Hilton for Business offering double elite nights till end 2024

From now till 31 December 2024, earn double elite nights for paid or award stays under the free-to-join Hilton for Business programme.

Hilton launched Hilton for Business in early 2024, which offers incentives for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to choose Hilton properties for their company travels.

I’ve been meaning to write a detailed article on the programme since it’s open to SMBs worldwide, but the tl;dr is that it costs nothing to join, you get 7,500 bonus points on your first stay, and the rates can sometimes be lower than public ones (with the added benefit of 2 p.m check-out).

Hilton for Business is now offering a very lucrative promotion till the end of 2024: double elite nights on all stays, whether paid or award.

Hilton for Business double elite nights promotion

Hilton for Business

From 1 July to 31 December 2024, owners and employees of companies enrolled in Hilton for Business will earn double elite night credits on all stays.

  • No registration is required for this offer
  • The offer is equally applicable to new and existing Hilton for Business members
  • There is no cap on the maximum number of bonus elite nights that can be earned
  • There is no need to book a Hilton for Business rate; all eligible stays will earn double elite nights, even award stays
  • Bonus elite nights will post within six weeks of completing the stay
  • Bonus elite nights will be awarded for all nights that occur during the promotion period, regardless of check-in or check-out date

Double elite nights earned through this offer will count towards rollover night credit, Hilton Honors lifetime status and milestone rewards. 

As a reminder, here’s how many nights you normally need to qualify for Hilton elite status.

🏨 Hilton Elite Tiers
Tier Nights Stays Points
Silver 10 4 25,000
Gold 40 20 75,000
Diamond 60 30 120,000

With this promotion, you could qualify for Hilton Gold with 20 nights, or Hilton Diamond with 30 nights. But keep in mind you can qualify by stays as well (20 stays for Gold, 30 stays for Diamond), so if you’re the type who only ever does one night hotel stays, then double elite nights obviously doesn’t help you. 

Hilton Gold gives you free breakfast, while Hilton Diamond guarantees executive lounge access. Both tiers are eligible for room upgrades as well, though that’s tougher to come by given how big the elite ranks are now. 

Here are links to the promotion’s FAQs and T&Cs.

How to join Hilton for Business

Hilton for Business is open to small or medium-sized businesses anywhere in the world that do not have an existing corporate contract with Hilton.

Here’s how to join:

  • When you register your company , you’ll be asked for your existing Hilton Honors account details, since that will be the account through which the Hilton for Business account is managed
  • You must provide an email address that matches your company’s unique domain. For example, I would need to provide an @milelion.com email address. Free email accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo will not be accepted (there is no need for the address on your existing Hilton Honors account to have the same suffix as the company’s domain)
  • A verification code will be sent to your company email. Entering the code begins the verification process, which can take up to three business days

Interestingly enough, there’s no need to present proof of business registration or even an ACRA registration number for that matter. In that sense, the main barrier is the need to provide a company email address.

Hilton status match offer

If you don’t qualify for the Hilton for Business programme, there’s still another route to elite status- though it requires you to already have status with a competing chain.

Hilton continues to run its status match programme, which gives instant Hilton Gold for a 90-day period. During this 90-day period:

  • Staying 8 nights will extend your Hilton Gold status till 31 March 2026
  • Staying 14 nights will upgrade you to Hilton Diamond status till 31 March 2026

To apply for a match, you must be a current Hilton Base or Silver member. Existing Hilton Gold or Diamond members are not eligible, so you can’t use this as a way of extending your existing status. 

For more details, refer to the post below.

Hilton Honors status match: Instant Gold, fast-track to Diamond- now valid till 2026


Hilton for Business is now offering double elite nights from 1 July to 31 December 2024, which would be an easy way of racking up extra nights for Diamond, lifetime status or milestone rewards.

This offer is valid for both paid and award stays; there is no need to book the Hilton for Business rate to take advantage of it. 

I’ll be writing a separate post on the Hilton for Business programme, so stay tuned for that.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Thanks Arron. Does the double elite nights stack with the status match? Ie. only need 7 night to get diamond?