1,000 free Etihad guest miles for 30 seconds of work

Still have the back to work blues after a great trip to Koh Samui (full trip reports to follow shortly), but here’s a mid-week bonus for everyone-


Heinemann is a duty-free shop that partners with Etihad and Air Berlin to allow shoppers to earn miles when they buy things online. (link here) They’re running a promotion now that allows you to get 1,000 free Etihad Guest miles. Plus, if you’re not already an Etihad Guest member, you can get 1 year of Etihad Silver Status + the 1,000 miles when you sign up

EDIT: Jason has pointed out the following-

FYI the Etihad Silver award has a qualifying criteria: Book one return flight in Economy Class or a one-way flight in Business or First Class between 01.03.2016 and 31.07.2016 will qualify for the offer. This offer is applicable only for the first 1,000 members that meet the enrolment and flight criteria.


There’s nothing stopping you from creating a new Etihad Guest account to get 1,000 free miles + Silver Status, but if, like me, you already have an Etihad Guest account, it makes more sense to add those 1,000 miles to an existing balance than park them in a Silver status account with only 1,000 miles.


You can also do the same thing with Topbonus (Airberlin’s FFP) if you already have some miles there to take advantage of the 50% mile discount on award flights.

This offer is valid till 30 April 2016, but is liable to get pulled if too many people jump on it, so I’d get busy now if I were you.

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Where’s the signup link Aaron? Tried Etihad and Heinemann & ME sites but could not find it. Thanks.

no wonder my 30 seconds work didn’t get me that!! Lol