.

Only stays booked through the GHA website or official hotel websites/channels will be eligible to earn D$.

What cards should you use for hotel bookings?

Here’s the cards you can use for GHA DISCOVERY hotel bookings. Do note that certain cards will only offer their bonus rates if the booking is in foreign currency.

Card Earn Rate Remarks
UOB Lady’s Card
4 mpd* Max S$1K per c. month
UOB Lady’s Solitaire
4 mpd* Max S$2K per c. month
UOB Visa Signature
4 mpd
(FCY only)
Min S$1K, max S$2K FCY spend per s. month
DBS Woman’s World Card
4 mpd Max S$1.5K per c. month. Booking must be charged online
Maybank Horizon Visa Signature
3.2 mpd
(FCY only)
Min. S$800 per c. month. Limited time offer
SCB Visa Infinite
3 mpd
(FCY only)
Min. S$2K spend per s. month
S. Month= Statement Month | C. Month= Calendar Mont

Do note the removal of the HSBC Revolution Card, which no longer earns 4 mpd on hotel stays that code under MCC 7011 ever since 1 January 2024.


GHA DISCOVERY’s 20th anniversary promotion offers up to D$5,200 per member, with a further prize of up to D$200,000 for whoever stays at the most brands worldwide.

However, each stay must be worth at least US$600, and that’s a hefty minimum spend to meet. 

Don’t forget that GHA DISCOVERY reserves the right to pull the promotion if the D$1,000,000 cap is reached, so that’s something to be careful of too.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Interesting offer! Does the booking need to be made via GHA discovery?


Net eligible spend of USD$600 per stay. If my stay is USD$600 but pay for the room partially with $D discovery dollars, will that stay be considered? Or does the net USD$600 mean after deduction of $D?

CH Lee

Just realised that the Eligible Stay definition is slightly different

For the promotion, bookings comprising multiple rooms will be considered, with only two rooms eligible for individual rewards. To qualify for rewards, the revenue generated from at least one of the eligible room must exceed $600, and the spending for each room will be counted separately.