Accor Plus offering 25% discount on memberships


From now till 31 March 2024, purchase an Accor Plus Traveller or Explorer membership at 25% off the usual price.

Accor Plus has launched a new sale which features a 25% discount off the price of Accor Plus Traveller or Explorer memberships till 31 March 2024. 

Accor Plus members can look forward to benefits including up to 50% off dining, 15% off drinks, up to two complimentary hotel nights, and 20 status nights each year of membership.

Accor Plus offering 25% off memberships

Join Accor Plus
Tier Cost Includes
Traveller S$308
  • Standard Accor Plus benefits
Explorer S$418
  • Standard Accor Plus benefits
  • 1x Stay Plus certificate
Explorer Plus S$538
  • Standard Accor Plus benefits
  • 2x Stay Plus certificates

From 18-31 March 2024, Accor Plus Traveller and Explorer memberships are on sale at 25% off the usual price. Recent sales have hovered around the 10% mark, so this is one of the biggest ones we’ve seen.

Unfortunately, there’s no similar offer for the Explorer Plus membership, so you’ll enjoy at most 1x Stay Plus certificate. 

Accor Plus offers 20 status nights per year

Back in August 2023, Accor Plus introduced a new perk called Status Accelerator, which grants 20 status nights each year to members when they commence or renew their membership.

As a reminder, here’s how many status nights are required to qualify for ALL elite status:

Status Status Nights Status Points
Silver 10 2,000
(€800 spend)
Gold 30 7,000
(€2,800 spend)
Platinum 60 14,000
(€5,600 spend)
Diamond N/A 26,000
(€10,400 spend)

This means that all Accor Plus members will receive, at a minimum, ALL Silver status (which requires 10 status nights).

Here’s a quick recap of the benefits available at each tier of ALL.

ALL benefit table (Click to enlarge)

For avoidance of doubt, Status Accelerator applies regardless of whether you bought an Accor Plus membership, or received it as a benefit via a credit card.

Summary: Accor Plus benefits

Accor Plus is a dining and lifestyle membership that offers members discounts on hotel stays and restaurants across Asia Pacific. 

Standard Accor Plus benefits include:

  • 10% off best available public rate
  • Up to 50% off member exclusive room rates with with Red Hot Room offers
  • Up to 50% off dining across 1,400 restaurants in Asia Pacific
    • 25% off dining: 1 member only
    • 50% off dining: 1 member and 1 guest
    • 33% off dining: 1 member and 2 guests
    • 25% off dining: 1 member and 3 guests
  • 15% off drinks bill in Asia
  • Member exclusive More Escapes stay packages
  • Early access to global Accor hotel sales
  • Members’ exclusive experiences
  • 20 status nights each year

Some examples of participating Accor Plus restaurants in Singapore include Prego, Mikuni and Asian Market Café at the Fairmont, SKAI, The Stamford Brasserie, CLOVE, at Swissotel and The Cliff and Kwee Zeen at the Sofitel Sentosa Resort.

Don’t forget that your dining benefits apply overseas too- even on breakfast. You’ll often find that it makes more sense to book a non-breakfast rate and then purchase breakfast at 50% off at the hotel itself. 

Stay Plus certificates are offered to Explorer (1 certificate) and Explorer Plus (2 certificates) members Each Stay Plus certificate can be used for a one-night stay at participating hotels across Asia Pacific. Obviously, you’ll want to save this for a high-end chain like Sofitel or Mondrian, and steer clear of the cheaper ones. 

Do note that Stay Plus nights are subject to blackout dates, and you may not always be able to get the hotel you want.

I’ve written a comprehensive guide to using your Stay Plus benefit, which can be found below.

How does the Accor Stay Plus free hotel night benefit work?

Which credit cards offer Accor Plus membership?

As an alternative to buying an Accor Plus membership outright, two credit cards in Singapore offer a complimentary Accor Plus Explorer membership.

Card Min. Income Annual Fee
AMEX HighFlyer Card S$30,000 S$304.59
DBS Vantage Card S$120,000 S$599.50

While it’s not easy to waive the annual fee for either card, it’s not impossible either:

  • AMEX HighFlyer Card annual fee can be waived subject to an internal review that looks at your spending and tenure with American Express
  • DBS Vantage Card annual fee can be waived with a minimum spend of S$60,000 in a membership year

If the annual fee is waived, you will still enjoy a renewal of the Accor Plus Explorer membership, together with the free hotel night.


Join Accor Plus

From now till 31 March 2024, Accor Plus is offering 25% off Traveller and Explorer memberships, which now start from S$231. Members can enjoy up to 50% off dining, discounts on hotel bookings as well as a complimentary Stay Plus night, depending on which tier you buy. 

Don’t forget that you can enjoy an Accor Plus membership with an AMEX HighFlyer Card (only for SME owners) or DBS Vantage Card (min. income: S$120,000) as well.

My personal experience with Accor Plus has been solid so far, and I especially like the fact that the dining benefits apply outside of Singapore. If you’re staying at an Accor property, be sure to always book the no-breakfast rate. You can then add breakfast on at 50% off (assuming two guests), with the flexibility to decide which days you want to dine in the hotel and which days you want to explore other options. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Per Roland

Always been an Accor Plus Explorer Plus membership for few years already… usually you can use stay plus nights at Swissotel or Fairmont here in Singapore if you planning a staycation with a luxury Accor brand. Don’t think you can stay at Pullman or Mondrian or even Sofitel City Centre in Singapore. I’ve always use my stay plus in BKK as most hotel can be used like Muse, and Sofitel Sukhumvit which is more worth it as per night is $250++. The additional 20 nites is a bonus as you also get to enjoy Gold status which has more benefits… Read more »

thomas the tank

Sofitel used to be possible but not anymore


Still possible. But really hard to find dates. Sofitel City Centre is at least 6 months out. Sofitel Sentosa 10-12 months out.


Hi Aaron,

I am struggling to understand the difference between Accor Plus and Accor Plus Voyageur.
Which one gives the best benefits?


Dita Leny Rafiyah

thank you for posting this news, Accor plus price in Indonesia website got discounted price as well to be IDR 2.535.000 (SGD 215), its usual price was IDR 3400.000 (SGD 290)


Struggle to find Stay Plus availability in Sofitel City for December…does anyone know whether they would open up any more availability later this year?