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Hong Kong, Taiwan & Japan: Which one should you visit first?

Last week saw Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan all announce plans to reopen. But which is the best candidate for a year-end vacation?

South Korea to eliminate pre-departure COVID-19 testing

From 3 September, South Korea will eliminate its pre-departure test requirement- although it will retain on-arrival PCR testing.

Air Premia launches Singapore-Seoul flights (and it’s anything but budget)

With free inflight entertainment, meals, a checked bag and 35 inches of legroom, Air Premia is unlike any budget carrier you've flown.

South Korea to accept pre-departure ARTs; simplify on-arrival testing

From 23 May, ARTs will be accepted for pre-departure testing, and from June, travellers may take their on-arrival PCR test within 3 days.

South Korea VTL: Day 6/7 PCR test replaced by self-administered ART

From 10 March, travellers to South Korea staying 8 days or more will do a self-administered ART, instead of a PCR test.

South Korea VTL: Day 3 and 5 self-ART requirement scrapped

VTL travellers entering South Korea from 1 March are no longer required to take Day 3 and 5 ARTs, though the expensive PCR tests remain.

South Korea VTL: My experience with COVID-19 rules and testing in Seoul

Visiting Seoul? Here's the rules on mask wearing, vaccination certificates, COVID-19 testing, daily health reporting and more.

South Korea VTL Arrivals Process at Seoul Incheon: My Experience

Travelling from Singapore to South Korea? Here's what you can expect on arrival at Seoul Incheon Airport, down to the last detail.


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