Should I get Accor Platinum for S$350?

Thanks to 40 status nights from Accor Plus, I'm within touching distance of Accor Platinum. Is a mattress run in order?

So, I’ve got a bit of conundrum on my hands. 

I’m currently sitting on 42 status nights with Accor, broken down into:

Most of this comes from Accor Plus, which granted a one-time 20-night credit to all existing members as of 31 July 2023. I subsequently received an additional 20-night credit for renewing my membership (thanks to the AMEX HighFlyer Card). 

Since I’ll earn one more status night from my 2023/24 Stay Plus certificate, I basically need 17 more nights to hit Platinum. Quite frankly, I doubt I’ll ever be so close to Platinum status again, especially since 20 of those nights were a one-time benefit.

StatusStatus NightsStatus Points
(€800 spend)
(€2,800 spend)
(€5,600 spend)
(€10,400 spend)

Should I do it?

What benefits would Accor Platinum provide?

The way I see it, the key benefits of Accor Platinum are:

  • A better shot at a room upgrade
  • Complimentary breakfast at hotels within Asia-Pacific
  • Executive Lounge access
  • Two suite night upgrade certificates
  • Premium Wi-Fi 
Club lounge, Sofitel Ambassador Seoul

I have fond memories of the Sofitel Ambassador Seoul, where I stayed in November 2021 as part of my VTL trip to South Korea. The lounge was one of the highlights, with an excellent happy hour canapes spread plus Barons de Rothschild champagne.

Granted, not every executive lounge in the Accor network will be up to those standards, but complimentary breakfast (albeit within Asia Pacific only) will offer some handy savings right there. And I know that on-arrival room upgrades can be hit and miss, but at least I’ll have two guaranteed suite night certificates to fall back on.

What’s the cheapest hotel for mattress runs?

Presenting the peerless Ibis Styles Cikarang

First things first. A “mattress run” is not what happens when an incontinent toddler takes a nap on your bed. Rather, it refers to a hotel stay (or series of hotel stays) whose sole purpose is to accrue status nights for elite status qualification/requalification. 

The whole point of a mattress run is to spend as little as possible, and one of the great things about Accor’s booking engine is that it lets you search entire countries, or even regions. So instead of having to guess and check which Southeast Asian city offers the lowest rates, I can just run a blanket search for “Southeast Asia.”

Here’s what I found:

❓Do Ibis hotels participate in ALL?

We need to be careful with Ibis hotels, because the following do not participate in ALL:

  • All Ibis Budget hotels (except in Cambodia, Georgia, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia and South Korea)
  • All Ibis hotels in China
  • All Ibis Styles hotels in China

All other ibis properties are fine.

It looks like ibis Styles Cikarang is the winner, with 17 nights at S$386, all taxes and fees included (yes, I had to Google where Cikarang is).

And there’s ways of bringing this down even further. If I book via ShopBack, for example, I’d save 5.3% off for a grand total of S$365.

I could also take advantage of Accor’s just-launched promotion which offers up to 6,000 bonus points for stays of at least two nights:

  • 500 points after the first stay (equivalent to €10)
  • 2,500 points after the second stay (equivalent to €50) 
  • 3,000 points after the third stay (equivalent to €60)

Granted, I won’t get the full 6,000 points because back-to-back stays at the same hotel don’t count, but at the very least I’ll have 500 points, which reduces the cost by a further S$15 or so. That brings me down to a very nice round figure of S$350.

Why I’m holding off…for now

“How many colours do you want for the lobby?” “Yes”

Frankly speaking, this is the kind of thing I’d have jumped on a few years ago. S$350, after all, is basically the cost of one night in a mid-range Singapore hotel.

But I’m at a different life stage now, where I can’t just up and hop on the earliest flight to wherever Cikarang is. And with a newborn in the house, I’m obviously not going to spend 17 nights away from home.

At the same time, no one’s saying I need to physically be at the hotel all 17 nights. I can imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to check-in, get all the registration formalities done, then opt for express check-out and head home the same day, room untouched.

I’m also aware that there’s other hidden costs involved here. The taxi rides to and from the airport(s) plus the cost of the airfare would probably add another S$100-150 to the total bill (and that’s not even counting the implicit cost of time spent away from home). 

❓ What about ibis Samui Bophut?
ibis Samui Bophut isn’t that much more expensive at S$400 (or S$365 after Shopback cashback and Accor bonus points), but I suspect flights to Koh Samui would be even more expensive, now that Bangkok Airways has a monopoly on the route.

So on some level, I think I’m more enamoured with the idea that I could get Accor Platinum for S$350, rather than Accor Platinum per se. Still, it’s an interesting thought experiment, if nothing else. And the more I repeat “S$350” in my head, the more tempted I get…


Thanks to 40 status nights from Accor Plus, I’m closer than I’ve ever been to qualifying for Accor Platinum this year. I just need another 17 nights to cross the finish line, which can be achieved for as little as S$350. That’s a very tempting figure, even after accounting for flights.

I might not end up doing it, but I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation. I can imagine a good number of Accor Plus members will have 40+ nights in their account soon, and then it’s a question of whether you feel Accor Platinum benefits are worth the mattress run.

Would you mattress run for Accor Platinum?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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does stays booked for someone else(assuming you are travelling with another couple) count towards the status nights?


