Special giveaway for a Milelion milestone

When I started The Milelion in April 2015, I had no idea where the site would end up. All I knew was I wanted to create a platform where people could share tips on how to travel better for less. I remember how happy I was when someone left the first comment on the site. At least I knew I wasn’t talking to myself. Since then the community has grown and it’s really fantastic. People suggest new ideas, help each other out with questions and highlight any mistakes in my articles (I’d be the first to tell you I don’t get everything 100% right the first time- the recent credit card guide is a great example of how I’m reliant on your sharp eyes to fix goofs)


The Milelion has just hit a new milestone of 1,000 comments (yes I know ~50% of those are mine but let’s ignore that for the sake of sentimentality) and to mark this occasion we’re giving our 1,000 comment a $20 CapitaMalls voucher. Congratulations Peter! And sorry @C and Anonymous, just off by 1 post. Win some lose some 🙂

proof of 1,000. There are 1,005 entries here, so count back 5 from the top and see 1,000

Peter, I’ll be getting in touch with you soon on how you can claim your prize. And thanks for your good wishes. I think my Uber actually drove past one of the anti-Dilma Rousseff protests yesterday. I heard a lot of shouting and chanting but assumed it was people late for Carnival or something.


Thank you everyone for your support, and hopefully there’ll be many more milestones to come.


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Kudos, Aaron! Keep up the good work 🙂


Wow! Congrats Peter. Nice gesture, Aaron! At least now I know I gave my 1001% … LOL!