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Roundup: Hotel restaurant discounts for takeaway & delivery

Planning to treat yourself during Phase 2 (HA)? Here's a roundup of the discounts that hotels are offering for takeaway and delivery orders.

Get complimentary Ascott Star Rewards Platinum status with Mastercard

Mastercard members can register to enjoy 12 months of complimentary ASR elite status, right up to Platinum.

Review: Ascott Orchard Singapore Staycation

A spacious property well-positioned in the heart of Orchard, the Ascott Orchard is a reasonably priced alternative to full-service hotels.

Ascott Star Rewards offering status match, plus points conversions to Capita STAR$ (potential arbitrage)

Match your existing loyalty status into Ascott Star Rewards, and convert points to/from STAR$. If you bought points in August, you're in for a treat...

How to save up to 50% on staycations by buying Ascott Star Rewards points

Ascott Star Rewards points are on sale until 31 August 2020, and there's an opportunity to unlock even cheaper staycations.

Ascott offering up to 100% bonus on ASR points purchases

Buy Ascott Star Rewards points with a 100% bonus and secure a 50% discount on your future stays at Ascott properties.

AMEX Platinum Charge adds new Ascott Star Rewards Platinum benefit

AMEX Platinum Charge cardholders will get 2 years of ASR Platinum status plus 1,000 bonus points when they sign up for an account by 31 Dec 2019.


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