I don’t understand this whole “status chasing” thing. Is it a Singaporean status symbol to flash around? Esp having a family myself, I consider hotel/airline status a bonus. If I ever so inclined staying long with any of the hotel chains on family trips, I’ll just do a fast track status match from another programme, or just buy a short term status upgrade from online hotel brokers. Rinse and repeat with new accounts for future, I don’t have to maintain loyalty with freedom to choose

Happy Camper

Yes, you are.


if you dislike the idea of chasing status, AND advocate buying status from hotel brokers, you’re probably on the wrong site…


There are lifetime membership for Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt. Once you achieve them, no need to think of status chasing.

Happy Camper

Dammit! I’m in a VERY similar position as you’re in… and now you’ve got me thinking too! 😆


I am Diamond since the pandemic. I do not notice a better treatment than being Platinum as I was before. Some hotels even told me that there is not a real difference, as is the case when reading the official list of advantages. Note: I do not eat breakfast, hence I do not consider the weekend free breakfast here.


I had a 4-night stay at SO/ Bangkok. Used 1 free stay on that trip, and I got credited 3 Nights. Would that be an error on their part? I just assumed that free stays don’t count towards status nights.


Roger, shall drop them an email and see how that goes


Stay Plus night is deemed as an eligible night to earn Status and Reward points only when you have an eligible spend charged to the booking, for example, charging a meal at the hotel restaurant back to your room, room service or additional paid nights attached to the booking

Last edited 6 months ago by Tongkiang

Thanks for pointing this out! Here’s an update:
CSO responded to my enquiry saying that Free Stay nights are not eligible for status nights.
I’ve responded with the above link and a screenshot detailing the eligibility if an expense is charged to the room.
I’ve also attached a room service receipt.
Now we’ll just have to wait for the CSO to get back with his/her final decision!


Final update: Got the award night credited to my account on the last email. Thanks all 🙂


Good point to note. My previous experiences with Accor seems to be more conditional than other Elite Programs.


If I have 40 elite nights, I will go for it


I noticed that the $350 rate for 17 nights stay is non-Refundable. Doesn’t that mean that you don’t even need to show up to clock the 17 nights?


Ok, just thot of a great idea. Just book 1 non-refundable night stay, don’t show up & see if it’s reflected in your account as valid night “stayed”. If yes, book again for 16 nights & don’t show up


keep us updated if that works 🙂 some random hotel soon might have a loot of booking with no one staying …


Could you check in online though?


Don’t forget that Accor Platinum (when linked to your Qatar Airways Privilege Club account) upgrades you to Gold / One World Sapphire. Gold status comes with 40 Qcredits, which can be used for an upgrade to Business/First class (subject to availability) –


That’s excellent. Do you know whether it’s a one-off/one year thing or in perpetuity?


Not sure – you’ll need to check. Btw, the status match requires atleast one QR paid flight


Wow! Thanks 🙏 for sharing


Roadtrip into a Malaysia hotel might actually make better sense.


I had platinum before and that was more than 10 years ago.There were a lot of “ifs” to get access to the lounge. Even after getting a Executive Lounge Floor room that permitted access to the lounge but cannot eat their breakfast. I thought it was really mean.However, I did received a really great stay at Sofitel Queenstown in NZL. A lot depends on the property on how they treat you. After that I discarded Accor in favour of other programs. Personally, I won’t go for the extra 17 nights to get to Platinum if you have similar Elite status… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by Tony

yes, also the whole Raffles Gold Lounge not being a regular lounge and thus excluded is not really a nice thing either.

j s

Dont go for Cikarang, because it is really far from the city and airport.
The toll road towards there is always jammed by trucks.

If you really want to go for it, can try for Ibis Senen or Ibis Styles Mangga Dua.

Source: i’m local


JB has an Ibis Styles for +- 50 SGD per night. It’s only 15 mins drive from 2nd link CIQ.

Do a few off-peak trips there with your new car and the room may be of actual use instead of just a mattress run!

More expensive than Indonesia, but can pump cheap fuel & have cheap dinner at the same time + easier to bring family.


I would say that save for WOH Globalist, the lack of certain language with regards to upgrade means that I personally wouldn’t expend any effort to get it.

If you were to mattress run, maybe you could justify it by writing a few articles to share with viewers your experience a few months in.


So far, I enjoy Bonvoy Platinum that provide suite upgrade on availability but lounge access at all times.
Can anyone share if the other platinum status of other hotels provide lounge access to members all the time?


Top end status comes with lounge access everywhere except IHG (where it comes in form of milestone award if you get the status by heads in beds as opposed to credit card or status matches). The question is more whether a hotel has a lounge to start with – for Bonvoy or Hiltons/Hyatts its pretty much par of the course, IHG and ALL it’s much rarer


No issues with lounge access on Accor Platinum!

Sam G

The chances are they’d notice you weren’t using your room and check you out thinking you’d left early. You’d have to gamble on telling them what you’re doing and then it’d be YMMV if they’d care or not


urgh I only need 3 nights for platinum, after 9 days in Europe! I’m super tempted:) should I try?

💎 accorhands

Would def do it right? With accorplus you get to maintain the status in subsequent years – no other chain has that possibility.
I’ve always gotten a room upgrade + free breakfast and lounge.
Only issue with accor is there is no points arbitrage to book rooms.



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