Krisflyer Monthly Redemption Deals- 30% off SQ Y and J awards

This could be the start of something grand.

(Edit: Jimmy on the comments spotted something different between this promotion and the previous ones we’ve seen. Previous promotions allowed you to cancel completely unused tickets for a miles refund. The T&C of this promotion do not. Something to be aware of)

Krisflyer has been offering various discounted award redemptions on SQ and MI flights recently. Here are the recent promotions that we’ve had

May 2015: 50% off SQ and MI economy awards
Feb 2016: 30% off SQ and MI economy awards
July 2016: 50% off MI economy awards
October 2016: 50% off MI economy awards
November 2016:  30% off SQ premium economy and economy awards 
June 2017: 50% off MI business and economy awards

Although these promotions were certainly welcome, they never covered SQ Business Class. At most they’d cover MI J, and there was one promotion for SQ PY, but SQ J was never discounted.

Till now.

SQ has started offering “Krisflyer Monthly Redemption Deals”. The name of the promotion gets me excited because it implies we’ll see new deals every month.

The catch is that you have to travel within the next month- so for the current promotion you have to book between now and 31 August and travel between 1-30 Sept (both dates included). I imagine the same convention will be followed on subsequent deals.

If you have that kind of flexibility, then there are some interesting deals to be had. You can by all means go and look for economy deals, but I wanted to focus on the business class deals on offer this time round.

Here’s the list:

Of all these flights, I’d encourage you to look at the following if you wanted to try SQ‘s newest business class. These routes reliably have SQ’s 2013 Business Class seat.

  • SQ494/495 to Dubai (77W)
  • SQ422/423 to Mumbai (A350)
  • SQ828/827 to Shanghai (77W)
  • SQ806/801 to Beijing (77W)

Image result for sq new business class

The other catch is that you need to get your award ticketed before 31 August. Therefore, if you see that saver awards are on waitlist, you’ll need to either find a new date or waitlist yourself and bug them like crazy to clear the waitlist. To be absolutely clear, if your award waitlist clears after 31 August, notwithstanding the fact you’re travelling between 1-30 Sept, you will be paying the non-discounted rate.

So kudos to SQ for starting these promotions, and let’s hope we see other long haul destinations added for subsequent promotions.

Edit: And, of course, thanks to Chelsea who pointed this sale out to me. I’d better add myself back to SQ’s mailing list

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Finally KF is catching up with other FFP.
Hopefully we will see more J long haul months to come.
And of course instant confirmable seats.


Be aware of the restriction as stated in the T&C
“Any change is strictly not permitted for bookings made under this promotion. Cancellation is also not permitted for partially unused or totally unused tickets.”


Thanks for pointing that out.

Slightly OT, is Mumbai worth visiting? The Mumbai redemption deal in Business in the new A350 looks appetising…


No aaron, the second statement of that T&C point voiding the right of cancelling the ticket.


Is it just me? I couldn’t book the promo online last night as well as this morning … did everything online as per normal and reached the payment page, but after keying in the OTP, an error message showed (below). I called Kris Flyer to report this but they said they couldn’t help me make the booking as it was a discounted rate. They just said try again … I tried another 3 times and same result each time even with 3 different credit cards 🙁 #fakepromo? An error has occurred. Due to a technical error, we cannot issue your… Read more »


Note that SQ807 PEK-SIN is operated using an A380. The 77W flight is SQ801 instead, which leaves PEK at midnight.


Confirmed that no cancellation and date changes permitted. I’d booked a couple of extra tickets with the fare available, but when I called to cancel these, was told no cancellation or date changes allowed at all!


Yes you may, since this option is not offered online. I used to work in SQ call centre .



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