A refresher on cashback sites (now featuring SQ!)

It’s always good to have reminders about cashback sites, because whenever you don’t use them, you’re leaving money on the table. For a brief refresher on what cashback sites are, check out this article.

Although there is an abundance of cashback sites you can shop at like TopCashBack and Ebates, (use these links when signing up and you and I get $10 extra each) I’ve found that local-focused cashback sites generally make it easier to cash out, because you can have the funds transferred to a local bank account instead of to a Paypal account.


One of my preferred local cashback sites is Shopback (use my link to sign up and get $5 additional cashback). Till the end of Feb, Shopback is having a CNY promotion where you can refer 5 friends and get a $50 bonus


From 4 Jan – 29 Feb 2016, refer 5 friends successfully in order to get an extra $50 bonus. You will receive the $50 bonus if you make 5 or more qualified referrals (see above for definition of a “qualified referral”) within the promotion period. The $50 bonus will be granted only once and will be credited into your ShopBack account by 31 Mar 2016. Users qualify for this bonus promotion on an individual basis per email account on ShopBack; no accounts can be combined in order to reach the 3-friend requirement.

Remember to add Shopback to your list of allowed sites if you’re using an adblocker, as it relies on tracking cookies to track your cashback earning.

Singapore Airlines now offers cashback

Maybe I’ve just not been paying attention, but holy moley, SQ now offers cashback! Sure, it’s a puny 1%, but I never noticed this before. Last year I must have spent close to $30,000 on all SQ flights combined (all in Y, before anyone gets jealous). That’s $300 I left on the table. Man.


And then I realised that most airlines offer the same 1% cashback…


Along with hotel chains too (but sadly not Starwood)…


There are alternative SG-based cashback sites like mycashback and ebates Singapore which you might want to check out too.

Remember that clicking through to the official Hilton/Accor etc websites from a cashback site counts as making a booking via the official site, for those of you looking to earn elite credit.

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Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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yup and booking using expedia using Citi PM by shopback link proven give you 6 miles/$ + 1% cash back for selected airlines (include SQ)


dont you need to use the Expedia link from Citibank to qualify for the 6 miles promotion?


Can you do an opinion article on krisflyerspree?


The Singapore Airlines cashback offer is a bit deceptive as it actually takes you to Expedia to book your SQ flight.


Shopback is running a promo for purchases done via the app. Extra $5 for any purchases above $25 – sweet deal if you’re already booking something from Agoda. http://app.shopback.com/lannister


but if u book through shopback then u will not be able to click through to the individual banking promos


I saw elsewhere (was it hwz?) people managed to stack the bank promos and cashback – I’m assuming Expedia 6miles/$ is one such case. I haven’t yet had the chance to try it out as I’ve no upcoming travel. I did however purchase the Nike Roshe One on Zalora yesterday and there was UOBGSS20 and the equivalent Citi promo code (20% off for min $125) Pretty sweet deal if you’re using the UOB PP or Citi Rewards respectively for 4miles/$.


Expedia bank promo can stack with shop back… That I can understand. But for a promo like uob 6 miles per dollar, u need to book specifically at Expedia.com/prvimiles. How do u click through to that website via the shop back link?


Yes you’re right. The Citi PM was stackable as T&Cs don’t require booking via a specific link, hence shopback.sg works in this case.

PRVI promo T&C is more restrictive, requiring booking from their specific landing page.

So if one has both or only Citi PM, use Citi PM, otherwise gotta use PRVI landing page and forgo any cashback.



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