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Satisfying the Shakespeare in Me | Radisson Blu Metropol, Helsingborg

Satisfying the Shakespeare in Me!

A delightful side-trip to Kronborg Castle

Visited in Sep 2016
Written Apr 2017

I was never fond of English Literature and had absolutely no interest in Shakespeare’s work, and yet, this trip brought me to the setting of one of his most popular work!

Kronberg Castle is the royal castle in the famous play of Hamlet and is known as Elsinore in the story.

While researching the places to visit in Denmark, the castle appeared as one of the interesting sights and after searching, there were no chain hotels in the town around the castle. Not good for me, I love my upgrades and points!

Then, I noticed there was a Radisson Blu in the region, but across the Øresund in the Swedish town of Helsingnor.

Further research revealed that ferries still provide transport across this narrowest part between Denmark and Sweden!

So, I made a refundable booking with my points at the hotel a few months before my trip.
Just 2 weeks before my flight, there was a sale for Club Carlson hotels and the rate was pretty good!

Thus, I booked the cheaper non-refundable rate and then cancelled my prior booking.

Points saved!

Landing in Copenhagen, I took a train to Helsingborg via Malmo and the experience was uneventful.

The hotel was a short 15 min walk from the station, which is also the ferry terminal. So I ended up visiting the terminal several times, for food, for the ferry as well as the train back to Copenhagen.

The hotel looked clean and updated and I went up to the counter immediately. As it was only 10am, my room was not ready and I was unable to check in.

The front desk ladies were very polite and proactively advised what I could visit while waiting for the room, with my luggage under their care.

Front Desk

After a quick tour around the small town, I returned to a small, but adequate-sized room.
There was not much of a view from the room, but hey, I didn’t really come to visit Helsingborg.

I like brightly lit corridors!
Ice machine at the lift landing
Small room with a Queen bed


Small toilet


View from room

The hotel restaurant Nelly’s Food is apparently rather famous and was definitely packed during lunch and dinner times.

After a good sleep in the comfortable bed, I woke up to a great breakfast at Nelly’s with its open kitchen concept.





The restaurant itself is beautiful and drinks, coffee and tea machines were by the side.



After the scrumptious breakfast, perhaps it is good to check out the small gym.

Well it could be better, but no one’s using it anyway.


A short walk back to the terminal and with ferry tickets in hand, I was ready to see Kronborg Castle!

A lovely rainbow added colour to my visit and it was indeed an epic side-trip.

A reminder to readers who may want to try this route, passports are required for the ferry to Denmark and I resisted telling the officer off when he asked if Singapore is a real country as he had never heard of ‘The Little Red Dot’.

Just smiled and waited.

Happy and Healthy travels to all!

Getting Lost in the Skies with Park Hyatt Tokyo

Living the High Life in Tokyo

And having my acrophobia acting up

Stayed August 2016
Written March 2017

Gloomy skies hiding Mount Fuji

The Park Hyatt Tokyo has been a favourite of many Hyatt members and its ‘role’ in the movie ‘Lost in Translation‘ made it an international hit.

However, I have not watched the movie before so I do not really know what it is about.

The dates that I looked at to stay fell within the Bon Festival and is a long weekend holiday for the Japanese. As such, the prices were very substantial.

Thus, the chance to use my Hyatt Gold Passport points (before the new World of Hyatt currently) came and instead of paying more than 80k Yen after tax, I paid 15k points and $300USD per night.

Usually, the rooms go for below $600SGD, but in the case it was less than $1000SGD after tax.

With a points and cash rate, I was also able to use a free suite upgrade (which was one of the best perks of the Gold Passport programme) to a basic Park Suite.


Scary prices

And so, I made my way to where the hotel shuttle is scheduled to be at Shinjuku station and the small shuttle was there right on time and easy to spot.

The driver had my name on the list of guests checking in, and I was whisked to the hotel smoothly.

I gathered that the list helped the driver inform the hotel that I was checking in as I was greeted by name upon alighting from the shuttle and escorted to the front desk.

From there, I was escorted to my Park suite and the check-in done in the room with a swift tour around it.

Checking in done in the room

This suite is facing Mount Fuji but the skies did not allow me to see the famous mountain.

Considering how small rooms usually are in Tokyo, this was a really big space.


The bed was the largest I have seen, and without measuring it, I think it is a super king bed. I reckon this is probably the nicest photo of a bedroom I have taken so far.

A small welcome gift was placed in the living room for me as well.

Walking out of the room, I looked around and took in the simple yet effective décor. The corridors were however a little to dim for my liking.



As a Hyatt Diamond (I’m so gonna miss that!), I had access to the evening cocktails at the lounge.

Library décor




Unlimited drinks!


Bar and Restaurant


View of Tokyo from the lounge

The swimming pool is located on the top floor but apparently no photography is allowed so I shall leave you with a picture of the bottles of water and the provided swim cap which one is suppose to wear.

Guess the Japanese are really particular about hygiene and floating hair in the pool.

Breakfast was taken at the restaurant Girandole which looked really comfortable with its warm colours.

Girandole Restaurant

As a Hyatt Diamond, breakfast was complimentary and that saved me some dough.







The range was definitely not like the lavish buffets of Bangkok, but the quality was good..

I really enjoyed my breakfast and the musk melon was a delight for sure.

My breakfast!

With that, I had my late checkout without hassle on the day of departure.

A great experience without doubt and a good use of my Hyatt points which is now undergoing revaluation in the new World of Hyatt programme.

My only problem was my paranoia acting up with visions of earthquakes, tsunamis while being up so high, which implies certain death. Oh well, enough of that and just enjoy the views!

Happy and Healthy Travels to all!


An Unplanned Flight on the BB-8 plane

ANA First off the checklist too!

Flown August 2016
Published January 2017

At Narita Airport

It has been some time since my last entry and I finally got the time to share my first flight report for this blog, which is not going to be very common since I prefer to focus on hotels.

Maybe this is considered the second, but I guess my Medical Emergency does not really count as a flight report, does it?

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