Free to travel in November? Krisflyer’s offering 30% off economy and business awards

30% off awards on selected routes in business and economy till 31 October for travel between 1-30 November 2017.

Krisflyer has recently been doing regular promotions offering discounted award tickets. Until recently, these were for economy saver tickets only. But then they started offering premium economy saver tickets (which you absolutely shouldn’t redeem), and even more recently started offering business saver tickets as well.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that Krisflyer has announced a new promotion offering 30% off economy and business saver tickets to selected destinations.

The catch? You need to book by 31 October and travel between 1-30 November 2017 inclusive. I realise for most people, taking leave on such short notice isn’t possible, but I suppose if you’re in between jobs or some sort of influencer, you could take easily advantage of this.

I received this tip from a reader (thanks Ravi!) but didn’t get any email, so at first thought it might be targeted. But I see nothing in the T&C that suggests it is, plus I’m able to see these discounted rates when I book online. Here’s Dusseldorf for example, in business class. You’ll see regular prices when you first search (170,000 miles RT) but when you click on flight options it will price with the 30% discount (119,000 miles RT).

Here’s the list full of places you can go-

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Singapore Airlines Economy Class

FromFlight numberMiles required for Economy ClassBlackout Period
South East Asia
Singapore to JakartaSQ950, SQ958,
SQ960, SQ962,
SQ964, SQ966,
Jakarta to SingaporeSQ951, SQ953,
SQ955, SQ957,
SQ963, SQ967
North Asia
Singapore to GuangzhouSQ850, SQ85210,500
Guangzhou to SingaporeSQ851, SQ85310,500
Singapore to BeijingSQ80014,000
Beijing to SingaporeSQ80714,000
South Asia
Singapore to DhakaSQ446, SQ44812,950
Dhaka to SingaporeSQ447, SQ44912,950
Southwest Pacific
Singapore to MelbourneSQ24719,60017 – 30 November 2017
Melbourne to SingaporeSQ20819,60017 – 30 November 2017
Singapore to SydneySQ23119,60017 – 30 November 2017
Sydney to SingaporeSQ25219,60017 – 30 November 2017
Singapore to WellingtonSQ29119,600
Wellington to SingaporeSQ29219,600
Singapore to FrankfurtSQ32626,600All flights departing on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in November 2017
Frankfurt to SingaporeSQ32526,600
Singapore to ParisSQ33426,6001 – 12 November 2017
Paris to SingaporeSQ33326,6001 – 12 November 2017
Singapore to ZurichSQ34626,600All flights departing on Saturdays and Sundays in November 2017
Zurich to SingaporeSQ34526,600

Silkair Economy Class

FromFlight numberMiles required for Economy ClassBlackout Period
South East Asia
Singapore to BandungMI192, MI194,
Bandung to SingaporeMI191, MI193,
Singapore to PekanbaruMI254, MI2585,250
Pekanbaru to SingaporeMI253, MI2575,250
Singapore to SemarangMI102, MI1045,250
Semarang to SingaporeMI101, MI1035,250
Singapore to KalimantanMI134, MI1385,250
Kalimantan to SingaporeMI133, MI1375,250
Singapore to Da NangMI632, MI6368,750
Da Nang to SingaporeMI6318,750
North Asia
Singapore to ShenzhenMI962, MI96610,500
Shenzhen to SingaporeMI961, MI96510,500

Singapore Airlines Business Class

FromFlight numberMiles required for Business ClassBlackout Period
South East Asia
Singapore to JakartaSQ950, SQ958,
SQ960, SQ962,
SQ964, SQ966,
Jakarta to SingaporeSQ951, SQ953,
SQ955, SQ957,
SQ963, SQ967
Singapore to Ho Chi MinhSQ178, SQ184,
Ho Chi Minh to SingaporeSQ177, SQ183,
Singapore to HanoiSQ17614,000All flights departing on Mondays in November 2017
Hanoi to SingaporeSQ17514,000All flights departing on Fridays in November 2017
Singapore to YangonSQ99814,000
Yangon to SingaporeSQ99714,000
Singapore to ManilaSQ91214,000
Manila to SingaporeSQ919, SQ92114,000
South Asia
Singapore to KolkataSQ51624,500
Kolkata to SingaporeSQ51724,500
Singapore to AhmedabadSQ53024,500
Ahmedabad to SingaporeSQ53124,500
Southest Pacific
Singapore to MelbourneSQ24740,60017 – 30 November 2017
Melbourne to SingaporeSQ20840,60017 – 30 November 2017
Singapore to SydneySQ23140,60017 – 30 November 2017
Sydney to SingaporeSQ25240,60017 – 30 November 2017
Singapore to WellingtonSQ29140,600
Wellington to SingaporeSQ29240,600
Singapore to DusseldorfSQ33859,500
Dusseldorf to SingaporeSQ33759,500
Singapore to ParisSQ33459,5004 – 6 November 2017
Paris to SingaporeSQ33359,5004 – 6 November 2017



Discounted business class tickets are always exciting, and 30% off presents a chance to obtain business class tickets to Australia and Europe at slightly less than the rates before the Krisflyer devaluation.

If you’re thinking of booking your virgin business class experience with this promotion, you might want to know that almost all of the South East Asia routes plus the following are operated by aircraft with SQ’s regional business class product, which is certainly not worth spending miles on, even at 30% off:

  • SQ516/517 to Kolkata
  • S530/531 to Ahmedabad
  • SQ247 to Melbourne
  • SQ291 to Wellington

Image result for a330 milelion singapore

A few important points to note- tickets redeemed under this promotion cannot be cancelled or changed, one-way bookings are possible and if you waitlist, your waitlist must clear and be ticketed before 31 October to enjoy the 30% discount.

Although I welcome any discount on award tickets, I feel the blackout dates imposed are extremely restrictive, especially to more lucrative long haul destinations

  • SYD/MEL- blackout 17-30 Nov (Y & J)
  • CDG- blackout 4-6 Nov (J), 1-12 Nov (Y)
  • FRA- blackout on flights leaving Fri Sat Sun (Y)
  • ZRH- blackout on flights leaving Sat Sun (Y)

If you’re able to jet off on short notice, good for you! See if you can get this to work, and keep bugging the call centre if you get waitlisted.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Looking at the list, long haul there is really only Dusseldorf and Sydney. There is a 3 day travel window for Paris, and the rest of it is short haul….


For business I mean.


Ah my bad.


You think SQ will throw the same promo for December trips? wistful thinking?


It’s almost impossible, Dec is peak season.


Dusseldorf is such a strange destination for SQ to fly to. One can easily reach it from Frankfurt. No surprise that J loads must be really light.


Düsseldorf is an amazing destination!



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