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DBS & POSB cards offering free 3-month HoteLux membership

Enjoy an instant 3-month HoteLux Elite membership with DBS or POSB cards, upgradable to 12 months upon completing the first booking.

DBS Extra Bonus Day: 8% bonus cashback on offline shopping

On 3 March, earn an extra 8% cashback on offline shopping with your DBS/POSB cards, on top of regular card rewards.

DBS Extra Bonus Day: 8% bonus cashback on petrol, taxis, public transport and more

On 2 February 2022, earn 8% cashback on all transport expenses charged to your DBS/POSB credit cards, capped at S$8.

DBS Extra Bonus Day: 8% cashback on travel and shopping, 60% off on COVID-19 travel insurance and more

The latest set of DBS Extra Bonus Day deals are coming on 11 November, and there's plenty in store for those with VTL travel planned.

DBS Traveller Kit: Bonus miles on flight & hotel bookings, discounted travel insurance, member rates for PCR tests and more

Preparing for year-end VTL travel? Check out the DBS Traveller Kit, packed with deals and promos for flights, hotels, activities and more.

DBS Extra Bonus Day: 8% cashback on food delivery & bonuses for shopping, investing and insuring

During this month's DBS Extra Bonus Day, save 8% on food delivery, get S$8 for switching electricity plans, earn S$18 for investing and more.

DBS Extra Bonus Day: Earn 8% cashback on 7.7 online shopping & hawker food

On 7 July, earn 8% cashback (plus the usual rewards) when you shop online for 7.7 or support your favorite hawkers.

DBS offering largest-ever S$300 cashback for new credit card members

Apply for a DBS/POSB credit card by 12 July 2021 with the code MEGAFLASH and get S$300 cashback with one transaction (no min. spend)