An out-of-town Sheraton Dubrovnik

Location, location, location.

Always check the location regardless!

Stayed October 2016
Written May 2017

No Photoshop or enhancing needed!

A short flight from Copenhagen via Athens on Aegean Airlines brought me to Dubrovnik. A ancient walled city now made more famous as King’s Landing in the series Game Of Thrones.

For this part of my trip, I stayed the first night at Sheraton Dubrovnik and then Hilton Imperial for the rest.

Despite its name, the Sheraton is not in Dubrovnik but at Mlini, which still a short car ride from the city. And yes, I did know that before booking.

From the airport, I tried to get a Uber ride but I was thoroughly disappointed after a wait of 20 mins. So the good old taxi brought us to the hotel at the stated price on the board right outside the airport.

Uber definitely did not work very well in this instance.

Upon arrival to the hotel, everything went very smoothly.


Front Desk on the Left

The checking in was fast and an upgrade to a huge suite overlooking the beautiful pool was given.




The night view of the pool is totally breathtaking with the lights all around the sky blue pool.

The separate living room was spacious and the bed was the usual comfortable Sheraton standard.

The bathroom was huge with both a bathtub and a shower and a double basin, as well as another toilet in the suite as well.


After a good night’s sleep I woke up to a glorious sunrise and landscape. Personally, I liked this day view more than the night.


Breakfast was served in the restaurant off the cavernous lobby which I found to be more than passable.












The location of the hotel is really away from the main city and I was happy to find a small shopping centre just at the intersection a short 5 min stroll away. I was able to pick up some groceries in the supermarket inside.

There was really not much to do here but to relax and chill, which was exactly what I did after the quick visit of Helsingborg and Copenhagen.



Indoor pool as well!

The late check out was given without fuss and I was headed to the Hilton Imperial right upon leaving the hotel.

Happy and Healthy Travels!


Fred Ee
Fred Ee
Dr Frederick Ee is a medical doctor, author, blogger and traveler. He discovered his passion for travel on his first long-haul trip to New York City in 2012. His quest for premium travel experiences started on that very same flight as he endured a smelly foot beside him from the passenger behind him for the 24 hours of flight from Singapore to New York. He blogs at, focusing on hotel experiences. His most memorable moment of travel was to participate in the resuscitation of a collapsed patient during a long flight to Paris. Feel free to add him on Facebook with a message and his Instagram at @drfrederickee. He would like to thank MileLion for having him as a guest writer and hope readers would enjoy his writings and musings.

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I counted six platters of sausages in one pic and a 7th in another. Were they all different?


Looked different to me then. But I skip sausages due to carcinogenic concerns so I didn’t eat any.



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