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How to check Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) before making a purchase

No more guesswork. Here's how to verify the MCC of a particular merchant before spending a single cent.

Instarem Amaze Card now lets you check MCCs

Want to check the Merchant Category Code before spending? Instarem's latest app update lets you do precisely that.

Max: Look up any merchant’s MCC

Don't know what card to use? Max offers a simple way of finding the Merchant Category Code (MCC).

DBS digibot: Check Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) before spending

DBS cardholders can check MCCs before spending a single cent, which means an end to rolling the dice on big ticket purchases.

Visa Supplier Locator: Find the MCC of any merchant in Singapore

Finally: An easy way to find the MCC of any given merchant in Singapore, before making a transaction.

MCC 5967: UOB’s most unexpected bonus category

Tucked away in the T&Cs of UOB credit cards is an innocuous four-digit code with not-so-innocuous implications.

Why can’t we have the Visa Supplier Locator in Singapore?

Imagine knowing the MCC of any business before you buy something.


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