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Silkair’s 50% off redemptions promo is back again

Krisflyer has run a series of discounted redemption prices promotions in recent memory

50% off Krisflyer redemptions till 10th July

Silkair is offering 35% off online redemptions till 4 August

These promotions cover economy class redemptions (and business class for SilkAir). Although I’m generally against redeeming miles for economy class travel, the 50% off miles required makes it an acceptable deal in my mind.

The 50% deal is back again. Bookings from now till 16 Oct 2016 get 50% off redemption prices when you travel by 15 Nov 2016.

Note that the 50% savings is calculated based on the regular price that appears on the site. You already get 15% off award prices when you redeem online, so you’re really saving an incremental 35%. Which is still none too shabby in my opinion.

If you’re planning a beach getaway, here are some destinations that may appeal to you

Economy Business
SIN-USM 6,250 10,000
SIN-PEN 3,750 8,750
SIN-DPS 8,750 Not available
SIN-HKT 6,250 10,000
SIN-MLE 9,250 17,500

Other things to note: The discount only applies for saver class availability, so you better hope and pray that Krisflyer finds it in its heart to actually open up some. Oddly enough, the T&C say that any changes are not permitted for bookings made under this promotion, and cancellation is not allowed for partially used tickets. My reading of this is- you can cancel and rebook provided you’ve not flown, but you can’t change a booking which you’ve not flown. Which is weird, but we’ll see.

work that muffin top

Regular readers will know I love Koh Samui, it’s just that getting there is really expensive. This promotion makes it a lot more viable to get an award ticket there, assuming Silkair actually releases space on the route…

sunset by the pool at Conrad Koh Samui

(HT: The Shutterwhale)


DBS Altitude Promo: 8 Miles per $1 with Expedia

DBS has gone all in on its Altitude cards lately, coming up with some really generous sign up promotions.

dbs altitude2

A new promotion (until 30 April) offers 8 miles per $1 on purchases at Expedia (min $2,500 in a single transaction, otherwise 6 miles).I don’t really use OTAs to book hotels (Because you can’t earn credit for elite status when you do so) but I’ll happily use it for airline tickets.

Is it difficult to get $2,500 in a single transaction? Yes and no. If I book a long-haul premium economy ticket with SQ I can just about make that threshold (EDIT: Or, as someone smarter than me pointed out, buying 2 economy class return tickets should just about do it. Doh). 20,000 miles for 1 transaction seems plenty sweet.  Remember, unlike hotels, OTA bookings for flight tickets still earn you regular credit with the airlines.

This promotion requires registration which is painless and can be done here. Terms and conditions here. Nothing strikes me as particularly unusual about the T&C, and mile earning is not capped.