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It's like Snapchat, only without the nudes.

I used to think that Telegram was just for serial killers, radical extremists and NAMBLA members, but thanks to Chelsea I now know it’s also for people to gather and talk about things they’re interested in (like where to dump bodies, fertilizer recipes and Gary Glitter)!

Because I’m totally young and with it, I’m pleased to announce the formation of The Milelion’s Telegram Group for all things miles and travel hacking related.

Click here to join The Milelion’s Telegram Group

Why do we need this group?

  1. To alert people to flash deals or time sensitive promotions (e.g. mistake fares) that may disappear by the time I put a post together
  2. To cover tricks and tips I think are interesting, but simply don’t have time to write a full post about
  3. To provide a centralized place for people to ask time-sensitive questions that may not be answered for hours if they posted on the comments (and tap the knowledge of the community- clearly some of you on the comments know more than I do)
  4. For you to share any deals you know about and think others may want to hear of  (think of it as a faster on-the-go alternative to having to use our contact form)
  5. Occasional random giveaways
  6. To find that special someone

You’ll be pleased to know that Louis, Jeriel, Fred and Jon (whenever he gets a Telegram account) will also be part of this group, and I hope we can build a community where everything from the noobest of questions to the most intricate of fuel dumping strategies can be discussed and shared.

Hope to see many of you in this group. Tasteful avatars only, please.

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I downloaded Telegram for this #milelionfan

i joined for the milelion too!

Why not whatsapp group, sir?

the link doesn’t seem to work

I’m gonna download Telegram now just for this too!! #fangirl

Could you create a telegram channel as well? Then you can blast out announcements for deals, for those who would like to know the latest news, but not scroll through the thousands of messages in the chat.