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Targeted: Lifemiles Singles Day sale- 140% bonus on purchased miles with no minimum

Buy miles at 1.375 US cents each with no minimum required

[Edit: on closer inspection I found this in the T&C: Promotion applies exclusively for members who have received this email directly from LifeMiles. Appears to be targeted, but I’d be surprised if LifeMiles doesn’t do a general sale for upcoming CyberMonday]

Ah, Singles Day. The day where those not getting any solve the problem by buying stuff online instead of, you know, solving the problem.

Lifemiles is offering a Singles Day sale from 11th to 18th November so you can buy cheap award tickets and luxuriate in your First Class seat sipping champagne while you watch young married couples and families with kids shuffle their way past you to economy. Pah! Who needs ’em?

The additional bonus on offer this time round is 140%, which means you can buy miles at 1.375 US cents each. What’s even better about this deal is that this bonus applies regardless of how many miles you buy.


With regular sales, your bonus normally follows a tiered structure that scales up depending on how many miles you buy. So even though previous sales maxed out at 140% too, you’d have to buy a large number of miles to hit that bonus tier.

This promotion is therefore great for topping off an account cheaply. As you can see in the screenshot below, even a token purchase of 1,000 miles generates 1,400 bonus miles (140%) for 2,400 miles in total.

The maximum miles you can buy in a calendar year pre-bonuses is 200,000. But really, if you max your account out, why not just create a second one?


Lifemiles recently revamped its award engine and gave us all a scare, but it seems that regular service has resumed and Star Alliance partner awards are showing up as per normal.

Remember that Lifemiles purchases code as airline spend, so your best options are

  • DBS Woman’s World Card (4 mpd, first $2,000 per month)
  • DBS Altitude Card (3 mpd, first $5,000 per month)
  • Standard Chartered Visa Infinite (3 mpd, assuming you spend more than $2,000 in a month)

If you’re new to Lifemiles or just need a refresher, check out all our past coverage here.

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FYI, SPG is having a 35% discount on buying points till Dec 27th. Add the 25% bonus they give for transferring 20,000 miles to their airline partners and it’s a great deal!


buying SPG points with the current bonus generates miles at 1.82 cents; buying choice points with the current bonus is 1.1-1.3 cents; avianca is 1.375 cents


I am not able to see the discount when I log in to my Lifemiles account? is there a special setting i have to do or is this a targeted sale?

Aaron Wong

don’t see anything on the t and c that suggest it is targeted… unless the Lifemiles algorithm has concluded I am forever alone


It’s OK, I was targeted by their Forever Alone promo too


Me too. I didn’t see the extra bonus too.
Which region did Aaron select ? I choose rest of the world


I guess they have an algorithm that can tell singles apart. My account was targeted as well.


Whats the point of buying miles at 1.375UScents when we can buy KF miles from UOB prvi pay at 2.0c?


DBS Woman’s World Card (4 mpd, first $2,000 per month)

I thought DBS woman’s card gives 4mpd for online spend? if this is airline spend, it will work as well?

Aaron Wong

Yes. All online airline spend gets 4mpd


Looks like Citi Just added Life miles as one of its partners. Now Life miles gets more interesting for SG residents.

mOjO jOjO

Isn’t it just for Citibank US? Not seeing it for the local website. Hopefully it’s added soon.


Lifemiles is now having a 145% bonus for thanksgiving!

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