The Milelion has done more housekeeping

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve finally updated those drop down tabs on the top of the homepage to reflect more recent information. In particular the articles on general spending and specific spending cards have been updated, as well as some other articles on BRGs etc. I’ll be making some refreshments to the static content here so you might want to check in on the dropdowns later.

As with everything in the miles and points game, information will change, new cards will come out, new T&Cs will be added. As far as possible I’ll document whatever I can but there will inevitably be times when I miss out on something. Remember, when in doubt, you can always leave a comment or shoot me a message. To avoid confusion, I’m going to manually add “last updated” tags to each of the articles as well.

Remember that if you’re new to the site the best place to start is the Milelion Directory.  There’s a lot of stuff here, just not organized very well.

My kingdom for someone who knows how to do this sort of thing.

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HURRAY!!! Thanks so much for helping those of us new to the game to quickly get up to speed!

Aaron, since you are in a housekeeping mood, you might want to update the link in the Milelion Directory under “Or get quick SPG gold status if you have a World Mastercard”. I think it links to a (now dead?) 2015 article when there is already a 2016 version that you also recently just updated.