Earn 500 KrisFlyer Miles by charging just one Grab ride to your KrisFlyer co-brand card

When putting a spend (yes singular) on the American Express KrisFlyer co-brand suite of cards makes very good sense.

Recently, I re-signed up for the American Express KrisFlyer Ascend credit card for its sign up bonus. One of the advertised perks of the KrisFlyer co-brand cards is this :

Enjoy 500 bonus KrisFlyer miles on your first Grab booking when you set your American Express Singapore Airlines Credit Card as the default payment Card.

When I first read this a while back, I assumed it was only for those who have not used Grab to book a ride before. (i.e either you have the luxury of car, or are uber loyal to Uber)  [my puns are excellent]

Recently, Amex made some enhancements to their KrisFlyer co-brand portfolio of cards by allowing them to earn up to 3.3mpd on Grab/Uber. Thus, I decided to put the KrisFlyer Ascend as my default card for payment on Grab just to accrue some spend on that card.

When the card statement came in the mail, I was surprised to see an additional 500 KrisFlyer Miles earned under the bonus miles section coded as “GrabPay bonus KF Miles on 1st Charge”.

Bonus 500 KF Miles for using the Amex KrisFlyer co-brand with Grab (sorry for potato quality photo)

While there are other cards which would earn you 4mpd on Grab, I personally feel that charging a single Grab ride (i.e $0.50 even) to the KrisFlyer co-branded cards just to earn this 500 Bonus Miles is definitely worth it! (This offer only applies to those who have not previously paid for Grab rides with your KrisFlyer co-brand cards)

So what are you waiting for, go forth and earn the bonus miles!

You can find an application link below if you’d like to apply now, but do note that it may make sense to wait for an upsized sign up offer to come along.

Matthew Chong
Matthew Chong
Addicted to luxury travel while trying not to go broke, Matthew is always on the prowl for the best deals in the travel industry. When he's not busy studying, he can be found trawling the internet and reading up on credit cards, airlines and hotels. He also wouldn't mind taking you out on a date.

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Is the KF Ascend first year annual fee waivable now ?


I heard that if you waive, you’ll not get the hotel vouchers or the 4 lounge passes. Not too sure of this!


I can confirm this is true.


I signed up on oct (after I upgrade my card from Amex “blue” to ascend). There was no annual fee charges(yet). But I received the loungue passes and the hotel vouchers. Now I’m not too sure if I am eligible for the luggage since I have already spent over 10k


Hi Matthew,

I just went to AMEX website to check for the KF blue card promo, but I don’t see the promo for 5.1mpd on Apple Pay for Uber/grab


Hi, it isn’t 5.1mpd on Apple Pay for Uber/Grab. It’s when you’re using Apple Pay, you’ll earn 5.1mpd on the transaction if you have registered your card prior.


7.1 for me. 4mpd on the apple android Samsung pay and 3.1 for every $1 spent on grab and uber rides, up to $200 each calendar month. Since grab don’t allow android Samsung apple pay, only uber can get you the 7.1.


How do you make Uber payments with Samsung Pay?


For the life of me, I can’t find the option to use apple pay on Uber for SG. Where can the option be???


Is it the norm nowadays for NUS undergrad students to be able to apply for a credit card which stipulates an annual income of $50K per annum? unless u mean a supplementary credit card, which would accrue the same benefits as stated above? thanks!


Lul supp card. If I have a 50k annual income as an Undergrad. Wow the dream.

And yes it would get the same benefits. Just that the miles are all lumped to the main cardholder.


@josh you never know leh. I hear these young influencers are very good at monetising their Instagram shots…


Ya man! 5 figures per month! That’s more than me! And got the cheek to get free grab hitch rides just because some tiko driver syiok fetching them.


I’m an NUS undergrad and the principal cardholder of several credit cards (not the student versions). I’m not an influencer either. Can’t say it’s the norm but there are a number of us around. 😉


” 5.1 mpd on Android, Apple and Samsung Pay (up to $300/month, valid till 31 Mar 2018)”
Its not per month, its for the promotion, capped at 300 for the promotion period.


Thanks for the confirmation, Matthew! Just got my KF Ascend two weeks back!
Can we stack the 4MPD Android Pay bonus with Grab/Uber bonus for a total of 7.2MPD?
And if it works with GrabPay (due to the block calculation, it is better to buy Grab credits in $5 blocks?)